Cowboys blank Eagles 6-0 to finish with winning record


The Cowboys aren’t going to the playoffs, but they did finish with a winning record. It marks the first time since 2009 that they posted back-to-back winning records as they went 9-7 in 2008 and 11-5 in 2009.

The Cowboys, 13-3 last season, finished 9-7 with a 6-0 shutout of the Eagles in an ugly, uninspiring game for both teams.

Philadelphia, having already clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, sat many of its starters. Quarterback Nick Foles played the first quarter and might as well not have. He went 4-for-11 for 39 yards and an interception in four series.

The Eagles gained only 219 yards with two turnovers, seven punts and seven penalties. They were 2-for-11 on third down and 0-for-2 on fourth down. Backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld went 18-for-22 for 128 yards. Eleven Eagles players caught at least one pass, with Mack Hollins‘ three catches for 25 yards leading the team.

The Eagles (13-3) will get a bye week to regroup.

The Cowboys will get the offseason to regroup after a disappointing non-playoff campaign.

They gained 301 total yards and scored their first touchdown since the third quarter of Week 15. Dak Prescott completed 17 of 30 passes for 179 yards, with his 20-yard touchdown pass to Brice Butler with 12:19 remaining the only score of the game.

Ezekiel Elliott had 27 carries for 103 yards but came up 17 yards of 1,000 after serving his six-game suspension.

Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey, who entered the season as the NFL’s all-time most accurate kicker, missed an extra point and a 23-yard field goal. He has not returned from a groin injury as the same kicker, having gone 8-of-13 on field goals and 10-of-12 on extra points in the final five games.

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  1. WOW. The cowboys could only muster up 6 pts against the Eagles 2 nd. and 3rd. Team’s. You have a lot of work this off season jerrah. Zek couldn’t even get to the 1000 yard mark. Lol.

  2. Jam Elliot had that in 9 games more than any running back you have had . also that was your starters not second and third .Did you watch the game. The only players they sat was your want to be running back who look at the numbers Elliot destroys him. Loser

  3. I keep hearing that the Cowboys are right there, they have all the pieces, etc, it was all because of Zeke missing 6 games. Are we sure about that? They played their starters against the Eagles 2nd and 3rd string and they grinded out 6 points. When was the last time this team looked good? Seriously?

  4. “Jam Elliot had that in 9 games more than any running back you have had . also that was your starters not second and third”

    What? Are you drunk? The Eagles didn’t start 95% of their defensive starters. Guys like Cox played one series. What game were you watching?

  5. Wonder just how much Garrett is missing Romo mentoring Dak, about now??? I do not know If I can even watch him clapping and patting butts on the sideline for another year, after we have gone 3 and out or allowed a 50 yd t/d 😦 😦 My decades long fandom is growing VERY thin (hurts to type that ) Jerry Jones really needs to tune in to the fans……

  6. steelpalace5000 says:
    December 31, 2017 at 4:29 pm
    Jam Elliot had that in 9 games more than any running back you have had . also that was your starters not second and third .Did you watch the game. The only players they sat was your want to be running back who look at the numbers Elliot destroys him. Loser

    Eagles defensive inactives: jernigan, mills, Graham, McLeod, bradham

    That’s 5 starters who didn’t even dress. Tell us again how the cowboys played our starters.

  7. What a brutal game to watch. Eagles fans can hang their hat on the defense in the playoffs, but it won’t matter if the offense can’t score.

    I don’t think outside of Dak that I saw much heart coming from Dallas. I really think they mailed it in. Only 6 points against backups? Come on.

    I would play Sudfeld over Foles in the playoffs. Call me crazy, but the kid is mobile and adds a dimension that Foles can’t. The o-line was terrible today. I also question Foles’ accuracy, as he is high and not on the same page with routes. He did a terrible job checking down to the open man in the first quarter, throwing into good coverage.

    I don’t care which Wild Card team comes to Philly, I don’t see that offense scoring enough to win games with Wentz out.

  8. This game was totally worthless for both sides. First off, the eagles basically treated this as a Week 4 preseason game. Nate Sudfeld? 4th string offensive and defensive players? Dallas was only able to muster up 6 points with their starters playing the entire game… which is pretty pathetic. if the Eagles somehow won this game, everyone on the Cowboys coaching staff would have been fired immediately.

  9. My decades long fandom is growing VERY thin

    Then you are not a fan. Anything short of a move to another city or something criminal by an entire organization should never be enough to push a true fan to make a statement like that.

  10. Sudfeld did the spin move multiple times when he could have stepped up in the pocket. He’s got a long way to go…and that’s from a Foles hater. Foles gives us the best chance to win, which is no chance, really. Our defense isn’t the Vikings, which can keep a game close with mediocre QB play. I hate it but we’re done.

  11. Vikings fans are all over the net saying that this Eagles team doesn’t scare them. {Rollingeyessmileygoeshere}

  12. Eagles fans….did you enjoy your preview of next year?

    2016 Cowboys vs. 2017 Eagles
    -Last place easy schedule. (Check)
    -Young QB catching lighting in a bottle.(check)
    -Weak division. (Check)
    -13-3 (Check)

    Its all lining up perfectly. Now get ready for:

    -One and Done in playoffs.
    -Mediocre season in 2018 when faced with a 1st place schedule.
    -Star player missing/not 100% for multiple games.
    (Eagles fans haven’t realized yet that there’s a good chance Wentz won’t be ready for the start of 2018)

    This is also known as the 2012 Redskins. (minus the 13-3 record)

  13. Cowboys were missing FIVE starters as well. FOUR on defense alone. plus our ENTIRE secondary was rookies.
    You got BEAT at YOUR house also by a INCOMPLETE COWBOYS team! FACT! Just playing whats on our schedule right!

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