Titans rule out DeMarco Murray

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The Titans will play their final game of the regular season without running back DeMarco Murray.

There were reports this week that Murray was unlikely to play after hurting his knee against the Rams last weekend, but the Titans maintained that there was a chance Murray would be able to go on Sunday. That continued after a report saying Murray suffered a third-degree MCL tear, which is an injury that would take the suspense out of the question because it would all but rule Murray out by itself.

Friday’s injury report didn’t confirm the severity of Murray’s injury, but it did end the team’s attempt to keep the question open. Murray has been ruled out and will miss his first game in two years with the Titans.

Murray’s absence will put Derrick Henry in the spotlight as the lead back against the Jaguars. If the Titans win, they will advance to the postseason. If they lose, they’ll need the Bills and Chargers to lose if their season is going to extend beyond Week 17.


5 responses to “Titans rule out DeMarco Murray

  1. The funny thing is when the press asked Mularkey why he was playing Murray with a torn MCL, he said that that was the first he’d heard of it.

    Maybe if the press informed him that Henry is the better back the titans might’ve made the playoffs.

  2. What a shock! Torn MCL and he is ruled out. Regardless of what Mularkey said, if Murray really had a full thickness MCL tear, no medical physician in North America was going to clear him for full contact football.

  3. This is great news. If Murray could even play at 50%, Mularkey wouldn’t of been able to help himself and play him. Now Tennessee have a 100% Derrick Henry who is the Jaguars kryptonite. Jalen Ramsey is having nightmares already thinking about meeting him one on one again.

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