Texans are probaby going to need another quarterback this week

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The Texans are likely going to need another quarterback this week, giving the NFL one final chance this regular season to ignore Colin Kaepernick.

Via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans are discussing whether to add another backup to T.J. Yates.

Backup Taylor Heinicke suffered a concussion while Yates was being tested for a concussion last week.

We’re talking about that right now,” Texans coach Bill O’Brien said. “Obviously Taylor’s in the protocol, but we haven’t made a decision on that yet.”

The Texans already have Deshaun Watson and Tom Savage on IR (among many others), and Heinecke was the only other quarterback on the roster last week.

They’d likely just drag Josh Johnson or someone in, since he was there earlier and “knows the playbook,” which is of course important for a 4-11 team.

But they certainly need one, since Yates was sacked six times in Monday’s loss to the Steelers, and they were a heartbeat away from having to put wide receiver Braxton Miller back at his college position.

20 responses to “Texans are probaby going to need another quarterback this week

  1. Why does Kapernek’s name always come up. In this case he would have 2 days to learn an offense and then try to execute. How come no one brings up RGIII – he’s out of football and probably a better QB than Kap.

  2. Their season is over, they just need a warm body back there to take the hits for one game and no point in offering more than league minimum for that. If Kaepernick is willing to do that he does become the best candidate. But I dont think he is. It’s not going to play well as a chance to ‘prove himself’ between him not being familiar with the team and how beaten down the team is the deck will be too stacked sgainst that. And if they offer it to him he then has to publicly refuse an offer that sort of blows up his position.

  3. At his point in the season…. why not just let Miller do it. See what he has as a QB as far as versatility. He could be your 3rd string QB, 4th WR, and special teams player. OB loves versatile players.

  4. how about one final chance to ignore RGIII? or Manziel? Stop it with the Kaepernick BS… NOBODY CARES!!!

  5. I don’t remember who the interview was with, but Braxton Miller said he switched to WR in college because the injury he suffered rendered him unable to play QB anymore. If that’s the case people need to stop suggesting he should play NFL. People will site Edelman as being a 1 game back up QB, and that might be fine, but Edelman didn’t switch positions because of injury.

  6. Kaeperneck is never going to play in the league again. No team wants that kind of distraction on their team. Not to mention a majority of fans think Kaeperneck is trash.

    Can’t blame people for trying to get a sub par quarterback who turned full time SJW onto a roster. It would feel like winning if that happened. Better than the constant feeling of losing when forced to deal with facts.

    Oops, went against the narrative, this post will never make the board.

  7. The reason Kaepernick will never play again is Kaepernick isn’t interested in playing. In the SJW world, being a martyr is far more important. Kaep’s had all season to change the narrative and let everyone know he wants to play. He could’ve put training videos on social media and given interviews about being dedicated to the game, but he chose to stay silent. Add in that he began a vegan (lost way too much body mass) and sued the NFL, it’s clear that he willingly dug his own NFL grave. By next season, he’ll be nothing but a distant memory, just like the kneeling protests.

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