How high up will Bears changes go?

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It’s becoming a given that Bears coach John Fox will be getting a pink slip after Sunday’s game against the Vikings. The bigger question is whether the terminations will extend above him on the organizational chart, and if so how high?

There has been little talk of G.M. Ryan Pace not surviving a purge of the coaching staff, presumably based on the notion that General Managers typically get to hire two head coaches. However,, Pace’s predecessor, Phil Emery, didn’t have that luxury; Emery hired Marc Trestman, and Emery was fired with Trestman.

Here’s something that could be a clue. Most of the non-playoff teams already have commenced the process of negotiating with practice-squad players the futures contracts that can be signed after the regular season ends.  As one league source explained it to PFT, the Bears haven’t.

If Pace also goes, the next question is whether ownership will take things another level higher, moving on from long-time team president and CEO Ted Phillips.

Very few expect that to even have a chance of happening. An accountant by education, Phillips has been a Bears employee since 1983. In 1999, he became only the fourth president in franchise history, and the only one not part of the Halas or McCaskey families. Those facts alone make it highly unlikely that the team would make a change so significant. At some point, however, the Bears need to ask whether the person hiring struggling General Managers and head coaches should be replaced.

In the 32 years since winning the Super Bowl in 1985, the Bears have been to the playoffs 10 total times. Since Phillips became CEO in 1999, the Bears have qualified for the postseason only four times.

Others will have to decide whether that’s good enough for Phillips to continue in a position that, for 18 years, has escaped the same degree of accountability that has applied to multiple General Managers and head coaches. But it’s fair to at least ask whether the team has done enough on Phillips’ watch to justify not hiring a fifth team president in franchise history.

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  1. I think getting rid of Pace would be a bad move. Give the young QB some help and stability otherwise he’s already doomed.

    They do have a run game and defense, but an already thin receiving group was torn to shreds with injuries, they need to see it through for a year or two, they’ve actually acquired some talent.

  2. They. Could. Go. All. The. Way!!!!

    But, they won’t. Pace will stay and finally be able to pick the coach HE wants – as oppossed to Ted “do you like the UFO I crashed into Soldier Field” Phillips, the non-football mind making decisions for the team. Ted makes money for the McCaskeys. He won’t be let go, but even the McCaskeys are seeing the results of letting the bean-counter make the calls. This will be the Ryan Pace show from here on out. Good or bad.

  3. as a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, i fully endorse the cleaning house thoughts. clean everyone of them…CEO, Pres, Vice Pres, Secretary Pres, GM, Asst GM, Head Coach, Asst Coach, O/D Coordinator, Strength and conditioning staff, Janitorial Pres, Concession Stand Organizer, Parking lot clean up crew, Equipment Manager, Scoreboard operator, PA announcer, Stadium Event Staff, Grounds crews, Team Shop cashiers, vendors, and anyone else that currently works for the Chicago Bears. Just keep about 10-12 of the current roster of players while we are at it.

  4. Virginia Halas McCaskey all the way down…..we need someone who really wants to win. Remember the Bears have to support the McCaskey family.

  5. I wish nothing but the best for the Bears. They’re a storied franchise, and it’d be nice for both the Packers and the Bears to get back to dominating the NFC North again.

  6. I would think they give Pace another Head Coaching hire. Undoing the damage done by Emery/Trestman wasn’t going to happen overnight and the Bears do have some talent. If they can just get healthy and give Trubisky an Offensive minded coach, they may contend sooner rather than later.

  7. Without question Fox has to go. Phillips also has to go.
    However, I see Pace keeping his job, as he has done some pretty good things so far, and I feel he will build the Bears back up to glory again. I also believe if Pace hires a good coach, and has success, he will be the GM for a long time.

  8. As long as the McCloskey family, descendants of Papa George, run the show, the Bears will be mediocre, and this is really quite sad because in a very real sense they ARE pro football.

    But the family will continue to treat it and run it as the cash cow it is, while the fans (in some cases 5 generations back) suffer through mediocre season after mediocre season.

    And that is sad – the fans of Chicago deserve better.

    A Pats fan.

  9. John Fox is a terrible coach. He always appears to be looking around the stadium as if he is trying to find something. Also he has to look down at his transmitter on his hip to find the button to call the play in to the quarterback. You would think after all these years he would know where the button is.

  10. Emery had a better record than Pace. He was also a longtime Bear employee and was STILL fired at year 3. Pace MUST GO. He should’ve been fired after his last draft that every analyst killed.

  11. Gotta laugh at the Packers giving advice on this site! They need to worry more about their own coach and GM being BAD. `

  12. Pace has wiffed on his first two…..first round draft picks. One more year will tell if Mitchell is the real thing and Pace paid a lot to get him. Right now, I have no confidence in Pace for the first round.

  13. The Bears need an actual football president who knows the game to be making decisions. Ted Phillips has been a constant at the top of the organization’s front office and is equally to blame for the team’s failures. He should stick to the financial side of things (contracts, extensions, salary cap, etc) and bring in guy who knows the game who can help Pace identify talent. Pace has been hit-or-miss in both the draft and free agency and the team still has no clear-cut “stars” on the roster. Trubisky COULD be that but they need to overhaul the roster around him. Fire Fox, re-assign Phillips, hire a real football president and get this organization out of the basement of the league.

  14. fcoprado says:
    December 28, 2017 at 9:46 pm
    Da’ Bears have never had an elite QB to build around.

    there is only 1 Joe Flacco

  15. ionlyrootforthewinningteam says:
    December 28, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    Next owner of the Chicago Bears: President Donald Trump
    Considering how incredibly well the economy with multi-decade lows in unemployment (lowest ever for Hispanics)and 3%+ growth rates quarter after quarter after 8 years of none is doing after his cuts of Regulations, taxes and bad deals he would make the Bears a winner in a year guaranteed. Truth hurts. Cry more.

  16. I’d like to see Pace go, he’s made a few good moves but also made some pretty bad ones that set this rebuild on a slower pace than it should have been. Unfortunately he’s been learning how to be a GM and not really being a GM for most of his time here. It was obvious from the start he had no idea how to rebuild this franchise. Ideally the McCaskey’s sell the Bears, but that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

  17. I can’t understand the never ending loyalty to Ted Phillips. He is the one constant through all this time of disaster. The Mckaskey’s are not going to sell the team, but they should at least look into what has been a constant. Sweaty Teddy. Loyalty is one thing, but if you think that this guy is so integral take him out of all football operations. Pay the bills and that’s it. A football president should Be, a “football guy”.

  18. Well…all the players, and the coaching staff, and the front office, and officials of the town around them, and their state senators and congressmen, and the governor, and their us senators and congressmen, and the rest of the federal government and on up to….replace the president.

    Then maybe they will have some luck.

  19. exinsidetrader says:
    December 29, 2017 at 7:21 am
    ionlyrootforthewinningteam says:
    December 28, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    Next owner of the Chicago Bears: President Donald Trump
    Considering how incredibly well the economy with multi-decade lows in unemployment (lowest ever for Hispanics)and 3%+ growth rates quarter after quarter after 8 years of none is doing after his cuts of Regulations, taxes and bad deals he would make the Bears a winner in a year guaranteed. Truth hurts. Cry more.


    Even though it won’t happen – I was being serious, no sarcasm in my original post.

  20. The guy who looks better and better in hindsight is Jerry Angelo. Wasn’t perfect but gave Lovie a loaded D and a solid run-based D. Lovie squandered some of that window with terrible coaching staff moves—namely DC and OC. At the end of the the Lovie era everyone in Chicago could see the roster aging and not getting refreshed with quality draft picks. You had an old Urlacher, Tillman, Briggs, Mike Brown, etc. with failed attempts to replace them. And the Cutler trade, followed by overreaches on guys like Julius Peppers and Jared Allen. Their salary structure was like a mushroom. Emery came in and made it worse with bad decisions at every level—coaching, FA, and the draft. This is what Pace inherited, while having no management experience. All in all I think he’s shown promise. Many of his ‘busts’ were due to unpredictable injuries. And he stuck with Cutler too long. I think there’s a solid foundation and he (and Fox) are responsible for that. The w-l record is a bit misleading because they are way more competitive now than they were under Trestman. As a fan since the Pardee years, I’d like to see Pace Get a chance to hire his own HC and build players around Trubisky.

  21. The Bears are a small (minded) business compared to it’s large market comrades, except the Bears are the founding franchise of the NFL, the cornerstone.

    Hire Jim McDonough from the Blackhawks as your new President/CEO and hopefully he can get Jim Harbaugh out of Michigan to run the teams coaching and personal departments. Let the Harbaugh find a Personal director for scouting that reports directly to him and be done with it already.

  22. What’s with the Packers fans love fest for the Bears? I guess they’re getting cozy there at the bottom of the division. They should… looks like they’ll be jockeying for 3rd place for years to come.

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