Davante Adams should have waited it out

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Usually, bad news gets tucked into the late afternoon hours of a Friday. For Packers receiver Davante Adams, it was a good-news dump, at least on the surface.

With one game left on his rookie deal, the just-turned-25 Adams signed a four-year, $58 million extension, with an $18 million signing bonus and a $32 million payout over the first two years. Yes, it sounds great. But what was the rush?

It’s one thing for Adams to sign a contract like that in Week One, when he had 16 remaining games of injury and performance risk. With Adams ruled out for Sunday’s game, the hurdles had been cleared toward the open market.

At a bare minimum, he should have waited until the deadline for the franchise tag came and went. Maybe they wouldn’t have used it on him, maybe they would have. The only way to know for sure would have been to wait until the window for using the tag closed.

If the Packers had tagged him, Adams would have made, based on the expected increase in the cap to anywhere from $174 million to $178 million, a one-year, fully-guaranteed salary of anywhere from $16.32 million to $16.7 million. Given that his new deal averages $14.5 million, why not wait to see if the tag gets applied?

Also, before taking the bird in the hand from the Packers, why not see what other teams would pay? Sure, it’s tampering for them to say so, but at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis the tampering is rampant. Adams would have known whether some other team looking for a No. 1 receiver would have paid as much or more for his services.

Yes, there’s something to be said for the bird in the hand. Again, that mindset typically applies to NFL players when there are games to still be played under their current contracts. For Adams, it was just a matter of waiting for March.

Then there’s the fact that Adams currently has a concussion. Although playing football with a concussion and making important business decisions with a concussion may be two different things, it’s arguably a bad look to expect players with concussions to properly weigh the risks and rewards of taking an offer or waiting for a better one.

The fact that the player has an agent makes it less awkward. Still, it’s odd that Adams would decide with no games left to be played to take whatever the Packers were putting on the table now. Even if they huffed and puffed that the numbers would drop if Adams didn’t take the deal now, the reality is that if that much money was on the table months before real deadlines arrive, even more would have been on the table later.

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  1. What if his concussion takes a few months to recover from, what if he has a car accident, tears up his knee slipping on ice?
    It’s risk/reward, maybe he figured the risk of illness/injury between now and March didn’t outweigh the reward of tens of millions now.
    Only you can make it sound as if being one of the highest receivers in the game is a bad deal for the young man.

  2. What’s another million when your going to make 58 of them. Maybe he wanted to ensure he’s catching passes from Rodgers for the rest of his career instead of some mid tier QB.

  3. Okay, this has gone too far. It’s one thing to schill for the players time and time again (if they can get more money, so be it) like an agent – which from the sound of it you’d love to be – but this is disgusting. Not every person cares to extract every stupid and unnecessary penny possible! Adams clearly wanted to stay in GB where he is comfortable and has one of the all time great QBs to enjoy working with, and clearly he is satisfied with the money he will make. That should be the end of the discussion! And remember, the NFL is a zero sum game, so every dollar Adams left on the table is a dollar more than can be spent on someone else, helping the team win. Last I checked, playing in the NFL is more enjoyable when you get to win. Good for Adams for having a point at which he is satisfied with his payment, and shame on you for urging anyone to seek more payment than desired.

  4. He just agreed to make over 50 million and gets to play with a future Hall of Fame QB but yet this know it all author thinks he should have waited just like he said Gruden was going to Tampa!

  5. He’s catching passes from a future 1st balot HOF. Its worth take a million dollarca year raise. If he stays healthy, dude will put up 1100-1300 receiving yards a year & he’s a touchdown magnet.

  6. Davante Adams has an agent that advised him on this deal. Despite the tampering rules, that agent was surely aware of the rough market for Adams. For a guy that never posted 1000 rec yards in a single year, it’s a darn lucrative deal. .

  7. Not every person has the same motivations in life. Adams just signed a contract that should secure his family for life, he gets to stay on a place where he is comfortable, and gets to play with the best QB in the league. Somehow that is a bad thing now? Seriously congratulate the guy and move on.

  8. Teams looking for a #1 receiver? Huh, the barney’s claimed he would be a #3 on their squad. Good for you #17.

  9. The reason Adams jumped on this is that he’s already had 3 concussions. No doubt that was a factor in his decision. A couple more of them and his career will be history. So he took the 18 million and will have that no matter what else happens. It’s a big gamble the Packers are taking with him from that perspective.

  10. The continued use of yards-per-season as the standard of greatness for WRs is both overvalued and not 100% relevant in today’s game. Sure, it’s important to be an offense that is able to move the ball between the 20s….but outcomes in the RZ are primarily where teams win games on both the offensive/defensive side of the ball. Davante is #1 in the NFL with 22 TDs since the end of the 2016 season. The concussions were the wild-card IMO, as to whether or not the market would have rewarded him, long-term, with a better contract. Good signing for both sides, but not without risk for the Pack.

  11. To answer the question of why sign now; it would be instructive to look at Greg Jennings’ football career when he left Green Bay and 12 for a few dollars more.

  12. Because Adams realizes that there isn’t a contract available that would materially change his standard of living above what he’s getting from the Packers. No one would be able to give him another 100+ million which is what it would take to raise his standard of living above what he’s getting now. May as well stay with a HOF QB rather than get money that doesn’t matter with some scrub.

    Also – the Packers stuck with him when he didn’t perform all that well either. Loyalty still means something to some people.

  13. When a company offers you 32 million bucks to stay in a good situation, you take it. Football life is short and can change in a heartbeat. You don’t risk anything in a sport like that, especially making sure your family is taken care of for generations.

  14. Maybe, just maybe, he wanted to stay with the Packers. At some point what difference does it make if you get $58M or $60M. I applaud that he didn’t go gold-digging for every last penny. It’s funny how this site will criticize someone for holding out for more money then when someone doesn’t try to squeeze every last penny out of someone they are criticized to not making as much as they could. It’s not like you can’t live for the rest of your life with ‘only’ a $58M contract.

  15. Three things: no GB receiver has left Rodgers and performed better. Second, he’s had two concussions this season. Last, GB front loads their deals so Adams is likely to get most if not all of the money from the deal while other teams backload their offers to make them look better than they really are.

  16. $18M guaranteed and another $32M coming in 2 years is a lot of money. Enough to give away in fact and if he invests even mildly well – his kids will be wealthy as well.

    What is this obsession with squeezing every penny when you have become a multi-(deca) millionaire?

  17. It’s not always about the money! Some men care more about winning than paychecks. His name doesn’t even need to be typed. You all know who you’re thinking about right now….

  18. Ted Thompson at his finest again. That’s valuable money that should have been thrown at the defense but I love that it wasn’t! The Packer teams of the late 60’s all the way to 1992 are back on the horizon in GB as long as TT is there. Keep up the good work. Skol Vikings!!!!!!

  19. A team invests a lot of money in a player giving him financial protection for him and his family, yet he should have been more selfish in the hope for more?

    Loyalty seems to be a rare commodity these days. It’s somewhat ironic how it’s the media who usually condemns a player for demanding more, and yet here we have the same media condoning greed by suggesting that Adams should have waited for more.

  20. Maybe, just maybe he likes it in GB.
    That and if you remember, there’s an old saying
    “A Bird In The Hand Is Worth 2 In The Bush”.
    Now accept it and go away ! The kid is tough as nails to take the illegal hits he did and still get up to walk away.

  21. Maybe look at his yards after catch. He is worth every dollar, especially this year playing half the year with a second string QB.

  22. You sure it isn’t because agent fees are still deductible on taxes and they won’t be in 2018?

  23. The top end price for WRs is about to go up with Beckham’s deal looming, so this may very well be a below market deal for the Pack. As to Adams, with his history of concussions and relatively slow development, this deal gives him plenty of long term security. But most important, he gets to play with Aaron Rodgers. Not too much to be criticized about this deal.

  24. I’m a big Packer fan, but I don’t think he was worth it, so he made the right decision. If the Pack franchised him he makes 16 something, with this deal he makes substantially more the first year. I don’t think he was worth it unless the Pack can bail in an advantageous way. He looks kind of frail for a wide out, and he has the kind of injury history that ends careers quick like several other Packers. But who can argue with the Packer brass, they don’t make mistakes.

  25. Davante Adams got well paid.
    Maybe he likes where he is too.
    I suppose he could have taken the risk of forcing a franchise and playing for 1 year under the tag.
    But if he declines, or gets hurt he’s out.
    And its not like he’s not getting good WR money.

  26. This is a good deal for Adams and a bad deal for the Packers. Adams is a good receiver but with the concussions already piling up he may not have a long career in the NFL. As far as packers front loading contracts, see Clay Mathews salary cap hit for 2018. Nowhere near the money the pack will have to pay him for a handful of tackles per year. The roids are catching up to him. He can’t stay on the field.

  27. It will be interesting to see if Cobb, Nelson, and Matthews edo their deals to free up some cap space. Morgan Burnett is the next one up for a contract.
    Plus the Pack awaits the decision from NFL offices on the Marty Bennett contract dispute.
    If the Packers win that challenge it frees up $4mil in 2018 and 6.5 in 19.
    I suspect they will and get $4 mil back in cash from his signing bonus.

  28. Wow!?!?! Most over paid WR in NFL. Why pay him so much??? Is it because of those 1000 yard seas… or those 80+ reception sea… oh because he’s a packet and Aaron Rodgers throws to him.

    Wouldn’t be a starter on the vikings that’s for sure..

  29. Um did you not hear him? He said he was playing nowhere but with the packers and he wanted a good contract but also wanted to help the team to where they could still spend money

  30. And go and play where? Cleveland? Either of the New York “teams?” He has a good situation in Green Bay with a Hall of Fame quarterback. Accomplishment obviously means more to him than a few extra bucks. He’s one of the Packer People that Ted Thompson drafts and re-signs.

  31. Spotrac hasn’t posted the full contract deal yet. Let’s wait to see how the yearly salaries are arranged before all you armchair GM’s make comments. OK ? Who knows. with an $18 million signing bonus it might actually have very low salaries the 1st 2 or 3 years.
    And he’s only 25 so he has a lot of time left on those legs. Once he gets the rock the kid has moves.

  32. First off, I can’t stand the fake names on here, where you claim your a packer fan, but actually just being dumb. Same goes for the guys that claim they are Viking fans, but really just a disgruntled packer fan.

    Now on to the Adams signing. GB has 3 very good wr’s locked up now. All 3 are smart enough to know they are good, but not Julio jones, or randy moss good. So take the good money that’s offered, because your playing with a shoe in HOF QB, that will make you better than good.

    I do have some concerns about this. Is this a TT deal, knowing he’s on his way out the door, and a way to hurt GB salary cap, or a way to put his stamp on things? Because GB is going to be a bit tight on money, and won’t have what they need, to bring in some big help on defense. Which is something they really need now. That’s a lot of money spent on 3 wr’s. And GB will need some sort of a formidable defense to stop other teams. Can’t win everything just by putting up 42 pets per game.

  33. For once a Player shows that it’s not about greed and perhaps loyalty is important. Perhaps he’s also aware of the money they will need to address the defense too. Perhaps he’s a Team player and a really good guy

  34. To assume his agent wasn’t shopping him all year is foolish. To assume his agent didn’t know the market for him in FA is foolish. Lots of assumption here by Florio who doesn’t realize the work the agent is doing year round. Adams is a little over paid here. He will be a paid like a top 5 wide out and he is not that, not even top 10. This isn’t about loyalty or some other feel good story some fans want to make it. This was more than likely the best deal he could get and FA might even proved to be less fruitful.

  35. I’m all for the Gumbys paying the highest salary to a receiver who is about 20th in the league in receptions and yards.
    Unless the league office has assured the Gumbys that the salary cap rule doesn’t apply to them.
    You know. Like the IR rules don’t apply to Rodgers and the Gumbys.

  36. If you had read Adams’s comments you’d know that negotiations were in progress for a long time. Maybe he likes being thrown open.

  37. I agree with Taylor Foster.
    He would have ridden the pines because of the superior talent of Laquan Treadwell, Condarelle Patterson and Troy Williamson – ha, ha!

  38. Tough likable kid, good young receiver. Glad the young man got that contract. But come on already with all the “hometown discount” talk. He is now the 4th highest paid receiver in the league and three Packers receivers’ salaries combine for about $35 million next season, over 20% of their cap.

  39. Taylor Foster says:
    December 30, 2017 at 2:36 pm
    Wow!?!?! Most over paid WR in NFL. Why pay him so much??? Is it because of those 1000 yard seas… or those 80+ reception sea… oh because he’s a packet and Aaron Rodgers throws to him.
    Wouldn’t be a starter on the vikings that’s for sure..
    Steffon Diggs has 14 td’s in three seasons. Davanta has 22 in the last two seasons (including a half-season with Hundley throwing him the ball). Diggs also never had a 1000 yard season, and he acts like a tool. Now Jennings and Wallace, I’d say the Vikes know overpaid wr’s so maybe you are on to something. But one guy being overpaid (arguably) doesn’t make the guy on your squad any more talented.

  40. He should have waited and gotten more money,after the greedy Republicans in Washington decided to enrich themselves and their zillionaire backers with over a billion in taxpayer money,money that could have gone for our crumbling infrastructure they need every tax dollar they can get and Adamns waiting for more money would have been great for the IRS also.

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