Todd Gurley’s MVP case gets stronger

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With various MVP candidates getting injured or seeing their performances slip late in the year, one guy is making a strong case for consideration. Other than Tom Brady.

According to the NFL, Rams running back Todd Gurley‘s 276 yards from scrimmage on Sunday in a division-clinching win in Nashville made him only the third player in league history to have at least 100 rushing yards and at least 150 receiving yards in a single game. The others were Ollie Matson in 1954 and Herschel Walker in 1986.

Gurley also becomes the third player in league history to generate 2,000 yards from scrimmage, at least 10 rushing touchdowns, and at least five touchdown receptions in the same season. The others were O.J. Simpson in 1975 and Marshall Faulk, in both 2000 and 2001.

It may not be enough to overcome Brady, especially if the Patriots nail down the No. 1 seed. And Gurley seemed to acknowledge the long-shot nature of his candidacy earlier in the week.

“I guess they talked about me, because Carson [Wentz] got hurt and then [Antonio Brown] got hurt,” Gurley told reporters. “But I don’t really see how you can take a guy out of the MVP like ‘AB.’ Like two games are not going to make a difference. You take Carson out and like what are three games going to do? It’s cool to get the recognition, but it is what it is. Running backs don’t usually win the award unless you mess your leg up and rush for 2,000 yards the next year, you don’t really have a choice but to give it to a beast like [Adrian Peterson in 2012]. So I’m just going to keep playing hard and finish the season strong, honestly.”

Honestly, his strong finish could be all the difference in the world. Even if he doesn’t win it, Gurley has emerged the most viable alternative to #Tommy.

29 responses to “Todd Gurley’s MVP case gets stronger

  1. Nothing against Mr. Florio but the “let’s prop up a balloon MVP candidate against Tom Brady” thing has been a year long joke. Everyone knows that the MVP, the NFL’s best player, the NFL’s most valuable player in 2017 is Tom Brady. There is no argument against him.

  2. Gurley for sure is the fantasy mvp. Doubt any team in the playoffs with him didn’t win their league championship the way he went off the last two weeks. Outside of week 5 he was solid to spectacular all season.

  3. I have never seen a more dangerous player with the ball in his hands than Gurley.

    And then, when the other team has the ball, we get to watch Donald, perhaps the best defensive player since Lawrence Taylor.

    Oh, and Goff is a bust, while Dak Prescott is the next great QB. LMAO.

    The NFC West will be a battle of JG vs JG, with a does of TG, for the next 5 years.

  4. Imo I think wentz should still be the mvp. He will have missed 3 GameStop but really it’s only 2 because he probably wouldn’t have played Dallas anyway. But because of the injury I wouldn’t argue with TG getting the award. He has had a great year. If your not giving it to wentz due to injury then it can only go to one of three people imo Brady, TG, and I can’t believe I am saying this but you also have to put kase Kenam in their as well.

  5. Absolutely right fuji. The thumbs down are all about the hate and jealousy. NO ARGUMENT against Brady. None.

  6. misterfuji1982 says:
    December 25, 2017 at 1:05 am
    Nothing against Mr. Florio but the “let’s prop up a balloon MVP candidate against Tom Brady” thing has been a year long joke. Everyone knows that the MVP, the NFL’s best player, the NFL’s most valuable player in 2017 is Tom Brady. There is no argument against him.


    Ah, so the MVP is the NFL’s best player? Funny to hear a Pats fan say this. 10 years ago, they were saying some different things. But ok. So Peyton Manning has five MVPs, Brady a paltry 2. I guess that means Peyton is 150% greater than Tom Brady, right? And Peyton didn’t need to play til age 40 to get his 5. At this rate, Precious Tommy will be in his 60s before he can catch Peyton.

  7. Mr. Gurley, Brady didn’t win it last year because he missed four games. Most people argued against him all year because of this (maybe rightfully so). Also, when was the last time a wide receiver won MVP? There is a good reason quarterbacks win this award. They’re position is the most valuable on any team.

  8. tedmurph says:
    December 25, 2017 at 5:40 am
    Absolutely right fuji. The thumbs down are all about the hate and jealousy. NO ARGUMENT against Brady. None.

    that’s ridiculous. I’m a Pats fan and Gurley gets my vote. Brady has 4 TDs to 5 INTs in Dec, not exactly finishing strong. Contrast that to what Gurley is doing -3rd guy ever with over 2000 yards from scrimmage- and there’s your argument.

  9. Brady has been a “pick machine” in has past 5 games and certainly not the best player on New England during this stretch, let alone the entire league. Gronk is the straw that stirs the Patriots offense and his absence vs. Miami proved how valuable he is to the team and how ordinary Brady has been without him. Let’s be honest, QB play in the NFL this year has been solid but no NFL QB is lighting up the league. Being the last QB standing shouldn’t be the determining factor who wins MVP nor should feel good votes for a 40 year QB whose competition is on IR. All I’m saying is this might be the year voters expand their awareness.

  10. Who cares? Ring #6 is all that counts in New England. By the way who won the MVP 2 years ago, 3 years ago? Didn’t think you can remember either. But I still remember New England taking out Seattle.

    We won the game let’s celebrate. So said the

    2014 Seattle Seahawks
    2016 Atlanta Falcons
    2017 Pittsburgh Steelers

    #ME TOO

  11. I agree with mrfugi. Every analyst, now Florio, has their prop MVP candidate as an excuse for not giving the stupid award to Brady. Brady’s been playing better than the stats show, but that doesn’t matter to the “stat boys,” here. If a 40 year old QB is playing at an MVP like level all year can’t get the award, than who can? It will be a travesty, if he doesn’t get it.

  12. MVP should be measured by how important that player is to their team and their performance in the year.

    Pats without Brady- 10+ win team
    Eagles without Wentz- squeaking by the Giants
    Rams without Gurley- 5-7 win team

    The pats are 15-6 without Brady as the starting QB.
    There is no argument against that.

  13. I don’t know how anyone could be upset with Gurley as OPOY and McVay as CotY. Seems like a slam dunk to me.

  14. Patriots without Brady and missing 3 of their top 4 receivers… not a .500 team. With Brady:12-3.

    Indisputable and undeniable fact. Period.


  15. Gurley has 2000 yrds from scrimmage? Brady has passed for more than twice that. 4387 yrds 30 TDs 8 INTs He hasn’t played well in Dec? They’re 3-1 and about to sew up the #1 seed. If it wasn’t for the JJames call, all people would be talking about was Brady leading his team down the field in 70 odd seconds to beat Pitts. The 50 something time he’s done it. RBs aren’t even that valuable. When’s the last time a team with the NFLs leading rusher won the SBowl? Doesn’t happen much. Teams weren’t even using 1rst rnd draft pks on RBs for a long stretch recently. Gurley has had a great yr, but Brady is so good, he’s taken for granted. Not even close for MVP.

  16. PLEASE give the stupid award to someone besides Brady, anybody. Please. The regular season MVP award is bad luck, just ask Peyton Manning. Brady and the Pats would much rather win the Super Bowl, and the MVP of that contest is much more meaningful. Passing over Brady on several years when he deserved the MVP award already made the award a joke anyways, in my humble opinion.

    ABB – Anybody But Brady for MVP!!

  17. If they don’t give the MVP to Brady, the sobbing coming from the New England area will be deafening.

    “Don’t you know who we are??!??”

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