Cardinals beat Seahawks, who were already out

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The Seahawks were already eliminated from playoff contention anyway.

But Blair Walsh‘s late miss underscored a season of frustration for them.

The Cardinals won 26-24 at Seattle to close strong under backup quarterback Drew Stanton, and knocked the Seahawks out of any chance at the postseason.

The Seahawks came back from some awful offense early to take the lead in the fourth quarter on a Russell Wilson touchdown to Doug Baldwin.

But the Cards drove back for a field goal of their own, and when Walsh missed a 48-yarder with a chance to win, they escaped with the win that got them to 8-8.

The Seahawks (9-7) are facing a rebuild on defense after so many aging stars were injured this year, but they have plenty of offseason problems to deal with.

The Cardinals may be looking for a new coach, as there’s uncertainty about Bruce Arians’ future. And with Carson Palmer and Larry Fitzgerald getting up there, they aren’t far from a reset of their own either way.

46 responses to “Cardinals beat Seahawks, who were already out

  1. Seattle’s season was over at mid season. When you have the absolute worst OL and OC in the league, there is no season. The front office needs to clean house and start over. Despite all of the injuries to the defense, the offense is not able to play at a pro level…and everyone sees that.

    Best of luck to all teams in the playoffs!

  2. Minnesota Vikings fans are drinking our Hawk tears. The decision to let Hauschka go and sign Blair Walsh was perhaps the most head-scratching personnel move of the Pete Carroll/John Schneider tenure.

  3. You know the funny thing about being the MVP, you have to be good enough to take your team to the playoffs.

    Wilson got more garbage stats to keep the fans fooled into thinking he’s actually good. Just above average at best, can’t win without a top 3 defense.

  4. Bruca Arians has gotten more out of a poor roster than anyone in the NFL. They win close games, they’re always ready to play…all because of BA. Steve Keim has done him No Favors with his inability to draft and hit on 1st and 2nd round picks

  5. That slamming sound was the window officially closing on the shehawks (cough) ‘dynasty’ (cough, cough). Nighty night little 12’s, your nonsense won’t be missed during the playoffs, you made a team that was fun to watch impossible to cheer for.

  6. Vikings fan here, Blair Walsh misses a key field goal. Let me be the first to say…


    Sorry, I had to do that. Good luck with your kicker search.

  7. Awww, I guess all the games count. Too bad the 2013’s “dynasty” ended before it could ever begin. Arians owns Seattle.

  8. winning is really good but i wish we had been the deciding factor in them not going to the playoffs. still weeeeeeeeee.

  9. Yes Blair Walsh isn’t a winning kicker. But to prove how horrible NFL play has been this year, Russell Wilson led all QB’s in TD’s, with 34. It’s been a bad season for Seattle. Let’s see what the front office does. But their first step should be to fire OC Darryl Bevell…finally please.

    Good luck to all teams in the playoffs!

  10. Dear Seattle

    We tried to warn you about missing the playoffs due to missed kicks in 2016. Instead, you laughed at us. Now you know the exact same fate due to your ignorant hubris.

    Respectfully yours,

    The Arizona Cardinals, who fired their subpar kicker

  11. “But Blair Walsh‘s late miss underscored a season of frustration for them.”

    Again. You are welcome ‘hawks. ~from every single Viking fan.

  12. sidehatchin says:
    December 31, 2017 at 8:26 pm
    Awww, I guess all the games count. Too bad the 2013’s “dynasty” ended before it could ever begin. Arians owns Seattle.
    No dog in this fight. However, isn’t Seattle something like 5-0-1 they’re last six in Arizona? Seems both teams cannot win at home. So if Arians owns Seattle, then Carroll owns Phoenix. Right?

  13. Amazing how loud the Crickets were in Seattle today….? All the news outlet blowhards were predicting a Seahawks win? So, what happened??? 😁

    Not to worry my Northwest Brothers & Sisters. We in Arizona can relate to your pain and embarrassment with the season. We both had our share of injuries and disappointments. However, we have next year! And another chance to reunite in some epic games… Thank you for a great game and participating in the best Division in the NFL. We look forward to visiting you again next year.

  14. Next year, to save salary cap space, the Sea Gulls will sign the kicker who missed those field goals for the Chargers early this season. Blair Walsh will be let go because he makes too much money, not because he is a bad kicker.

  15. I actually felt bad for Hawks fans having to watch Walsh all year. Then again, being a fatalistic Viking fan, at least we won’t have to face him in the playoffs.

  16. Seattle gave this one away. Don’t put all the blame on the kicker. The offense was a joke in the first half. The team had several bad penalties, including two roughing the passer penalties in the 4th quarter. Not to mention conservative play calling on the final series.

    Seahawks and Cardinals have ruled the NFC West for last several years but not any more. Both missed the playoffs this year and are in decline, while Rams and 49ers are improving. Seahawks and Cardinals face major questions going forward and will likely look a lot different in 2018.

  17. Love it, 2012s can’t back up their big mouths.

    At Least you had the guts to show u here. So what, about another month until you are back to telling everyone how you are a lock for the NFC title in 2018? SO much hot air out of the PNW. You are a joke.

  18. kamthechancellor says:
    December 31, 2017 at 9:01 pm
    Lol, you guys are priceless. If I ever wondered where the losers are, it’s in a Seattle thread after a loss.


    Says the troll…
    The lack of self awareness is incredible.

    Part of the reason people love to hate on Seattle is their fans are not only sore losers, but even worse, sore winners.

    So the schadenfreude is absolutely real here.

  19. What a great new year’s present…. the 12th morons are done for the year. Just proves you can’t scream your way to the playoffs. Now you can all look forward to 6 months of rain and gloom until the sun comes back out in Seattle

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