Jarvis Landry, Adam Gase downplay heated exchange


Jarvis Landry yelled. Adam Gase yelled back.

The receiver and his head coach appeared to get in a sideline shouting match after a failed third-down conversion. Landry, though, claims things weren’t as they appeared.

I wasn’t yelling at Adam,” Landry said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “I wasn’t talking to Adam.”

The Dolphins coach acknowledged he and Landry exchanged words.

“It’s part of the game,” Gase said. “It just happens. It’s not the first time.”

The Dolphins, trailing by two scores in the fourth quarter, called for a bubble screen to Jakeem Grant on third-and-24. Jay Cutler‘s pass was overthrown, prompting Landry to turn and scream toward the sideline. Gase yelled back. Other team members intervened.

“Nothing,” Landry said when asked to explain what happened. “We were in the red zone. It was third-and-[24] . . . and we didn’t get the first down. The game was on the line right there. Everybody knows it. We need to score a touchdown right there. I think it’s normal for anybody to show frustration at that point, understanding this is our season; our season is on the line, and this drive particularly.

“I don’t think we got the ball back until under two minutes after that. When you look at it like that, anybody would have been frustrated. I’m sure you guys would have been frustrated as well. I wasn’t yelling at Adam or trying to show him up or anything.”

Landry lost a fumble but ended up with five catches for 51 yards. He has more than 100 catches for the second time in his career, with 103. Landry owns the team record of 110 receptions in a single season, having set it in 2015.

12 responses to “Jarvis Landry, Adam Gase downplay heated exchange

  1. Awesome….. I wonder if the press will bring this up for a week like they did with Brady & Josh or if this post will get a ton of hits like the ones for the Pats did??
    Actually, I doubt it gets much attention since it’s the fins & not the Greatest Dynasty in recent Sports HISTORY…..

  2. I think this blow up is a big deal. The Dolphins need a lot more talent to win. They need a TE, OG and they may need a slot receiver if they can’t sign Jarvis Landry. That’s a big deal because this Dolphin’s team needs many players on offense and some defensive players with more talent. That will cost and resigning Landry might be to costly. He’s a serviceable receiver but is not elite but he may want elite WR money and so goes the conflict. I think they move on from Landry for the good of building the team. Jarvis has a lot of receptions but he’s also being thrown to often with a very low yardage per catch. His lack of speed is the issue. Stills has close to as many yards catching as Landry with a lot less targets!

  3. If Landry was yelling at Gase for calling a bubble screen on 3rd and 24, good for him. The Dolphins have probably led the league in screen passes that lost yardage or were stopped for no gain this season.

  4. Passionate fella for sure, hang on to the ball next time Jarvis. Hoping they sign you to a nice contract and when RT comes back next season you can then bottle up some of that passion and focus on running routes and holding on to the ball. Oh and also no need to show everyone when you get a first down catch. Act like you’ve been there before and perhaps you will get voted to the pro bowl!! This coming from a die hard Miami fan…

  5. I thought only Tom Brady yelled at a coach during a football game? Do you mean to tell me this actually happens with other players / teams?

  6. It’s amazing to me how Coach Adam Gase does not trust QB Matt Moore. Yet every week Jay Cutler proves how unreliable and inconsistent he is each week in a losing effort.

  7. craniator says:
    December 24, 2017 at 8:30 pm
    If Landry was yelling at Gase for calling a bubble screen on 3rd and 24, good for him. The Dolphins have probably led the league in screen passes that lost yardage or were stopped for no gain this season.
    I agree that they throw too many of those but I doubt Landry’s issue was the call…I think it was that the call was for Grant and not him. Landry has been great for the Dolphins but he gets tons of targets. I love his passion but that is also his downfall. He cannot control his emotions and that has cost the Dolphins on several occasions. Landry likely wants a big money deal. Again, I like Landry but he is not worth what I suspect he wants. Grant is extremely fast and hyper agile but he is short. Height is not a huge factor for a slot receiver and I suspect that the fins might just make Grant the slot receiver if Landry is too costly. Fans would be angry but they were angry at the Ajayi trade that has now been proven to be smart. If Grant is the slot receiver next year, the ball would be spread more and I suspect Grant’s speed would net more big plays…if he stays healthy. That is a lot of speed and agility on the field for Miami and is probably the reason we have been seeing much more of Grant over the last part of this season.

  8. I believe that 2018 is Landry’s UFA year. I would advise him to make his best deal and escape from the “land of broken toys,” to borrow a Christmas phrase. Gase continually shows he is unable to address football basics successfully. Just look at the stats. Landry is frustrated because he is a never quit fighter. In contrast, Gase experiments with players during a crisis rather than easing them into games during the season, in a manner that illustrates their game readiness. Landry would feel much better if Grant’s receiving skills had been displayed in previous games. As it stands, Landry is trying to win with the assistance of a few players in spite of the coaching staff.

    I would love to see him play for New England. He would their next Wes Welker.

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