Malik Jackson apologized to Aaron Colvin for sideline altercation

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Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Malik Jackson apologized cornerback Aaron Colvin for a heated altercation on the sidelines during last Sunday’s game against the San Francisco 49ers.

According to Michael DiRocco of, Jackson apologized to Colvin soon after the incident but also decided to publicly apologize to his teammate on Wednesday.

“I’d like to publicly apologize to AC because that’s unprofessional of me,” Jackson said. “But when things are happening that we’re not used to, we just have to learn how to — not accept it — but be able to learn from it and move on and change what’s going on. They [the 49ers] just got the best of my emotions, and I can’t let that happen as a leader and as a competitor.”

With the Jaguars down 10-0 late in the first quarter, Jackson jumped off the bench and tried to get in Colvin’s face. The two had to be separated by coaches and teammates before Jackson calmed down upon returning to the bench. The loss to the 49ers was just the second game all season the Jaguars defense had allowed at least 10 points in the first quarter.

It led to Jackson’s frustrations boiling over.

“I wasn’t doing what I know I could do, and they were just doing what they wanted to do,” Jackson said of the 49ers.

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  1. When your in the heat of battle and things arent going your way … It happens … That being said that game meant more for the 49ers than it did for the Jaguars. Any other Sunday Jags whipp this team by 30 plus … Jags just got to re-focus and reload for the upcoming playoff run. GO JAGS !!!

  2. Apologies. I don’t recall Mean Joe Green apologizing to Butkus when he spit in his face. Did LT aplogize to Joe T? Tatum to Stingley? Those were acts worthy of an apology. There was a time when you didn’t give aid and comfort to the enemy. Those days are gone. Everyone is quite fragile now. I’ve changed my tune about today’s players. They are bigger, stronger and faster than players from 50 years ago but dayummm. they are sensitive. What’s next? Should the SB winner send a letter of apology to the losing team?

  3. Teams playing the 49ers next year would be well advised to not overlook them like the Jags obviously did. Some real changes happening in Santa Clara, all for the better. A couple of new weapons for Jimmy G and a solid corner or two and a playoff berth is in reach

  4. The hit Jack Tatum made on Darryl Stingley was clean, not illegal. It just had too much force and it broke the WR’s neck. Stingley did not hold a grudge against Tatum. It was just a freak accident that paralyzed him. The two actually met later in life, and neither was hostile to the other. OTOH, the tackle that Cliff Avril made on Tony Romo (breaking a bone in his back) was definitely not a clean one. It was a preseason game, and there simply was no justification to rough up a QB that way Avril did.

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