Earl Thomas to Jason Garrett: If y’all have the chance, come get me


Earl Thomas left the field on the Cowboys’ end, meeting up with Jason Garrett as Thomas entered the Dallas locker room to pay his respects to Dez Bryant.

“If y’all have the chance, come get me,” Thomas said to Garrett, not so quietly as reporters waiting to enter the Cowboys locker room heard it.

The Seahawks safety, who grew up in Texas as a Cowboys fan and played at the University of Texas, becomes a free agent after next season. But he downplayed his comment to reporters.

“I went to the locker room to talk to Dez, and I saw coach Garrett,” Thomas said. “I’ve always been a Cowboys fan growing up. The biggest thing about when I said come get me is I don’t literally mean come get me now. I’m still in the prime of my career. I still want to be here. But when Seattle kicks me to the curb, please, the Cowboys, come get me. That’s the only other place I’d rather be If I was kicked to the curb. So that’s what I meant by it.

“People take life too serious. That’s just who I am.”

There has been speculation the Seahawks could part ways with Thomas in the offseason, anticipating a contract holdout. Kansas City safety Eric Berry‘s contract pays him $13 million a season, which likely is in the range that Thomas will seek.

Thus, the Seahawks could shop Thomas in the offseason.

Thomas said he didn’t know what was going to happen — where he will play in the future — but stressed he would love to stay in Seattle.

“Yes, I’m happy here. I love being here,” Thomas said. “This is where I started. I built my resume here. I got Kam [Chancellor] and Sherm [Richard Sherman]. I don’t want to leave.”

47 responses to “Earl Thomas to Jason Garrett: If y’all have the chance, come get me

  1. Haha. You got caught. People jumping off the Seattle bandwagon left and right. Players pointing fingers at each other on that estrogen-fueled defense. Here’s the thing, Earl–Garrett might not be around when Seattle “kicks you to the curb.” And Stephen Jones might not be willing to give you an overpriced contract. You might not be worth it by then. We’ll see. One thing is for sure–your “one ring dynasty” in Seattle is over.

  2. Sounds like a back pedal to me.
    Not a bad idea though. Seattle is done. That defense is no longer dominant and the offense is a one trick pony. Stop Russell and you stop Seattle.
    The Niners and Rams will own this division for the next 8-10 years.
    Get out while you can Earl.

  3. The defensive players are tired of doing all the work and some other guy on offense gets all the credit. Earl, Richard, Bobby and Kam need to get out of there and go to a team that will appreciate them instead of glorifying an average QB who can’t win without them.

  4. Kam is overrated and Sherman is washed up. Best thing he could do is get away from that dumpster fire of an organization.

  5. No bro, that was advertising to switch teams…………..With the improvements of the Rams AND Jimmy G. picking up the 49’ers we can’t have anyone “half-in” on my Seahawks. This division is about to get REAL !!!!

  6. He’s given Seattle everything we could have ever asked for. No hard feelings if he wants to fulfill his childhood dream. No hard feelings if he just wants out of Seattle.

    Love this guy and always will. Best of luck to him wherever he wants to be.

  7. It’s his career. It’s his livelihood. It’s his life. There’s nothing wrong with him expressing interest in another team just in case he is “kicked to the curb”

  8. biffbiffington says:
    December 25, 2017 at 12:45 am
    First confirmed rat jumping from the ship. More to follow.
    Didn’t you say this all last off-season too?

  9. As a hawk fan this doesn’t even move the needle. He’s given us the best years of his career and by no means is he done. I’ll wear my wolf gray Thomas jersey with pride. Can’t wait to see earl go into the hall as a hawk. Thanks for making sure I saw a Seattle sports championship before I died. Previous versions of the hawks never got it done and the mariners are consistently disappointing. Not to mention our top 15 city somehow doesn’t have basketball or hockey.

  10. The fact that he said it to JG instead of Jerry Jones tells you what you need to know.

    If Dallas were to offer some amazing deal for Earl Thomas it might be worth doing although Earl is STILL the best free safety in the league. His range is unmatched. He is a human missle.

  11. First confirmed rat jumping from the ship. More to follow.

    Earl Thomas is a rat now? Please do tell. Show off your football knowledge.

    Besides isn’t it the New England Patriots that always get rid of their guys just before they drop off so they can keep the level of talent high and young and remain competitive? Seems like I hear that a lot.

    But that’s a problem for the Seahawks if they do it, right? Earl is STILL worth a boatload if done correctly. Not that I want him to go anywhere.

  12. Well that’s one way to keep your value high and signaling to the Seahawks that there will be no “hometown” discount in the next contract negotiation.

  13. That’s like jumping off the Californian and swimming to the Titanic when the rockets went up.

  14. raideralex says:
    December 25, 2017 at 12:07 am
    To which Garrett replied, “Yeah, umm, you know I won’t BE here, right?”

    That’s cute, someone who actually thinks Jerry is firing Garrett. Jerry will trade Zeke before he fires Garrett.

  15. devildoginasia says:
    December 24, 2017 at 11:11 pm
    Reverse tampering? Someone in the ivory tower is going to fine someone.
    The league will probably suspend Garrett for listening to Thomas. Garrett will appeal and Dez will get suspended for being friends with Earl Thomas. This is today’s NFL!

  16. 2 things come to mind.
    1) No Class as usual.
    2) Pete Carol has the respect of nobody on that team.

  17. eleven tackles against the cowboys…one of the most sure tacklers and hardest hitters
    especially for size, in the league… anyone who’d think Earl would hold-out is silly…
    what kid didn’t have a dream of playin’ for their home area and bein’ a star?? Earl
    is refreshing candid, like Sherman, and we love him for it and their football talent and passion.

  18. Aging and expensive superstars are often the most dangerous players on a team roster – and the Hawks have a bunch of them.

  19. nyyankeefanforever says:
    December 24, 2017 at 8:56 pm
    Things baseball players never say. Just another reason why football will never be the national pastime.

    This would be an issue, except that they don’t care because they are too busy counting their billions of dollars of revenue; you know, unlike baseball.

    Oh and there’s the fact that football isn’t boring as hell to watch can tv.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the 4 major sports, but the NFL could care less about being the national pastime.

  20. Someone up the thread knows football. That defense makes the offense look good. Same as Kaepernick when the 9ers has that awesome D. The D won games, but people who don’t understand football think Kaeperneck did it all. Wilson is a serviceable QB, but he wouldn’t be as good as he appears to be without Tue defense keeping the opposition from scoring and getting Seattle’s offense a couple extra possessions per game.

  21. cornhusker44 says:
    December 24, 2017 at 10:08 pm
    Not only are the Shehawks fans diving off the sinking ship, but their players are demanding lifeboats too. #fauxdynasty


    You make me laugh. We (true Seattle fans, much more of us than you realize), are going nowhere. Call us 12s or whatever, that’s not how we identify ourselves. We have lives, jobs (most are very lucrative [you can google that]) & love our Hawks too. It’s really funny that you get this worked-up.

  22. When Seattle beat Denver in #48 I was glad the Pats had lost to Denver because that Seattle D was scary and I thought of them as the best D I had seen since the 1985 Bears, and I still believe that. I saw Seattle as rulers of the NFL for at least a few years as long as they could keep that lethal D together.

    Fortunately I was wrong – Seattle has fallen apart pretty quickly – pretty much as the Bears did.

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