Bengals may be hoping for a Hue Jackson or Jay Gruden return

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Two coaches on the hot seat could end up with, as our friends at Pardon My Take call it, a cool throne. If, that is, there’s anything cool about coaching the Bengals.

There’s talk in league circles that the Bengals are hoping for a reunion with Hue Jackson or Jay Gruden. Both served as offensive coordinators under Marvin Lewis, and both got plenty of solid performances from quarterback Andy Dalton. Either would be the next head coach of the team.

Dalton hasn’t been horrible, but he hasn’t been great, either. And the Bengals, who had a five-year run of playoff appearances, will miss out on the postseason for a second straight year.

There’s still chatter that Lewis could end up graduating to the front office in Cincinnati. Whatever he plans to do, his words and demeanor during at least one of his media availabilities this week suggested that he knows precisely what it will be. If the Bengals want Hue or Gruden to return, they may need to be ready to initiate a non-trade trade in order to get them, in the event their current teams decide to keep them.

31 responses to “Bengals may be hoping for a Hue Jackson or Jay Gruden return

  1. Someone said this in a comment on the other article about the Bengels. As a joke tho. Every single one of us laughed our butts off to it because as funny as a joke as it was, this really might happen. TOO FUNNY!!

  2. Nothing could define dysfunction like hiring Hue Jackson. He’s 9 and 37 as a head coach (including 8 wins in his one year as Oakland head coach). He’s shown he cannot assemble an adequate coaching staff, makes horrible game decisions and is prone to political games behind the scenes. Jay Gruden left the Bengals in 2014 in great shape and Hue reaped the credit.

  3. I don’t know Cinncinatti. John Dorsey sounds like he is really excited about Hue Jackson being his head coach. I think you’ll have to trade a lot to get him away from Cleveland. I’m thinking maybe a Six Pack of Beer and a pack of Tic Tacs will get the deal done.

  4. exinsidetrader says:
    December 24, 2017 at 6:20 am

    Is that what a winning and well-run franchise would do?

    We’re talking about the Bungles run by Mike Brown. What does winning and well-run have to do with it?

  5. It only makes sense to a tightwad like Mike Brown.

    He knows Hue Jackson and he knows he’s work cheap as long as he can be a HC.

  6. Both these guys are adequate coaches. They’re good enough to win a championship if they have the players. No coach has ever won in Washington since Dan Snyder has owner the team. No coach has won in Cleveland since forever. Put either of these guys in Minnesota and they’re 13-3. The Bengals probably figure they can get these guys cheaper than anyone else, so that’s why they’re interested.

  7. Not fun being a Browns or Bengal fan, because they are sticking with their coaches way too long. Other teams make the opposite mistake, firing their coach even though they made the playoffs but lost close games in the playoffs.

    If the Bengals hire Hue Jackson as head coach, they get what they deserve.

  8. The Browns should trade Hue Jackson and Deshon Kizer to Cincy for McCarron. The new black GM Lewis will need to use the mreverse rooney rool in his hiring.

  9. I thought I understood NFL football. Now I hear that a team might actually try to get Hue Jackson away from the Browns to coach their team. Who woulda thought…..

  10. Not long ago most of us Bengals fans were begging for Mike Brown to promote Mike Zimmer and fire Marvin. Thanks for nothing Mike. Look at the Vikings now.

  11. Not all good assistant coaches make good Head coaches and Hue is the perfect example of that. He is what he is and that’ll never change. Go somewhere and be a good OC again and save yourself all the stress Hue.

  12. The Bengals should trade a bunch of solid player for Hue Jackson, the greatest coach to ever walk the earth. He’s the best, please don’t take him from us, signed Browns fans (wink, wink).

  13. Baby Huey is worthless.

    At least Chubbs Gruden has kept his team playing even as they are losing players now from just touching a football.

  14. “League circles” are full of crap. Nobody NOBODY in Cincinnati is considering this. Every fan I know is vehemently opposed to either of these two guys.

    My own opinion is that I hope we go after Shurmer from Minnesota.

  15. rutchaser says:

    Not long ago most of us Bengals fans were begging for Mike Brown to promote Mike Zimmer and fire Marvin. Thanks for nothing Mike. Look at the Vikings now.

    Couldn’t agree more!

  16. Why Hugh.. He’s a terrible head coach. I mean he couldn’t get a winning season out of the Browns… Every coach has gotten winning seasons out of the Browns except all of them.

  17. Why the Jackson hate? His 3 of 4 years as OC/HC teams were 10 ranked in offense or scoring 0 losing season. He took over the Browns a team with a pitiful 3-13 record which then lost its leading WR, passer and DB every year he was there and refused to spend available cap space on replacements. What happens when you do that to a bad team? They get worse.

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