Joey Bosa fined $18,231 for roughing the passer

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Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa has picked up 22 sacks over his first two NFL seasons, but a near miss against the Jets last week will hurt his bank account.

PFT has confirmed that Bosa has been fined $18,231 for roughing quarterback Bryce Petty in last Sunday’s 14-7 win. Bosa was a beat late getting to Petty and then drove him to the ground in a manner that usually draws a flag from officials.

The penalty came on a third down incompletion intended for Jermaine Kearse and pushed the Jets into the red zone with four minutes left in the game. The Jets wound up turning the ball over on downs four plays later, so the penalty didn’t wind up having a great impact on the outcome.

Chargers safety Rayshawn Jenkins was also fined $9,115 for an unnecessary roughness penalty on a first quarter punt.

3 responses to “Joey Bosa fined $18,231 for roughing the passer

  1. The flag thrown on this play was one of the worst judgement calls I have seen in the NFL. Bosa was within 1 yard of the QB when the ball was released, did not dive at the QB, never left his feet at any time during the tackle, and hit the QB chest high, all well within the letter of the law. Meanwhile an opposing player, early in the game, purposefully lifts Rivers completely off his his feet, and pile drives him into the ground, and no flag is thrown. The moron commentators for the game talked right through the incident with hardly making a note of it, and the guy is not even fined. Here is a great big ‘MIDDLE FINGER’ to the NFL and its worthless, seemingly ‘paid off’ refs.

  2. Tolesco ‘dumped’ Eric bowl this year. Tolesco ‘dumped’ Josh Lambo for Koo Kan’t which cost them more than 1 win. Tolesco drafted the fragile and questionable Mike Williams who’s done nothing this year instead of offensive tackle Ramczek who’s playing well for the Saints. With this poor General Manager performance and the disastrous move to L-a-L-a-Land the Chargers are going nowhere this season.

  3. and when I say ‘dumped’ what i mean is he took some chances with average players and they didnt all work out. weddle is a good player, not great. loud mouthed little dude that misses a lot of tackles and wanted way too much money.
    MW hasnt worked out, nor did Koo – but all in all I support Telesco and his moves. I certainly couldnt do any better, especially with my pea brain!
    Let’s Go Chargers Today! I am your biggest fan! Bring home the prize guys!
    No need to Fight for me – im already yours forever Bolts!

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