Jim Schwartz could be the next big hire in New York

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With the Giants hiring G.M. Dave Gettleman only days before the window opens for interviews of assistant coaches whose teams earned bye weeks, the Giants likely will move quickly to begin talking to candidates whose teams will be playing in the divisional round. The ultimate question of who they’ll hire could be secondary to a more important point — do they already know who they want to hire?

Many believe that the search for a new G.M. began with the end in mind, and that Gettleman was the choice all along. If that’s the case, it’s fair to wonder whether consultant (and former Giants G.M.) Ernie Accorsi knew who he hoped to pair with Gettleman from the get-go.

The name that keeps coming up in this regard is Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Although Schwatz and Gettleman have never worked together, the Accorsi connection would be the thing that puts them on the same page. Beyond Schwartz and Accorsi having a common tie to Maryland, it’s believed that Accorsi leans heavily on advice from Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It’s also believed that Belichick has advised Accorsi to recommend that Gettleman hire Schwartz.

Some regard Belichick’s recommendation of Schwartz as an effort to keep offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and V.P. of player personnel Nick Caserio in place for another year. The Gettleman hire necessarily keeps Caserio in New England, which in turns makes McDaniels far less likely to leave for the Giants. By selling Schwartz to Accorsi, Belichick set up a one-two combination that didn’t entail McDaniels or Caserio (or both) from leaving for what would have been, for them, a very attractive job.

Of course, no one knows whether Belichick recommended Schwartz in order to ensure that McDaniels and Caserio would stay. But it would be human nature for Belichick to want to keep his football infrastructure in place for as long as he can. Based on the other jobs that come open in the coming days, it’s possible if not likely that McDaniels and Caserio once again remain in New England.

Which brings the topic back to Schwartz. Though the Philadelphia defense surrendering more than 500 yards to a depleted New York offense 12 days ago may not be a good look for Schwartz, the inability to make quarterback Eli Manning look like the Eli of recent months could make Schwartz more inclined to go along with the apparent plan to try to keep Eli around, at least for another year.

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  1. Matt LaFleur should get an interview. He’s been the QB coach or OC of some pretty Impressive offenses. Super Bowl offenses. If I were a GM I would definitely want to have an exploratory conversation with him, and see what he’s about.

    Forgot all these retread coaches.

  2. Maybe Belichick is the one leaving after the season. Leaving McDaniel’s and Caserio to finish off the Brady years. Just got a feeling something huge is going to happen with the Pats holy trinity of Kraft – Belichick – Brady. Something is brewing and it has to do with the Garoppolo trade. I hope it’s not true but this could be the last run at it for coach and QB.

  3. Schwartz was a 1st time head coach in Detroit. At the time he took over an 0-16 team. He turned that team into a playoff team in 3 years.

    I believe Schwartz got run out of town for 2 reasons. 1) The fan base sunk their teeth into the mantra that the team got so many penalties because they weren’t disciplined enough. That came back on Schwartz and all blame was put on him. These same fans think Caldwell has fixed that problem even though penalties are up. 2) Martha Ford took over the team. Jim isn’t a church-going sort of fellow. I tend to believe Martha wanted more of a Sunday type of teacher in charge. I have no proof or evidence of my 2nd hypothesis being correct – That’s just a guess.

    Schwartz did a great job in Detroit, especially for it being his 1st HC gig. The Giants would be lucky to have him. A lot of Lions fans will say otherwise but…I’m not too impressed by the intelligence of my peers in that regard.

  4. codylaws says:
    December 29, 2017 at 12:33 pm
    Schwartz had his chance and how did that turn out?

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    To be fair, Rooney Rule hire, Martin Mayhew, as GN when he was there and Mayhew didn’t know there was a thing called the salary cap.

  5. Wow, there’s a whole lot of bootstrapping going on in this post. First, the “it is believed” that Belichick recommended Schwartz. Then, bootstrapping that into a premise that he did in fact recommend Schwartz and using that premise for speculation about machinations regarding his staff. I respect Belichick, but in some people’s minds he seems to be some kind of modern-day Machiavelli, able to manipulate practically everybody in the entire NFL.

  6. As an Eagles fan, I don’t know why they wouldn’t draft a successor to Eli (how often do they get to pick this high in the draft?) and hire the Eagles QB coach, DeFilippo. The guy has worked with Carson Wentz and helped him from FCS QB to a superstar.
    He was blocked by the Eagles to be hired as an OC for another team last year, but his contract is out this year.
    After the success of McVay in LA, I would assume guys like DeFilippo would be in demand (young QB Guru).
    I like Schwartz, but I think being a solid DC is his ceiling.

  7. I’m not even sold on him as a DC let alone head coach.The Eagles were a good fit for Schwartz and they have big time talent especially their defensive front and it will take years for the Giants to implement the wide 9 he teaches. NY is not a patient place.

  8. codylaws says:
    December 29, 2017 at 12:33 pm
    Schwartz had his chance and how did that turn out?

    McDaniels had his chance, and how did that turn out?

  9. The Eagles probably hire Spags away from NY after that? Which wouldn’t be much of a falloff….

  10. The greatest coach of all time “Hue Jackson” There’s still time to grab him !!!

  11. I think he deserves another shot, but I’m not sure this is the fit for him. I was actually thinking that Jacksonville job or Buffalo would have been great, but he’s kind of a facetious type of personality that wouldn’t seem to go well with that shark tank NY media market. People bringing up his record seem to be clueless. You epople do realize that he inherited a 0-16 team that was maybe worse than the current Browns roster wise don’t you? The only big issue I would have of him as a head coach would be his Detroit teams’ discipline, which was also an issue for his Titan defenses at times.

  12. Wow. Kraft and BB must have just given Caserio, McDaniels and Patricia all raises.
    whatever Belichick makes, he’s underpaid.

  13. I don’t know. If you guys want to bring up Schwartz’s tenure as a head coach, I don’t think you’d want to do the same for Josh McDaniels…

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