NFL adds Kick Tac Toe to Pro Bowl skills event

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The NFL unveiled a skills competition before last year’s Pro Bowl that saw players catching balls from drones, playing dodgeball and taking part in assorted other activities.

There will be a second edition of the event this year and the league has added an activity for kickers. They will take part in a game of Kick Tac Toe, which will see them take shots at hitting targets hung between the uprights of the goalpost.

“We received tremendous feedback from our fans and players about last year’s Skills Showdown, which became one of our most popular Pro Bowl Week events,” NFL Senior Vice President of Events Peter O’Reilly said, via the Associated Press. “With new competitions and special surprises this year, we are raising the bar even higher.”

This year’s competition will take place on January 25 in Orlando and the Pro Bowl itself will be played on January 28.

17 responses to “NFL adds Kick Tac Toe to Pro Bowl skills event

  1. I miss the old skills competitions. Like fastest player, QB hitting targets and throwing the farthest. That was a lot of fun to watch. The garbage theyre throwing out there now is just a waste of time. Especially the game.

  2. A hop Scotch coarse will be set up for the WR’s

    A one legged race for the RB’s and FB’s.

    Seesaw competition for the O and D linemen.

    The QB’s will duel the DB’s in a thumb war. 1-2-3-4 I declare a thumb war.

  3. If I had a voice inside the NFL HQ I’d float the idea of replacing the NFL Pro Bowl with the College Sr. Bowl. I’d still want/hope the NFL stars to represent the NFL at the event. They could still promote NFL skills challenges at the event. The college kids play hard during the Sr. Bowl. So the actual game would be vastly better. I think it would give a larger platform for the upcoming rookie crop that will be drafted during the upcoming off season.

    I’d even be open to entertaining the idea of allowing college Jr’s that have declared for the draft to participate. You may have to call it the NFL draft bowl if you allowed underclassmen but the quality of the game would be significantly better. As would fan interest.

  4. Can we please bring back the NFL’s fastest man competition? What about NFL’s strongest man? Most accurate QB? I understand that they don’t want anyone getting hurt, but running, lifting and throwing are things these guys do all the time.

    Hey NFL, notice how many people tune in to watch the HR Home Run Derby, three-point competition, and the dunk contest? People want to see skills that show off who is the best and skills that actually pertain to the game they love.

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