ESPN: ESPN employee will be next Raiders coach

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It’s not official yet, but it’s getting there.

ESPN reports that ESPN employee Jon Gruden will be the next head coach of the Raiders. The connection is less premature, given that owner Mark Davis already has fired Jack Del Rio. The connection is still somewhat premature, given that the Raiders will be required to comply with the Rooney Rule before making it officially official with Gruden.

Regardless, Davis likely wouldn’t have cleared out Del Rio if he didn’t think he could get Gruden. And Gruden likely wouldn’t have given the nod of approval to the report that he’ll be the next head coach if it wasn’t a done deal.

Meanwhile, Gruden is scheduled to work Saturday’s wild-card game between the Titans and Chiefs. Given that Gruden is about to take over the Raiders, his former colleague Andy Reid may not be thrilled about welcoming Gruden to practice and to production meetings.

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  1. Have you seen anyone that loves men more than this guy? “Just wonderful, what a wonderful player, he’s a great guy, a good team mate, will do great in life, man I love that guy” Gruden analyzing anyone

  2. What a farce. If i was a black coach I would refuse to interview with the raiders, not interested in wasting time for no chance at a job.

  3. If their is any truth to Gruden having the option to return to either team, it makes since why he would choose the Raiders… A defense with talent, good rb, talented receivers and most importantly an actual “franchise” QB… Possibly a better team than the 1 he started with his 1st year in Tampa!

  4. Another five years of losing.

    And, paying this guy way to much cash.

    Good luck Raider fans.

  5. Rapoport reported that Oakland intends to offer Gruden an annual salary of over $10 million and an ownership stake in the team.

    over $10 million? That’s bad enough BUT ownership? Isn’t that against NFL rules?

  6. I’m pretty sure Andy Reid isn’t worried about anything the Raiders will be doing for the next nine months. The great thing about the Raidrrs historically is no matter what they can screw up a one car parade

  7. Enjoy the taxpayer funded stadium in Vegas, Chucky. The rationale and educated taxpayers of Oakland and Alameda County are stuck with a huge bill thanks to Al and Mark Davis and Raiders. Good riddance, you greedy jerks.

  8. Kansas City should force ESPN to disqualify him. Further, ESPN should release him. He has created a circus that is a firing for cause.

  9. Has to be embarrassing to be a Raiders fan. Fire a bad coach to go after a worse one who hasn’t been in the game for a decade. I hear Tim Brown is available too Oakland. Howie Long is getting tired of the broadcasting as well. Yeesh.

  10. .
    With Jeff Fisher off to the media’s Hall of Fame, this leaves Gruden to assume the mantle of “the infallible teflon coach”.

    Bill Parcells says ” you are what your record says you are”. If so, looking at Gruden’s last six years as Bucs coach, his win totals were: 7,5,11,4,9,and 9. That’s a Fisher like average of 7.5 wins per season.

    BREAKING: The media has just named John Gruden as 2018 Coach of the Year. The vote was unanimous.

  11. Looks like someone is about to have the Rooney Rule Blues. It happens every year.

    Why would a black coach lower themselves to be a token candidate? This league has turned to pure trash.

  12. What’s going to happen to his qb camp show ? When he gets to interview all those quarterback prospects. Let Frank Caliendo take over the show as Jon Gruden.

  13. As a Raider fan, I am disappointed and saddened for JDL and the way his exit was handled. He may have “lost” the team this year, (every NFL team lost some players thanks to #7) but he brought order, class and relevancy back to Oakland. He left it all out on the field and locker room. Good luck Coach Del Rio. You are a class act.

    As a long time Raider fan, I KNEW Gruden would be back someday. We have unfinished business. Get to it and make amends for 2002. The next few years are going to be crazy good and I am looking forward to it.

  14. navyvandal says:
    December 31, 2017 at 10:47 pm
    my question is, does Gruden have what it takes after being away from the game for 10 or so years?!


    Really? He has only been in every team’s facility, locker room and game planning for the last 10 years as an analyst. He is equipped well beyond him leaving coaching the first time.

  15. It’ll be fun to see how much he loves all these players once he starts coaching them again. Gruden is one of the more over rated coaches of all time but he’ll still be an improvement over Del Rio.

  16. Imagine that you really want to hire a coach that you feel can take the team you own or manage to the next level. You’ve waited years for him to become available…but because he’s white you can’t hire him until you interview a black guy. Laughable.

  17. I’m mad at Davis for leaving Oakland, and mad that the tax payers of LV are ripped off.
    Thus …
    I hope they hire Gruden.
    The game has passed him by, he’ll have Oakland at 9-7.

  18. Can’t believe Andy Reid will be too upset. They both already know each other’s offensive strategies since their early days on the Packer’s coaching staff.

  19. Rumor has it he’s trying to get the Jets OC that turned ish into tuna salad with Gannon as his QB coach. Gannon certainly wont go easy on Carr which is what he needs, someone to get him out of his comfort zone and push him. Not this buddy buddy rah rah stuff and Carr wont lack for attention to detail, which is what he complained often about, with Gannon and Gruden.

  20. Some are still hating on Gruden’s years with Tampa, despite the fact he made the playoffs with them numerous times after the Superbowl with quarterbacks like 40 year old Jeff Garcia and Brian Griese.

    He left them after a 9-7 season, and the next year without him they went 3-13. Pretty dang good coaching there.

  21. The Raiders will regret hiring Gruden. He left coaching a decade ago and stayed away because he found an easier way to make a living. Whatever his motivation in coming back, it is not the motivation that made him an effective coach years ago.

  22. I will be interested to see how this works out. Not getting what people see in Gruden. He grates on me and I see him maybe ten days for a couple hours those days.

  23. I heard they already interviewed Rod Woodson, and Jethro Franklin, and also Willie Brown during the game so they have satisfied the rule. Gruden was 40-28 as the Raiders coach, and has a much more talented roster than when he first got to Oakland…He just needs to get the right defensive coordinator.

  24. Mark Davis has hired 3 white men and fired a black man since taking over. Coincidence? Just disgusting he won’t even consider a minority candidate before giving Gruden an offer

  25. There’s a reason Gruden is at the top of coaching wishlists every year.
    The guy can coach.
    Despite some bad seasons in Tampa he was always regarded as a bright football mind, the time away from the game most likely benefited him as he waa a workaholic who probably needed the time off.
    Good move Mark Davis.

  26. Look at all the pathetic losers taking time out of their day to try, and bash the Raiders? Raider Nation rules!

  27. In maybe 2 or 3 years, Jon may be eligible to re-join the FFCA (Fired Football Coaches of America). Don’t laugh – it will happen. People forget that he took the Bucs to 4 – 12 in 2006. Jon is not the elite coach that he is portrayed on the 4 letter network. Is he taking Bill Polian to be his GM? Stephen A Smith his motivational guru? Adam Schefter to be his Special Teams Coach?

  28. “Enjoy the taxpayer funded stadium in Vegas, Chucky”.

    If the Nevada taxpayers wish to finance a stadium, that is their business and no one else’s.

    If Oakland/Alameda county had enough sense to fund a stadium the Raiders would not be going anywhere.

    The Chargers would still be in San Diego if any of the multiple votes to build a stadium had passed.

    The Rams would still be in St. Louis if the city/county government had fulfilled it’s contractual obligations to upgrade the Edward C Jones dome.

  29. McVay in LA and McDermott in Buffalo are all you need to know about hiring HC’s… Gruden has benefitted from “that guy” routine and ESPN at his back, and was a mediocre coach in Tampa, 57 wins & 55 l’s.. but Davis has always subscribed to the “shiny bead principal for the Raiders”, Gruden is nothing more than a shiny bead.

    The Raiders can do better than this, but then who cares..

  30. Won a Super Bowl with another man’s team and is crowned – well, whatever he is. Well, lotsa luck to the Raiders with this one.

  31. navyvandal says:
    December 31, 2017 at 10:47 pm
    my question is, does Gruden have what it takes after being away from the game for 10 or so years?!

    They said the same thing about Dick Vermeil, how did that work out?

  32. gonakgod says:
    December 31, 2017 at 10:04 pm
    What a farce. If i was a black coach I would refuse to interview with the raiders, not interested in wasting time for no chance at a job.

    I see your point but why is it if a team knows a coach, wants a coach and thinks a coach is the best fit for their team must they be forced to interview a less qualified candidate. It’s insulting to the minority coach that they are being dragged in for show. It also put less qualified people into jobs in which they are more likely to fail which exacerbates the problem of being hired their qualifications. Skin color shouldn’t matter, or at least that is what I think Dr King’s message was. Just imagine a league that s 80% one race where teams would be required to draft players of the other race to level the playing field.

  33. This is a case where the Rooney rule is more of an insult. They’ll bring in someone to interview, he knows he’s not going to get the job and the only reason they’re doing it is because of the rule, and then they send him on his way lying through their teeth by saying “we’ll let you know what we decide” when in reality the decision was made before you even got on the plane to come

  34. Not sure when Jon Gruden became a coaching genius, but feel sorry for the Raiders fans out there. The ones that are left after the Davis family abandons you for Vegas.

  35. The Rooney Rule = dumbest rule in sports, promotes racism (favoritism because of race).

    Should be, best person for the job, & entirely up to the owners who they hire like every other private sector out there.

    The skin tone of the players doesn’t matter. Why should it for coaches. I don’t know the actual demographics of the league as a % but, safe to say for most everybody posting on PFT’s lives, the NFL has been dominated by AA’s.

    Why race has to come into the hiring practices of anybody is ridiculous, & divisive.

  36. Gruden will only tarnish his legacy by returning to the sidelines. He is smart enough not to do that. Although some sort of partial ownership deal might lure him back.
    Imagine how much that will be worth when they finally move out of the toilet that is Oakland. It may be more than he can turn down.

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