Dave Gettleman plans to move forward with Eli Manning

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The Giants held a press conference with new General Manager Dave Gettleman on Friday and it didn’t take long for Gettleman to field a question about quarterback Eli Manning‘s future with the team.

After Gettleman wrapped up an introductory statement that promised “brutal honesty” in his dealings with the team, the first question from the media was about Manning. Gettleman called himself an “inveterate” film watcher who hasn’t been doing much of it since being fired by the Panthers, but still gave a hint as to where things might be headed.

“Eli’s won a lot of games,” Gettleman said. “A great competitor, very intelligent. He and I are gonna talk and if what I saw in Philadelphia was not a mirage — and I don’t believe it is — we’ll keep moving.”

Later in the press conference, Gettleman was asked to confirm that he expects Manning to start next season. He said yes and then went on to say that doesn’t mean the team won’t take a quarterback in the first round because “you can never have enough good players at a position.”

Manning went 37-of-57 for 434 yards, three touchdowns and an interception in a home game against the Eagles a couple of weeks ago and went 35-of-47 for 366 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions in the first meeting of the season. Those are the only two times Manning has thrown for more than 300 yards this season and the only two times that Manning has thrown three touchdowns, so Gettleman’s film work may lead him to a different conclusion.

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  1. Whether Eli starts in NY next year or not, the biggest measure of a QB isn’t necessarily how many yards he throws for. You have to look at the total picture. W-L, Comp.%, TD-INT, passing yds, YPA, rushing yds, etc.

  2. Hopefully the Giants can play the Eagles for all 16 games. Eli will go to the pro bowl and the Eagles will go 16-0 and then break their fans hearts with an early playoff exit.

  3. I was listening to the presser on the radio, and at times, Gettleman’s voice fell off so drastically, I was wondering if he was gonna make it through the thing. At first, I thought it was him leaning away from the mic, but it continued throughout.
    He labeled himself as a “communicator”, but he’s not a very good public speaker – and in this business, this market… you can’t be a “non-talker” with the media and fans.

  4. If the organization believes that Webb can be groomed, then take the stud tackle out of Oklahoma with the #2. Trade Beckham for a high draft pick before he implodes and get a stud LG – like the one out of Notre Dame. If Richburg and Pugh come back and Flowers can play RT – where he should have been in the first place – then the G men can be relevant again next yet. But if Eli’s the starter and he gets the protection, then the occasional boneheaded decisions and overthrows have to stop. Whole lot of ifs and maybes here, however.

  5. Gettleman can get it done. Give him a chance and he is an original NY Giant. He did a great job in Carolina getting them out of cap hell. Gettleman knows how to draft smart players. The NY media and fans need to give him a chance and presently the only direction the Giants can go is up.

  6. Dave Gettleman wasn’t a flashy pick for Big Blue…exactly what I expect from the Giants…

    McAdoo was a surprise, it didn’t work out and they certainly won’t do that again…

    Gettleman understands the Giants need to pick their next QB…he can and will address the front line after that point…

    Again, a traffic cone cane replace Flowers…

  7. Eli is a 2-time Super Bowl winner/MVP but the Giants are just depleted. Other than OBJ (when healthy) and JPP, there are no stars on this team. The Jags, with Fournette et al., is already primed for annual post-season berths. It would be wise for Tom Coughlin to convince Eli to join him in Jacksonville. Gettleman should begin rebuilding the Giants, just as he did with acquiring Cam, L-U-K-E, McCaffrey et al. for the Cam-rolina Panthers.

  8. Am I crazy or is it NOT a great indicator of what ELI has left when you are basing it off of success against one team and one D-Coordinator? Isn’t it possible that Eli just happens to have a comfort level against Schwartz that he doesn’t have against anyone else at this point? If I’m GM of the team I’m not sure those 2 game against one team would be my guide going forward.

  9. “Eli’s won a lot of games,” Gettleman said. “A great competitor, very intelligent. He and I are gonna talk and if what I saw in Philadelphia was not a mirage — and I don’t believe it is — we’ll keep moving.”

    What part is not a mirage, the meaningless stats in one of 13 losses (and counting) or his 10-17 lifetime record vs. PHI?

  10. You can put money on him drafting at least one defensive lineman. For those Giants fans looking for the team to move on from Flowers, he won’t. LT was the biggest need in Carolina during his entire tenure.

  11. Compared to other QB’s of his era, i.e. Brees, Carson Palmer, Rivers, et al, Eli, though with a high QB I.Q, has been throwing “paper planes” for the last few years. Given the O Line, running game and up until this T.E. has been non-existent, when the ball has to be drilled into a tight spot, Eli just can’t do it.
    Best case which won’t happen: How about a draft pick (not #1) and some players for a trade for Jimmy G., age 26 and a winner. NYG knows what they will be getting instead of rolling the dice with a 1st round QB draft.
    Just compare the arms of NFL’s top tier QB’s to Eli. Also, in addition to obvious needs, under the radar…NYG has to overhaul special teams.

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