Dysfunction continues to consume the Browns

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The same-day decision to fire Sashi Brown and hire John Dorsey sparked a sense that the Browns are finally moving in the right direction. Everything that has happened since there hasn’t.

Apart from comments from Dorsey that undercut the notion that Jackson is safe, there’s a concern that Jackson has lost the team.

As one source explains it, it came to a head with Jackson’s comments about running back Isaiah Crowell‘s 59-yard run in the team’s most recent loss. Jackson credited the gaping nature of the hole for the gain, and he said that inspired running comes from breaking tackles.

Crowell has been inspired to “like” various tweets taking up for him in this back and forth with Jackson (and taking shots at Jackson), contributing to the perception that players are done with Hue. There are also rumblings about friction between defensive players and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his son, Blake, the team’s linebackers coach.

Losing tends to contribute to the frustration that leads to dysfunction. The question becomes whether the Browns can pull it together for 60 minutes on Sunday, in order to score their first win in exactly 365 days.

Regardless of how it turns out, there’s a lingering sense that G.M. John Dorsey will lobby ownership for the ability to hire his own coach. The mounting losses and the internal strife won’t hurt Dorsey’s cause.

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  1. Greg williams losing the team? He should have been banned for life after bountygate. Hope he is fired and has to panhandle for the rest of his life

  2. Whether it’s Belichick having problems with Brady and his trainer, or some RB popping off in Cleveland, it’s just the world we live in. We certainly don’t hear about 1/10 of the stuff that goes on. What about Derek Carr? What about Seattle? You could write a story like this about every team. Yawn.

  3. Gregg William’s and his boy are still living off a couple of decent defense’s in the late 1990’s with Tennessee.
    Hopefully, John Dorsey sends JACKO packing and hire’s Todd Haley

  4. You’re hatred towards the Browns is clear. Most of this is made up nonsense. Not too many facts, just hearsay. I heard Seattle is going to blow up the team, I hear Pittsburgh is still trying to throw the challenge flag. See, I can do it too.

  5. Greg Williams and his son can coach on the next team that hires Jeff Fisher. My guess is RAIDERS since he thinks he done such a great job with relocating the RAMS. idc about bountygate Williams and the SAINTS was just a fall guy like every other team in the NFL wasn’t doing it. To be honest Williams didn’t do a bad job w RAMS defense I just can’t stand fisher and the fact that he believes he did an ok job to me is unreal. They were a franchise in ruins but not nearly as bad off as the browns are. Had five years to change it around. As far as Hue goes I honestly liked him but he’s slipping this year. Hope he gets it together cause I’d like to see the Browns turnaround like the rams did this year

  6. All that cash and all those draft picks and all that genius analytics and yet …

    What a waste.

    Moneyball. Pfft. First of all, baseball is a game that can be played without passion or intelligence. Even then, the analytic aporoach bombed in Oakland. Secondly, football is less about individual stats and more about how players with specific strengths work together under a coach’s strategy tailored against a particular opponent. As an analytics professional myself, I will be the first to argue that its use in compiling a roster for a pro sports team is dumb as rocks.

  7. Dorsey is looking for an opportunity to axe Hue Jackson (despite the commitment expressed by the owner). Kind of ironic that he is seizing on a 59 yard run by Crowell to show Crowell isn’t really very good.
    Hue will soon be gone. You can bank on it (and after it happens, Jimmy Haslam will be saying that he wants more stability, again).

  8. Hue has been orchestrating his exit for quite a while. Everything he says is divisive. He continually throws everyone else under the bus – Crowell is just the most recent.

    Despite what he says, he is going to make sure Jimmah fires him – he desperately wants out. He will get his wish.

  9. Dorsey will probably come after either Matt Nagy (Chiefs’ OC) or Dave Toub (Chiefs’ STC) for his head coach. Another possibility would be David Culley (Bills’ QB coach).

  10. The head coach really isn’t the problem here. A meddling owner is. The reputation the Browns have developed over the past decade prevents them from doing business with top level free agents, top level coaches and so on. Need proof? How many other teams are $100 million dollars UNDER the salary cap as the Browns have been previously reported to be? Top level talent gets paid and paid well and the Browns simply aren’t doing it.

  11. “There are also rumblings about friction between defensive players and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his son, Blake, the team’s linebackers coach.”

    Maybe a special counsel is need to investigate the rumblings…

  12. The Brown’s should go back to the Belichick and Adams days where they would dress people in NFL films gear to get on the opposing team sidelines with cameras. Least they would have a better chance.

  13. The issue goes far beyond one man and illustrates the difficulty the Browns have in attracting talented young coaches. Whoever the Browns hire next needs to be able to assemble and develop a staff of young coaches. Go to the Browns staff page and look at the offensive staff Jackson has assembled (Jackson’s specialty). It’s clear that the coaches are a litany of coaching retreads. To quote Bill Parcells – you are what your records says you are. For an offensive staff you are what you score and the Cleveland Browns are last in points scored this year. Look at a few of the offensive staff:

    Hue Jackson has coached for 29 years in the NFL and is 9-37 including 8 wins with the Oakland Raiders – less than a .200 batting average and falling. That’s worse than Bobby Petrino! I believe Rod Rust has a lower winning percentage but he only coached for one season. If you leave out his time in Oakland, Jackson’s winning percentage with the Browns is 3%! Hue’s winning percentage for the Browns is lower than even Rod Rust!

    Sr. Offensive Assistant Al Saunders (age 70) – coached for 15 teams in the NFL over a career that spans 40+ years as a coach! The Browns website boasts of his wandering ways. There’s a reason he has been to almost 1/2 the teams in the league. He was Hue Jackson’s OC during their failed stint with Oakland.

    David Lee (age 64; NCAA head coaching record: 11/41/1) has coached for 42 years (12 in the NFL). He is the QB coach and boasts having developed such luminaries as Tyrod Taylor, Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Quincy Carter, the Browns current QBs…. Need I go on?

    Bob Wylie (66 years old; 35 years coaching) was plucked out of the CFL to coach the offensive line.

    Obviously the Browns need an infusion of new blood – innovative young coaches that relate to current players and the new GM. To tie Dorsey’s hands by keeping Jackson and a staff that is clearly past its prime is to invite another year of political infighting and backstabbing. Jackson has thrown everyone under the bus and will continue to do so making a toxic atmosphere even more radioactive impeding the rebuild if not derailing it completely.

  14. The sad thing is the Browns will finally draft a highly regarded QB and probably be at least 500, with all the draft picks they have and the players they have.
    Then everyone will credit the GM and new HC.
    OK – you tanked forever and got the picks. Now lets see how you do over the next 5 years. Then all those picks will be off their rookie contracts, and you wont be picking #1,#2 every year, you will have to draft well.
    I can see the Browns being 8-8 or better for a few years, but beyond that? Lets see.

  15. I still can’t get over the fact that Hue calls plays based off inspiration.

    Not Down & Distance
    Not what hashmark the ball is on.
    Not the situation
    Not strategy

    But inspiration…

    Al Saunders;….”ay coach it’s 1st and 10. We need some positive yardage to open the playbook on 2nd down. Let’s run the ball.”

    Hue Jackson: “ eh, I’m not inspired. I don’t feel the inspiration. Kizer, Let ‘er rip.”

    ***Kizer steps back to pass….Interception. Opposing offense gets the ball in plus territory .***


    Hue Jackson: “I don’t think Kizer will ever get it.”

    I see why this team is 1-29 in two seasons., now.

  16. It’s time to let Hue Jackson go! He has done a terrible job as a head coach for Cleveland. From his play calling, to his clock and player management, it’s awful. You are now losing your fan base! Haslam, it’s time to make a move! Let Dorsey do his job!

  17. Cleveland never appreciated the owner they had in Art Model! Yet, the city and state officials made sure he moved to Balt! Fans still blame Model, but, the Browns fans are still reaping their elected officials cheapness!

  18. No matter what happens I think we can all agree that it’s safe to say the Mr Hero curse is real.

  19. OldTime Football says:
    December 24, 2017 at 9:18 am
    Cleveland never appreciated the owner they had in Art Model! Yet, the city and state officials made sure he moved to Balt! Fans still blame Model, but, the Browns fans are still reaping their elected officials cheapness!

    Wrong. Art lied, plain and simple. He wanted no part of the Gateway project, he didn’t want to share. So instead, he was busy blocking expansion into Baltimore and St. Louis so he could slide in there, hence Carolina and Jacksonville.

  20. hue jackson needs to go. he is complete filth as a head coach. with crowell feuding with him, it’s perfectly clear that hue has lost his damn mind. i for one am proud of mike florio’s hatred towards the browns, and im a browns fan. this team needs a new coaching staff badly folks.

  21. I have no idea whether or not Hue Jackson has what it takes to be a winning coach in the NFL.
    Of one thing I am certain – he’s been totally screwed over by the situation in Cleveland (and Oakland wasn’t much better).
    I’d like to see him get a honest chance with a decent organization. He certainly deserves it more than Fisher.

  22. I’d be shocked if, behind the scenes, Dorsey wasn’t talking to potential replacements for Jackson the moment after he was hired. Haslam is trying to save face by sticking with his “we’re keeping Hue” mantra because he doesn’t want to admit to another blow-up of the operation. I really don’t think Dorsey takes the job if he had to keep Jackson. Not with an owner who hires GMs like most folks hire landscapers and not with a head coach who will go behind his back to the owner and to the press if he doesn’t get his way.

  23. Whatever Baby Huey does now is not a reflection on the 2018 Cleveland Whatevers.

    I predict once the 2017 regular season ends, the era of failure with the Cleveland ends with the taking out the trash known as Baby Huey.

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