Sam Darnold: I’d be honored to play for any team

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UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen drew attention this week for saying that he’d “rather be a lower pick at the right team than a higher one at the wrong team” because it bucks the typical answer from a potential draft pick about being happy to play anywhere.

It also came on the heels of a report that Rosen is hesitant about declaring for the draft because he doesn’t want to play for the Browns. That’s something that was also reported about USC quarterback Sam Darnold earlier this year, but Darnold denied that was the case and gave a similar answer when asked Wednesday about the possibility of playing for the Browns.

“Whenever I come out to go to the NFL, I think I’d be honored to play for any team,” Darnold said, via “It’s been a dream of mine for such a long time to play in the NFL. Any team that would want to give me that opportunity to be a part of their organization, it would mean the world to me.”

Darnold has not announced his intentions for the draft at this point and there’s sure to be a lot of debate about whether he or Rosen is a better prospect if both of them leave school early. On-field production will be crucial to how that shakes out, but it won’t be a surprise to see some views, anonymous or otherwise, touch on how the two quarterbacks have responded to the question of where they’d like to be as a professional player.

13 responses to “Sam Darnold: I’d be honored to play for any team

  1. My translation of Josh Rosen says, “I’d rather play for a team that did not trade away a pile of high picks to get me. I have seen what happens to QBs that play behind a crappy O-Line.”

    The Browns have a couple of good O linemen. If they draft a couple more so injuries don’t destroy them, then it might not be a bad place.

    He doesn’t want a team that will trade a handful of 1sts and 2nds to draft him.

  2. Going 1-31 with any NFL roster requires a massive amount of incompetence… Hue Jackson should never be more than a positional coach again.

    With a new coach; you can expect a massive turn around. With Jackson, you can expect all of those young players and draft picks continue to fail to reach their potential.

  3. Darnold to Cleveland and Rosen to NY Giants. This is like Elway not wanting to play for Baltimore Colts and Eli Manning not wanting to play for Chargers. Rosen doesn’t want to play for a lousy organization.

  4. Is Rosen good enough to start for the Browns? The answer is no. Give him a year or two and the answer will still be no..

  5. Whether he actually believes that or not he’s smart to say that. For that reason alone I’d rather have Darnold than Rosen. Not to mention that Rosen will probably be out of the league in two years due to concussions.

  6. Would prefer Mayfield for the Browns, but this was a smart comment by Darnold. Once the Browns get rid of Clueless Jackson, they’ll turn around rapidly. Look at the Rams with a quality coach! They already have a number of good players, and with the next draft, should have their QB and even more.

    Rosen argues with his coach, makes unnecessary political comments, is frequently injured and fails to lead his team to victory. Sounds like Kaepernick. Predict he’ll be a bust for any team foolish enough to pick him.

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