49ers hope to find a way to limit Reuben Foster’s injuries

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If the 49ers are going to make good on running back Carlos Hyde‘s prediction of a Super Bowl run in 2018, it would help to have linebacker Reuben Foster on the field for the entire season.

Foster, one of the team’s two first-round picks this year, joined the team while rehabbing a shoulder injury, missed time with an ankle injury, dealt with a rib injury and left the last two games after suffering stingers.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said those stingers are unrelated to the previous shoulder injury, but added that the team would like to find ways to limit the injuries incurred by both Foster and rookie safery Adrian Colbert in 2018. Colbert has also dealt with several nagging injuries this season.

“It’s something we definitely have to look into, especially the amount that it’s happened to both of them,” Shanahan said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “That’s one of the things that makes them best, how hard that they do hit. But, I think we’re going to have to look into it a lot this season, based off techniques and things like that, if we could not lose what they do so great, but also put them in a better position to stay healthy.”

Shanahan said both players will be limited in practice this week, but are expected to play as the team tries to wrap up the year with a five-game winning streak.

12 responses to “49ers hope to find a way to limit Reuben Foster’s injuries

  1. Having grown up a Niners fan– watching Reuben Foster shoot the gap and lay wood the RB’s coming through the line reminds me of a guy who wore 42 and patrolled the secondary for so many years scaring WR’s coming across the middle.
    Foster has the same “pop” that Ronnie Lott did. It’s fun to watch. Those millennials out there who don’t know who Ronnie Lott was go watch some old NFL films and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
    Problem with Foster is he’s made of glass. He hurts himself with his huge hits. He’ll have an amazing career and put plenty of people in the blue tent on the sidelines but he’ll be out of the league in 4 or 5 years. No way his body holds up. Sad cause he’s truly unique but it’s most likely true.

  2. they ‘stole’ Foster by trading up, picking him before New Orleans was going to pick him. Yes he did miss a few games, but it was a high ankle sprain (which can happen to any player), not because of his shoulder injury. teams were passing on him because of concerns about his shoulder, not because he had a history of injuries. Get your facts right, fellow poster.

  3. The Saints wound up trading for San Diego LB Manti Te’O, so they were indeed looking for a LB, confirming reports that New Orleans was ready to pick Foster. Foster himself said that New Orleans called him and told him they would take him. New Orleans wound up picking a DB instead, and possibly depriving Seattle of the DB they may have been looking for.

  4. Foster talks about how much he loves Cinnamon toast crunch and how eats a ton of it. I think watching what goes into his body is a good start.

  5. truninerfan49 says:
    December 27, 2017 at 1:15 pm
    Foster talks about how much he loves Cinnamon toast crunch and how eats a ton of it. I think watching what goes into his body is a good start.

    Not sure how long you’ve been a Niner fan, but if you remember Julian Peterson, I recall reading back in the day that he’d eat three bowls of Lucky Charms to start his day. hey, if it worked for him…

  6. The writing was on the wall if you watched him in college. If he was bigger he would be beastly but unfortunately he is too small to play the position and more importantly the style he plays.

  7. He needs to gain weight. One of the beat reporters said he looks like he weighs about 225 with his shirt off. That’s close to safety weight. He needs to gain about 20 pounds to be in the 245 range that Willis and Bowman were in their primes. That extra muscle will give him some padding from those ferocious hits he dishes out.

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