Hue Jackson is defiant in the face of 1-31

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The Browns officially have hit rock bottom. And they’re apparently making early plans for next season’s dig.

After a lost that dropped the Browns to 0-16 for the season and 1-31 for the last two, coach Hue Jackson opted for defiance.

“I don’t think anyone else could’ve done this job for the past two years,” Jackson told reporters, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

He’s probably right, but not in the way he intended it. It’s unclear what he actually meant; he’s either saying that anyone else (from Belichick to Walsh to Shula to Noll to Lombardi) would have gone 0-16 this year, or Jackson is referring to his ability to survive the internal dysfunction that existed with Sashi Brown as the executive V.P. of football operations.

Regardless, the last thing he should be doing right now is projecting anything other than humility and contrition for putting a loyal and zealous fan base through 31 losses in 32 games.

Then again, with owner Jimmy Haslam already committed to bringing Jackson back, it’s hard to blame him for feeling a little empowered and emboldened. If one win in two seasons gets a third, what would Hue have to do to get fired?

“I don’t think we’re as far away as many people think we are,” Jackson said. People think that only because of, you know, the team’s chronic inability to win games. Again, at some point in today’s NFL, a competent coach can/should/will convert a close game into a win. Jackson simply hasn’t been able to do it.

Meanwhile, if/when Jackson ever gets fired, he should produce a self-help program aimed at advising employees on how to secure the favor of their superiors, no matter how bad the job performance. The buried lede in all of this is that Jackson has managed to persuade Haslam that Jackson should continue as the team’s coach, despite all available evidence to the contrary.

38 responses to “Hue Jackson is defiant in the face of 1-31

  1. 1 and freaking 31 and this idiot is defiant l!!! Dude truly has no clue. Oh well. It’s just Cleveland

  2. So 1-31 is just fine with Haslem. Dorsey should tell him to take the job and shove it since Haslem doesn’t care if they go 0-16 every year.

  3. This is proof that, two years ago when Haslem hired Sashi and company they intentionally planned on loosing for the sake of draft picks. If that’s the case, the organization should have some kind of consequence for fleecing the fans with ticket prices. Too bad they couldn’t come out two years ago and said…look we’re going to tank for two years, during that time ticket prices will be dropped by 75%…!!!

  4. He’s right! No one else with a quarter of a brain could have coached so terribly! Great job Clueless! Even better job Jimmy Clueless. Only thing worse than going 1-31 is retaining the worst coach in the history of the NFL who “led” them to that obscene record!


  5. Sorry, the last paragraph above should have read: “BOYCOTT THE CLOWNS!” Hard to type correctly when I’m cussing at the top of my lungs! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  6. “Meanwhile, if/when Jackson ever gets fired, he should produce a self-help program aimed at advising employees on how to secure the favor of their superiors, no matter how bad the job performance.”

    Except Hue didn’t accomplish that. The fate of the coaches that preceded him did. Eric Mangini, Pat Shurmur, Rob Chudzinski and Mike Pettine all getting fired after 2 years or less on the job is the reason Jackson is safe. As some of us said at the time Hue was hired (and again last year) he was virtually guaranteed to survive 3 years because if he didn’t Haslam would never again get any HC candidate worth a damn to even talk to him never mind work for him.

  7. Garbage Head Coach. Let’s be honest about that. Only a loser organization would not fire him. No one they bring in could do worse (almost literally considering he only has 1 win in two years).

    Look at the Rams’ turn-around after dumping a deadwood coach.

  8. I feel bad for the salespeople responsible for selling corporate sponsorships and season tickets. Why anyone would invest $1 into a team where the owner truly does not care about winning is beyond comprehension.

  9. Im all in favor of continuity but thats an argument for guys liek Chud, Shurmur and maybe even Pettine. I liked Hue as a hire and I will say I am wrong. 1-31 is unacceptable, that deserves a fresh start. And Dorsey, NOT Haslam should make the call. I really think is Hue didnt push Kizer and started Kessler theyd be somewhere between 2-14 and 5-11, not good but not bottom barrel and at least a reason to argue continuity. Not in this case.

  10. Romeo Crennel 24-40….. FIRED

    Eric Mangini 10-22………..FIRED

    Pat Shurmur 9-23…………..FIRED

    Rob Chudzinski 4-12……..FIRED

    Mike Pettine 10-22…………FIRED

    Hue Jackson 1-31….THIS IS THE GUY YOU DECIDE TO KEEP???

  11. Well, that Knight in Monty Python and The Holy Grail was pretty defiant too. Even after his legs and arm were cut off.

    ‘Tis but a flesh wound ‘ !

  12. Hue Jackson does not appear to be an NFL HC; he was overrated as an OC as well. Pretty much everyone seems to realize that, except, apparently, his boss, Jimmy Haslam?! Then again, the owner will never fire himself. Which appears to be the only hope long-suffering Browns fans have…

  13. This guy is a losing machine. The Browns should ask themselves one question–Can Hue get us to and win a Superbowl? I think the answer is obvious and therefore so should be the decision that needs to be made.
    You’ve got some talent and picks for days. Dump the guy and get a winner in there.
    Cleveland fans deserve it. The only thing they’ve had to cheer is that bum egomaniac LeBron and that would be enough for me to turn away from sports all together.

  14. Hue is all bluster and ego. For the record, Hue Jackson has the same number of wins this year as I do. Maybe that’s not fair. Let’s use the last two years. Darn! He’s got me by 1 win in 2 years. One win.

    These players are professional athletes that have played football their whole lives. I think the odds are pretty decent that they could go out there and win at least 1 game with absolutely no HC input whatsoever.

  15. Why isn’t Hue getting fired? The same reason Shanahan will still have a job in San Francisco. He was handed a crap team and told “we’ll build you a winner” to get him to take the job in the first place just for ownership to do the opposite. An NFL owner is actually admitting (literally he’s said it several times) he screwed up and the coach shouldn’t be punished for it.

    IF the Browns actually go for broke in 2018 and Hue can’t win with a team that the ownership actually put money into which we assume Dorsey was brought in to do then you hold him accountable. Until then he’s pretty much Gary Kubiak and we all know how Kubiaks coaching career ended even though everyone wrote him off because of those Texans teams he was saddled with before getting the Denver job.

  16. Somebody please help us.

    Seriously, having a lot of money shouldn’t give you the right to do this to faithful fans.

    Haslam AND Hue are beyond anything I’ve ever seen…..and I thought Hillary was crooked.

  17. Both coach and owner extending their middle fingers to the entire Cleveland fanbase, past present and future. See, in Detroit, WCF *knew* that we would’ve torn him limb from limb had he not fired Millen after 0-16, and we nearly did anyway. The City of Cleveland needs to grow a spine or at the very least invest in a wooden board/something else that doesn’t have the consistency of a wet noodle, muster all of the courage it has and run these fools out of town. I can’t imagine the Detroit sports media or radio jocks or even the homeless people letting an owner let alone a lap dog coach get away with this.

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