Giants promote Davis Webb to second-string quarterback

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The strange saga of the Giants’ quarterbacks is taking one final turn in the final game of the season.

The Giants are promoting rookie quarterback Davis Webb from third-string to second-string, ahead of Geno Smith, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports.

That means Webb, who hasn’t played at all this season, could get some snaps behind starter Eli Manning in Sunday’s regular-season finale.

When former Giants coach Ben McAdoo benched Manning for Smith, it raised the obvious question of why, if the Giants were making a change, they would go to Smith instead of to the rookie who could use some experience. Now the Giants seem ready to give Webb a chance to get some playing time and to see what they have in their third-round draft pick.

21 responses to “Giants promote Davis Webb to second-string quarterback

  1. Are we eliminated from the playoffs yet ,the league stinks so bad I think with a Giants win and a Browns loss we are in !

  2. Makes sense. Geno Smith is clearly not the Giants’ future (or anyone else’s for that matter). They drafted Webb for a reason so with literally nothing to lose Sunday besides draft position, why not see what he’s got in live action?

  3. If Webb is ready to play, he should be the starter. Everyone knows Geno is awful. Eli is probably done with the Giants. Why not see what you have with Webb before you decide whether to take a QB in the draft or sign a free agent.

  4. Ain’t nobody beat out Geno lol Geno is a better QB than Fitzpatrick and all the other 2nd-stringers that exist in the NFL. Stop the hate. If Rosen, Darnold or Mayfield don’t want to challenge themselves in Cleveland, then Geno should start in Cleveland. Let Geno play one more 16-game season and see what the kid has got in his tank, will ya!

  5. Good thing Eli sat a few weeks back in favor of Geno. Or else the New York Football Giants wouldn’t have known to promote Davis Webb.


  6. >>A day late and a dollar short. Or 6 weeks too late.<<

    Totally agree. Eli should have been benched for Davis Webb weeks ago. Davis Webb may not be the future either but give him a chance to show what he can do. Eli has proved to us he can't do anything unless he's protected like the Mona Lisa.

  7. Lack of foresight on the part of the Giants. After the 0-5 start Webb should have been getting fast-tracked to the back-up role. Instead, they stuck with Geno (Geno did nothing wrong but at 0-5 the season was already lost….time to see what the 3rd round rookie was made of) until WEEK SEVENTEEN.

  8. now the Giants want to see what they have in Webb?
    Should have let him finish out the season when they benched Eli.
    We all know what Geno was, is and gonna be in the NFL–clipboard holder.

  9. They should draft one of the top college QBs. It is not often that a team can draft near the top and teams like Houston are paying for their failure to draft a QB when they have one of the top picks.

  10. Davis Webb never took a single snap under center in college – he was 100% shotgun. Can’t do that in the NFL. It has probably taken him this long just to get the footwork down for under-center dropbacks. When he was drafted, Webb was noted as a project – cannon of an arm, but needed to learn the pro game. As for putting him in sooner… if a quarterback with two rings and 14 years of experience reading NFL defenses couldn’t perform behind this offensive line, a rookie who never took a snap under center would be running for his life the entire game.

  11. Webb played under the same program at CAL as Jared Goff. The myth of not being able to play in the NFL just because he played Shotgun in college ought to be put to rest.

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