Blake Bortles’ abilities as a runner often overlooked

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As the Jaguars head into the playoffs behind one of the NFL’s best defenses, their quarterback is treated sometimes as an afterthought and other times as a laughingstock. But there’s one area where Blake Bortles deserves more credit: His abilities as a runner.

In fact, although Bortles has struggled with inaccuracy and interceptions throughout his career, he is one of the most effective running quarterbacks in NFL history.

Bortles has 222 carries for 1,401 yards in his four-year career, an average of 6.31 yards per carry. That’s the best career average in the league among active players with at least 200 carries, and it’s the fourth-best career average in NFL history, behind only Michael Vick, 1970s Bears quarterback Bobby Douglass, and Randall Cunningham.

Bortles has gained more than 300 yards while averaging more than five yards per carry in all four of his NFL seasons. He’s the only player in the NFL who has topped 300 yards and five yards per carry every year from 2014 through 2017.

As a passer, Bortles is, at best, only a little above average. (His passer rating this season is 88.2 while the league average is 85.6.) But as a runner, Bortles is one of the best in the business.

15 responses to “Blake Bortles’ abilities as a runner often overlooked

  1. Bortles problem has always come with turnovers and making bad decisions … Because as the story says, he is a very good running quarterback … If he plays mistake free football , Jaguars can reach the Superbowl this year … Everything is in place for this Team … Go Jaguars!

  2. He is a serviceable QB. He is the weakest link on that team right now. Get a real passer in there and they become incredibly scary. Until then, they need the defense to continue to be amazing and they need the running backs to be productive. When all the ducks are lined up.. BB is good enough to win.

  3. Over-looked implies someone was looking in his direction — they weren’t.
    No one cares enough about him or the Jags to even open their eyes in that direction. “Sad.”

  4. Its easy to run when the d is in prevent. Thats also how he used to pad his passing yards. 100 yards at the end of the 3rd quarter, throw for 200yds and 50yds rushing in the 4th. He’s known for it. GARBAGE TIME BORTLES.

  5. UGH. If your qb is breaking rushing records you have the wrong qb. But Bortles is still 10x better than other running qb who played his high school ball in Jax.

  6. Stop the Jags blow-up. They’ve made post-season only because The Sheriff, Tom Coughlin, came to town. If Tom Coughlin had not shown up in Jacksonville, then the Jags would still be laughing stock. This is a lesson in Humility people because Coughlin’s arrival meant that players-had-to-play ball, including Bortles, or lose his job. They should have Tom Coughlin show up in Cleveland, and see what happens — this ain’t no joke, peeps!

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