Giants fire longtime personnel executive Marc Ross


New Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman isn’t wasting any time making significant changes, on the roster or the front office.

Gettleman fired longtime V.P. of Player Evaluation Marc Ross today, bringing a surprisingly abrupt end to Ross’s 11-year tenure with the Giants.

Ross ran the draft for the Giants for many years and oversaw the scouting the Giants had done during the 2017 college football season, so some would have expected Gettleman to keep Ross around through the draft. But Gettleman wants to do things his own way, and so Ross is out.

It’s the second time today that Gettleman has made a surprisingly abrupt move to bring change to the Giants. He also cut starting right tackle Bobby Hart.

23 responses to “Giants fire longtime personnel executive Marc Ross

  1. regaliaimagewear says:
    December 30, 2017 at 1:11 pm
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    How many Super Bowls has Gettleman orchestrated?
    I looked it up myself. One appearance. But I also remember specifically that he was a bonehead by getting rid of Josh Norman. It would seem he did not understand when a team is on the verge like the Panthers were-YOU DONT MESS WITH THE KEY PLAYERS THAT GOT YOU THERE!!! The next year that one stupid pig headed move taught him a valuable lesson. Don’t be an a$$ trying to show your power. You are there to win Super Bowls period not be some fat head full of yourself.

  2. Carolina is in a pretty good cap situation with some good young players so yea I think he did ok there. Redskins gave Norman big money and that has done what for them?

  3. Offensive line coach Mike Solari just wanna let you know if I find somebody better we are gonna move in that direction !

  4. Gettleman getting rid of Norman was a great move. Carolina is back in contention for a SB while the Redskins have a 30 year old CB making a tin of money on the downside of his career, while his team is no where near playoff ready. With cap issues they might not be able to sign their QB as well. Redskins got fleeced by signing Norman.

  5. Dorsey needs to make moves in Cleveland, otherwise the 2nd worst team in the NFL is going to steal the headlines.

  6. Based on recent Giant drafts, Ross should have expected this. Why continue bad drafting? prime example – Eli Apple.

  7. Wow…Gettleman has barely had time to even put a stapler and tape dispenser on his desk and he’s already making big time moves. Guess he’s trying to show everyone who’s in charge.

  8. Gettleman is being paid to win, so he’s getting rid of the guys that drafted the players that played so well, they were awarded the #2 pick. Gettleman isn’t messing around with immature guys either. He got rid of Josh Norman. Now Carolina is in the playoffs again, and Norman’s Redskins are not. He’ll get rid of Odell Beckham and Eli Apple, and anyone else who’s not serious about winning. Don’t blame Gettleman. That’s what they’re paying him to do. Remember folks, the object is winning. At least the Giants are serious about winning.

  9. regaliaimagewear says:
    December 30, 2017 at 1:11 pm
    How many Super Bowls has Gettleman orchestrated?
    I think 3 would be the answer. He was a key player in getting the players for the last 2 SB wins for the Giants, then went to Carolina, cleaned up a cap mess and drafted well, getting them to another SB. Certainly deserves a chance to do things his way.

  10. Who were the great players Gettleman drafted? lol The previous GM Hurney had already drafted Cam Newton, Thomas Davis, Josh Norman and Luke Kuechly.

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