DeMarco Murray has third-degree MCL tear

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The MRI of DeMarco Murray‘s injured right knee revealed a third-degree MCL tear, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Despite the diagnosis, the Titans running back hopes to play through the injury, via Schefter, as Tennessee faces a must-win game against the Jaguars. But a third-degree tear is a complete tear, which would seem to make Murray unlikely to play Sunday.

It’s usually an 8-to-12 week injury, according to a source, and playing through it would risk an ACL tear because “you’ve lost one of the stabilizers that helps in stabilizing the knee.”

Coach Mike Mularkey said earlier in the day that the Titans weren’t ruling Murray out.

“I’m not going to rule him out just yet, knowing DeMarco, knowing some of the other things he’s had happen to him and how quickly he responds to treatment,” Mularkey said, via Jason Wolf of The Tennessean. “So I’d say he’s day-to-day right now and I just hope for the best. Maybe in a limited role. We don’t know yet.”

Murray has missed only three games the past five seasons, playing through various injuries during his time in Dallas, Philadelphia and Tennessee. But this would appear a harder (impossible?) injury to play through, and Derrick Henry likely sees more work.

Murray has 184 carries for 659 yards and six touchdowns this season, while Henry has 148 carries for 693 yards and five touchdowns.

27 responses to “DeMarco Murray has third-degree MCL tear

  1. And mularkeys dumb enough to let him although we have monster mode aka derrick henry a blessing in disguise waiting. Imagine tackling that guy in january!!

  2. A tear isn’t a tear with ligaments. Ligament “tears” are graded on a scale and each grade does NOT mean “torn” in our layman speak. It can mean stretched/pulled, not severed. Or it could be partially-severed, not completely. I’ve “torn” each MCL and was active in 2 weeks again.

  3. This would amount to a symbolic appearance by Murray.
    Getting into uniform and standing on the sidelines would be just as effective of supportive response.
    If he tears the ACL in action he will do damage to his career—not worth it.

  4. so the NFL will hold you out if you have a concussion but get in there and PLAY when you have MCL tear, Nice job protecting the players NFL.

    Torn up knee, when you’re 50 you get a new one, can’t run but outside of that your OK.

    Torn up brain, when you’re 50 you drool a lot and someone else has to pin your diapers on for you.

    There’s a difference.

  5. No way he’s playing. Coach just wants to trick the Jags into wasting time preparing for him.

  6. cobrala2 says:

    December 26, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    A tear isn’t a tear with ligaments. Ligament “tears” are graded on a scale and each grade does NOT mean “torn” in our layman speak. It can mean stretched/pulled, not severed. Or it could be partially-severed, not completely. I’ve “torn” each MCL and was active in 2 weeks again.


    You had a grade 1 sprain. Grade 3 means it is SEVERED.

  7. Won’t matter at all wether Murray has torn knee or completely healthy … Outcome will be the same … Jags will roll into Tennessee and smash them … Jags roll 30-10 in a rout … Revenge is a bad mama jama and also every single team the Jags have played after a loss they destroy this year … Titans can watch the Jags play in the Playoffs this Year !!!

  8. If the coaching and medical staff let him play with a torn ligament and put his knee health at risk they deserve to lose their jobs & medical licences. Nobody will make me believe its OK for a RB to play with one less ligament because of the playoffs.

  9. From watching them several times this year, it doesn’t matter if he’ in or out. That coaching staff has cost them more than a few games. They coach not to lose, and not to win. Hence their record.

  10. Tennessee is playing this smart. They tested out Derrick, they see what he’s made of, and instead they’ve ridden Demarco while he’s healthy, letting DH learn the role and be patient on his rookie contract. They’ll let Demarco go either this off-season or next. DH being used minimally means when he signs his “long-term” contract it’ll be affordable for Tennessee. 8 years of affordable, reliable running game is good GMing.

  11. Smoke and Mirrors to make them prepare as if he was going to play. He’s done for the season. It’s Henry time.

  12. Who wouldn’t want out of Denver right now? Whatever happened to that stud fullback TN had last year and the beginning of this year (I think)? The one from Bama? They didn’t seem to utilize the FB much at all this year.

  13. This guy is so petrified of allowing Derrick Henry to shine he is willing to further injure himself.

  14. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    December 26, 2017 at 8:56 pm
    I heard somewhere that Jamaal Charles wants out of Denver. Give Elway a call.
    Not the worst suggestion. We do need a scat back type. But trade deadline has passed. They would need to release him & he would need to fall to us on waivers.

  15. This guy must have like 30 injuries this season, but he hasn’t missed a game… And he’s been ineffective for the majority of the season. Just sit him already! Can we please see Derrick Henry unleashed? It’s what everyone wants except Mike Mularkey.

  16. Henry seems like the real deal. With his cost high, being oft injured and production a little bit low, I cant see Murray being around next year. Henry much cheaper and seems to be more efficient.

  17. Funny posts. Titans can’t win. (we are 8-7) Jags will win the game. (must have forgotten the earlier game this season in which we won) And everyone seems to be a doctor. (see above)

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