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The best way to conclude a search in the preferred destination is to set the parameters of the process accordingly. And if the Giants have predetermined that Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz will be the next head coach of the team, the best way to get there is to make it known that the Giants want to hire a coach with experience.

That’s precisely what they’ve done. Via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY, co-owner John Mara said Friday that the team is looking for a coach who has been a head coach in the past. At a minimum, the Giants want someone who “has been a coordinator for a significant period of time.”

Schwartz fits both bills, thriving as a defensive coordinator in Tennessee, Buffalo, and Philadelphia. And then there’s the fact that he coached the Lions for five years. Sure, the team went 29-52 on his watch. But he inherited an 0-16 squad that had few bright spots on it.

Vacchiano lists other potential candidate who fit the parameters, from Texans coach Bill O’Brien (if he doesn’t stay in Houston) to Patriots offensive coordinator/former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels (the thinking in league circles is that he won’t take the job if it’s offered to him) to Buccaneers defensive coordinator/former Falcons coach Mike Smith to Steelers offensive coordinator/former Chiefs coach Todd Haley (who for whatever reason can’t generate interest in a second stint) to Vikings offensive coordinator/former Browns coach Pat Shurmur (whose 9-23 record in Cleveland suddenly looks pretty damn good) to pipe-dream candidates like Jim Harbaugh and Nick Saban.

The hiring of Gettleman on Thursday means that interviews can commence as of Monday with Schwartz, McDaniels, Haley, and (if the Vikings secure the No. 2 seed in the NFC) Shurmur. Which suggests that the Giants hired Gettleman on Thursday so that they could get a jump on talking to one or more of those four. Which continues to point the compass in the stock toward Schwartz.

Of course, it’s no surprise that the Giants want a coach with experience. Most teams who have just fired a coach typically look for a replacement who is in one or more ways the opposite of the guy who just got dumped. Ben McAdoo was not previously a head coach, and he’d spent only a couple of years as a coordinator before getting the promotion.

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  1. Don’t forget to throw in the token Rooney rule candidate.
    You know the guy from the Fritz Pollard Alliance is watching closely. He’s just waiting to launch a complaint.
    Please can we stop the Rooney rule craziness? It’s not advancing the minority cause. It’s making a mockery of fit. Poor Louis Riddick. He’s always paraded around in front of the media every time a GM job is open. I feel bad for the guy because he keeps taking the bait. He’ll get a job eventually but let’s save the guy some face and not have him be a symbol of how the Rooney rule is failing the cause.

  2. I still do not understand why anyone would be interested in Jim Schwartz. Did his whole tenure as the Lions head coach get forgotten? That team under his watch was young, talented, but entirely undisciplined, even when it came to the basics of tackling. That is a coaching failure.

  3. If I had to guess it would be Schwartz. When he was GM of the Panthers Gettleman hired Ron Rivera an ex Eagles LB coach who worked under the late Jim Johnson. If they give Jim a few years to get the players he needs to make the wide 9 work its not a bad hire.

  4. How is the thinking that anyone would turn down the offer? It is the NEW YORK Giants, a team with great history and in a huge media market. If someone were to turn it down, I doubt any other team will offer that guy a HC gig. If you lack the confidence to face the NY media, you probably won’t make a very good leader.

  5. If I were them I’d hire the Vikings offensive or defensive coordinator as head coach. Shurmur is a great offensive mind who has learned from two really good offensive head coaches and the defensive coach is doing a great job there too.

  6. Some assistants are better as assistants than head coaches. Maybe spin the wheels on Schwartz again but at the same take a look at how the Rams and 49ers approach first time head coaches.

  7. Josh isnt going to the Giants. While Belichick WOULD give Josh the blessing because of Bill’s ties to the Giants, fellow Bostonian Dave Gettleman was name GM. Josh is a package deal because Nicky Caserio would probably be the GM wherever he goes. My guess is watch out for Matt Patricia to go to Detroit should Caldwell get fired. One of Belchick’s proteges and fellow mass guy Bobby Quinn is the GM. Belichick would probably give Schwartz’ name good words since Jim worked with Bill in Cleveland. But, i doubt Schwartz would jump to the same division as the Eagles. I hate to say it, because im a Mass guy living in Chicago. I would not be surprised if the Bears go after McDaniels/Caserio, or they act like idiots as usual, and hire Ryan because of the family name.

  8. Continued……JG would not care what team it is, as long as he could clap and pat them on their collective butts, every time they go 3 and out, or allow a 50 yard t/d 😦

  9. The Haley thing is perplexing.

    Won a division title in the middle year of his almost 3 years in KC and got caught up in that ugly thing with the GM who had come from the Pats over bugging his office et al. That GM got the can later.

    Seems like he’d be a good fit for a team with a young QB as he is offensively oriented.

  10. As a Browns fan that absolutely despises anything and everything about NYC, I’d gladly give up Hue Jackson. I’ll even throw Kizer in on the deal, That way you get a great HC ( just ask him) and according to Jackson a very good young QB. Please call up Haslam, and get this deal done.

  11. Josh McDaniels; Mike Shula. I would give Marty Mornhinweg another shot at Head Coach, despite the tough season he had with the Lions as HC — if you have a A+ quarterback, then everything else usually falls into place. Marty, with Andy Reid, won a Super Bowl with Brett Favre, and garnered five (5) NFC Championship berths and a Super Bowl appearance with Donovan McNabb/Andy Reid/Philly Eagles.

  12. Well, according to the four letter networks list of “Bold Predictions”, The Giants are going to land Bill Belichick. Now, I’ve always been a believer in never say never, but in this case, never.

  13. Laughable to think that the Giants would hire Jeff Fischer after seeing the turnaround the Rams had after one season without him. The Giants need an offensive minded coach. OBJ, Sterling Shepard and Evan Engram need to be taken advantage of. Josh Rosen should be drafted as their next QB. If I am the Giants front office, I am doing everything I can do to get Josh McDaniels.

  14. People don’t want Haley for the same reason they are hesitant about McDaniels; not only did the lose as HC but they acted like petulant children while doing it. Same reason Adam Gase won’t get a second shot if he fails in Miami. That in combination that none of these dudes actually played football on a competitive level shortens the level of respect players give them, especially when things go bad. I remember one of Haley’s players actually making fun of him because he played golf growing up instead of football.

  15. Also; wasn’t there a story about Schwartz trying to get the Eagles HC job after the Eagle lost two early games this season and undermining Penderson? Might want to look into that.

  16. A lot of coaches have done better their second time around (Belichick, Carroll), and some did better their first time around (George Seifert, Jeff Fisher). Coaches get better with experience, but the wins and losses are mostly due to personnel. A guy like Marvin Lewis (if he gets fired), Mike Singletary, or Josh McDaniel would make a good coach if he joined a team with a good GM.

  17. If Gase fails in Miami? Gase refuses to build the offense around Landry, gives Ajayi away and brings in a hasbeen/never was QB when the one he had as back up is just as good (bad) or better. Gase is overmatched not only in New England but Buffalo and New York.

  18. I dont know why he would want to leave Minnesota for that mess.
    Same with half the other openings… The Texans, however…

  19. Maybe they can get Simms, he feels he knows more than coaches, while in the booth and in the pre game shows.

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