Judge dismisses motions seeking to end St. Louis lawsuit against Rams, NFL

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A lawsuit against the Los Angeles Rams and the NFL by the city of St. Louis was allowed to proceed after a judge ruled against dismissal motions on Wednesday.

According to Mike Faulk of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Circuit Court Judge Christopher McGraugh denied motions to dismiss 85 defendants and a motion alleging lack of jurisdiction. The dismissals allow the case to move forward as St. Louis seeks breach of contract in the team’s decision to relocate to Los Angeles last year.

“This ruling is another step toward holding Stan Kroenke and the NFL accountable for conspiring to swindle the St. Louis area out of the NFL team we supported with our hearts and our tax dollars,” St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger said in a statement.

The lawsuit alleges St. Louis lost out on millions in tax revenue with the team’s departure. It also alleges fraud and illegal enrichment in the various claims against the Rams and the league at large.

10 responses to “Judge dismisses motions seeking to end St. Louis lawsuit against Rams, NFL

  1. St Louis, you are a baseball town, not a football town. Your stadium was almost as old as an aging warehouse. Rams belong in LA Plain and simple.

  2. Not shocking that a state court judge located in St. Louis would rule against the Rams.

    Perhaps if County Executive Stenger and the St. Louis government had fulfilled it’s contractual obligations to upgrade the Edward C. Jones dome things would be different.

  3. Funny that the Chargers and Rams are in the bottom four in home attendance this year. I’ll give the Chargers a pass since their stadium is ‘super small’. BUT obviously the Chargers stadium size isn’t really the issue. The NFL has been obvious in their desire to return to the LA market for DECADES. The LA teams left LA for a reason. The NFL has been blind to the facts:
    1. LA will NEVER support a nfl team.
    2. Two teams in the LA market will NEVER be sustainable.
    3. Moving NFL teams from loyal markets has alienated hundreds of thousands of fans. Examples include the Browns, Colts, Raiders, Chargers, Rams. Soon to be the Bills. All storied franchises.
    4. The nfl is now completely unwatchable. Flags, flags, flags upon replay review that can’t even get it right.
    5. ‘The Guise of player safety’. Are you kidding me? Look NOBODY wants a player to get hurt. I’m sure everyone can agree on this one point. BUT my god. How can Defenses separate the ball from the ball carrier/receiver without drawing a penalty let alone the ‘what the hell is a football move’ or catch?
    6. Too many rules that contradict each other. Point and case is the Jesse James (or whoever it was) catch against the Patriots. Once upon a time once the ‘ball crosses the plane’ it’s a TD. PERIOD. Anything that happens after is inconsequential. And no I’m not a Steelers fan. Just bringing up ONE example of many that has happened this year. It’s just stupid that it’s come to THIS.
    7. Let them play! Again flags from the zebra. Ticky tack Pass interface penalties are KILLING nfl football. There is obvious PI and then there is battles between WRs and DBs. I’m not saying that the DBs should be able to ‘mug’ WRs BUT let’s be real. WRs get away with waaaay too much ‘hand grabbing’ that goes the Offensive’s way. Just let them play football!
    8. Goodell. Nuff said.
    9. Over saturation. Just stop the BORING London games and the THURSDAY night games. Nobody likes em.
    10. Stop the franchises from moving to a ‘bigger’ market. This is so short sighted. THESE markets are what put the nfl on the map. THESE markets are what brought the NFL to where is is. THESE markets are what brings communities together. It’s what cities LIVE for. Quit screwing over loyal customers and everything will taycare of itself!

  4. Does anyone know what thr PSL owners got in St. Louis? Were they entitled to seats in LA or bought out?

  5. With this the NFL will never again consider St. Louis for a franchise. Lost two teams by failing to show up to games and keep the stadiums up to par with the rest of the league. Now they are suing the league. Interesting strategy for those STL media clowns who seem to think the NFL will award the city its third team.

  6. This isn’t about getting a football team back in St. Louis. The NFL is done with St. Louis and St. Louis is done with the NFL. This is about the $18 million or so wasted on trying to keep the Rams, a small refund for PSL holders and not letting Stan Kroenke buy Rams Park for $1.

    I think its best if the NFL and the Rams throw $50 million or so at St. Louis so that their dirty laundry doesn’t get aired.

  7. We are wasting millions with this lawsuit. We got lucky when the rams left as those tax dollars can be allocated towards schools, roads, etc–not some soccer stadium.

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