49ers bummed Rams resting star players

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Here’s how quickly things change in the NFL.

The Rams are good enough that they’re parking starters this week in anticipation of the playoffs. And the 49ers are disappointed to hear that because they suddenly feel like they have a chance.

With the Rams locked into a home game as NFC West division champs but unable to reach the No. 2 seed, they’ve announced their intention to rest players including quarterback Jared Goff, running back Todd Gurley, defensive lineman Aaron Donald, and left tackle Andrew Whitworth.

That’s a bummer for 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan, whose team has won four straight with quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm.

“It is a little bit,” Shanahan said, via Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports Bay Area. “I’d like them to have everyone out there. I think our guys would, too. But it is what it is. We have to make sure that doesn’t affect us. You got to line up and play whoever you play. If you lose your edge at all in this league, you’ll get humbled very fast.”

The 49ers have played with plenty of edge lately, and just gave the playoff-bound Jaguars a punch in the mouth last week, scoring 44 on the league’s best defense.

So while they might be playing the Rams JVs Sunday, it sets the stage for next year, and could represent a significant torch-passing in the NFC West, where the Cardinals might end up with a new coach (despite Bruce Arians’ non-denial denial) and the Seahawks are on the verge of a significant personnel makeover.

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  1. It was great for the NFL in the 70s when the SF 49ers and LA Rams were a real rivalry, but we’re not back there yet and the Rams have no bye and this is the right move to rest some starters.

  2. Reality check: “You are what your record says you are.” (Bill Parcells) Sorry to rain on everyone’s PR parade, but the 49ers are… 5-10. Garoppolo should definitely improve their team next year, but meanwhile, how about if we refrain from crowning the 49ers as should-have-been 2017 NFC West Champions?

  3. Kyle Shanahan would be doing the exact same thing if the positions were switched on Sunday. So his comment as to it being disappointing is baloney. As for passing of the torch, The Rams are the NFC West Champs and they did so by going 11-4 in 15 games and proving it on the field. The 49ers aka Whiners are a 1-9 team that hit a hot streak in December. The Rams have bigger fish to fry as in the NFC Playoffs and are not going to risk valuable starters to make Shanahan feel better.

  4. Reality check: “You are what your record says you are.” (Bill Parcells) Sorry to rain on everyone’s PR parade, but the 49ers are…
    4-0 with Jimmy G at QB. Next year they will have him for all 16 games.

    I think that is what you meant to say?

  5. .
    Call off the “word police”. I read the entire transcript of the Shanahan’s press conference. He was very complementary of the Rams and in no way was disrespectful. He’s just like any other coach who wants to fairly compete against his opponents best.

    The Browns may win on Sunday vs Pittsburgh, however they’ll do it with Roethlisberger, Bell and Brown sitting out. I would tone down the bragging in that scenario.

  6. You can call them 5-10, but FIVE of those losses were by 1, 2, or 3 points. Right now I’m not sure which team would win with both playing their starters.

  7. the LAmbs are trying to delegitimize a likely 49ers win, using it as an excuse if they lose. LOL Next year the Niners will be legitimate contenders for the division crown.

  8. There is really little difference between a 6-10 team and a 13-3 team. the 49ers were 6-10 under Mike Singletary in 2011. The next year they were 13-3 under Jim Harbaugh, with basically the same team. They had the best record in the NFC and came within a couple of lost fumbles of going to the Super Bowl. Similarly, the 49ers were 6-10 the year before they won their first SB ever under Bill Walsh. The difference in one case was coaching, and the difference in the other case was quarterbacking. Joe Montana became the starting QB after Bill Walsh benched Steve DeBerg.

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