Bruce Arians: “Nothing decided” regarding future with Cardinals

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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has dealt with some health issues in recent seasons, which have cast some doubt about his future in the business.

But he denied a report that a decision had been made about his future.

In response to a report from Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly which said Arians and the Cardinals “will agree to part ways” after the season, Arians told Jarrett Bell of USA Today that was at least premature.

“Never heard of the (reporter),” Arians said in a text to Bell. “Nothing decided.”

Knowing a bit about Arians, “(reporter)” might have been a colorful description that’s not safe for a family website on Boxing Day (or any other day).

But saying that nothing was “decided,” is also a step away from a flat denial.

Arians is 48-30-1 in five seasons with the Cardinals, and has a pair of coach of the year awards on his resume (including one from his year as interim coach of the Colts).

But considering his health issues and the fact the Cardinals could be on the verge of a major reboot, the time could also be right for a change. They had an aging core entering the season, including quarterback Carson Palmer and  wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. They also lost a load of defensive help in free agency, and then lost star running back David Johnson to an early injury.

14 responses to “Bruce Arians: “Nothing decided” regarding future with Cardinals

  1. Come on back to Cleveland, Bruce. You wanted the job a few years ago… Now, we’ll load you up with a ton of cap space, two TOP 5 draft picks this year, and you get to pick whatever young gun in the draft you want, as long as John Dorsey agrees with you, of course.

  2. This guys a winner, I’m sure he’ll have teams lined up for his services as a HC. If I were the Colts, id be on line 1 trying to bring this guy back. He worked well with Luck, and Luck already knows his system. The cardinals really shud try and keep him and draft a big arm QB in the first round. It’s a good year to draft QB

  3. Can’t wait until this a@* hat goes away. Arrogant, rude, and throws his players under the bus constantly. Larry Fitz deserves better for his last year in AZ

  4. Buyer beware big-time on this cat. Could easily be a reprise of the Bears/Fox situation for whatever team may hire him based on name and past rep. I get the feeling he has re-retired and the largely uninspired play of the Cardinals this year has reflected that.

  5. Arians has been good for the Cardinals. However now is the time to rebuild the team and that will take 3 years minimum. Arians might prefer to move on to a more balanced with younger players.

    He will get offers if the Cardinals encourage his departure.

  6. Bruce Arians is on that long, long list of coaches who looked good when they had an elite QB who was healthy. He really doesn’t need to apologize for that because that list includes many HOF coaches. Arians does run an offensive system that tends to get his QB’s beat up more than normal. He’s had a good run. Now might be a good time to call it a career.

  7. You have to laugh at the uneducated who are blasting Arians. Let’s sse, they lost the possible MVP of the league the first gam of the year, they’ve had to play 3 qbs, they have 16 players on IR and have one starting offensive lineman. What did you expect Ariana to do win 11 games with no David Johnson, no Carson Palmer, etc?

    Who has the #1 rated defense since week 10? Arizona. 23-0 shutout win yesterday. There need to be a lot of changes in AZ next year and BA may not be there, but at least he has his team playing hard through a ton of injuries with no hope of making the playoffs. That’s more than a lot of teams not going to the postseason can say

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