Jimmy Haslam reiterates that Hue Jackson will be back


So what does an NFL team that has won one game in two seasons and just became only the second franchise to go 0-16 do next? If it’s a normal, well-functioning NFL team (but for the whole 1-31 thing), it fires the coach. If it’s the Browns, it declares yet again that the coach will be back.

Via multiple reports, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam reiterated after Sunday’s loss at Pittsburgh that Hue Jackson will return in 2018.

Haslam had said the words at least twice before, but G.M. John Dorsey’s initially-evasive response when asked the same question coupled with persistent rumors in league circles prompted no one to believe it.

All due respect to Hue, but it’s inexcusable for any NFL coach in the free-agency and salary-cap era to win only one game in two seasons. The Browns haven’t been consistently blown out, which serves only to highlight the failure of Jackson to make a difference in more than one of 32 games. For the same reason good coaching by Bill Belichick routinely wills the Patriots to close wins, the converse is true when a team simply can’t convert a close game into a victory more than once in two calendar years.

So what should Browns fans do? Easy. Vote with your wallets, and with your hearts. If the organization doesn’t care enough about you to take obviously-needed steps after the worst two-year run in NFL history, you shouldn’t care about it.

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  1. Against Pittsburgh’s backups today, on 4th and 2 with less than 2 minutes left, Kizer escapes a sack, rolls left, and throws to Corey Coleman. Pass hits Coleman in the hands and hits the turf. Game over.

    This team is awful. They’ve spend two years dodging first round quarterbacks and haven’t picked one impact player, save for maybe Miles Garrett. Their best player is a receiver that just came off basically a 2.5 year suspension. Every position group (QB, WR, DL, LB, etc.) is bottom 5 in the NFL.

    I don’t think Hue is great and ditto for Gregg Williams but man, what is anyone supposed to do with this team? The ceiling was 2 wins.

    I don’t think

  2. No problem! Next year with a competent QB the (C) Browns go 8-8! And the Kizerceptor is third string!

  3. The guy is N-U-T-S.

    But once Browns season ticket holders revolt, and advertisers revolt, his tune will change.

    What Browns fans need is what the U/TN fokks did – a strategy on social media to force change.hell, let him hire Schiano…he won more than one game…

  4. Have you watched that roster and what they’re working with? Apparently not. It was the same thing with that 0-16 Lions team. They drafted Stafford the next year and promptly went 2-14. That Lions team had a horrible defense that gave up big plays every week because of its bad drafting by Millen. This Brown team is young top to bottom with a turnover problem mostly committed by said youngsters and essentially no current NFL caliber QB on the roster. How coaching was supposed to make enough of a difference to will them to wins when those are the cards you’re dealt is beyond me. Also as I pointed out when Brown was fired, they know who advocated for who and what in that organization, and I’m guessing they’re blaming Brown and the old scouts for most of it. Cory Coleman, their first pick in that draft with 5 WR draft picks, dropping that pass to end their season is the perfect symbol of the old front office’s failed picks.

  5. They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result ,,,,,I would say this is textbook !

  6. Cleveland should hire me as HC. I can go 0-32 Over 2 seasons. I know I can. And I’ll do it for half of what Jackson is getting paid.

  7. The Owner of this franchise clearly considers fan support as a ” Nice but not necessary” factor in his private NFL ” Club ” …Money apparently is of little concern….Boy are most of us on the other side of that coin.. I would not support this owner in any way whatsoever. db

  8. Why would fans pay for the “product” they put on the field? 1-31… really? Hue Jackson needs to go. It’s embarrassing. Having two 1st round picks for several reasons, they still haven’t been able to fix this problem. Haslam is an awful owner for numerous reasons, but publicly endorsing a coach who is this inept is inexcusable.

  9. This is just like the people of Cleveland electing another incompetent Democrat Mayor — it’s certainly time to try something new if your City is Cleveland and your team just went 0 and 16.

  10. Who would take the job? Haslam needs to stick with someone too long in order to stand a chance of having a decent candidate sign on. The talent was gutted from the team and (hopefully) help is on the way this off season. I don’t think Hugh will succeed, but Jimmy has put himself in his own purgatory with his previous knee jerk decisions.

  11. This is total bullcrap, haslam. I hope you get busted by the fbi. Hue jackson is worst head coach in history of league and youre bringing him back? You deserve jailtime.

  12. Hue is an AWFUL coach who throws his players under the bus regularly and refuses to take any responsibility at all for his team’s continued poor play. Guy is such a joke, I don’t understand why any Browns fans at all would even buy a ticket next year to see this clown show.

  13. How are there thumbs down on jerruhjones post lol. Hue is an absolute mess. He seems like he has no idea what he’s doing and cannot manage calling plays and watching over the whole team. He’s no qb whisperer like he’s been labeled and calls the same “up the middle” play to Crowell 15 times in a row. Kizer flat out blows and what makes it worse is Hue

  14. The Browns just don’t look like a team that can win. At no time today did it seem like they would actually pull the win off even though the Steelers were missing seven pro bowlers from the line up.

    Just not enough talent.

  15. pastabelly says:
    December 31, 2017 at 5:06 pm
    The idiot hires a GM and then won’t let the GM do his job. He has to be the worst owner in pro sports.

    He is. The one time this guy wants to stay committed to a HC it’s the wrong one lol

  16. Haslem hired Dorsey to make those decisions. If he wants the team to get better he should trust the guy he hired and let HIM make the decision on whether to keep the coach. If Haslem dictates to Dorsey that Jackson will be the coach Dorsey will probably wonder why he took the job. It wouldn’t surprise me that if Haslem tells him he has to keep Jackson then Dorsey will tell him to find another GM. Maybe now it isn’t to hard to figure out why the Browns have SUCKED since Haslem bought the team.

  17. With the amount of high picks, the cap space, and a somewhat competent new GM, even the most disgusted Browns fan has to be feeling a little excitement for next year. I think year 3 of Hue is likely a mistake, but the guy did go 8-8 in his only other year as a head coach.

  18. Team is playing with $60 million in unspent cap space. Jackson has them playing hard. He deserves a 3rd season to continue turning it around.

    Consistency and stability are what this team needs, not another restart or reboot.

  19. Hue Jackson is a horrible HC (perhaps the worst in NFL history) with mental instability issues. Haslam is totally out of his mind for insisting upon keeping him. And Dorsey was a fool for taking the Browns GM job when he is prevented by the owner from getting rid of Jackson.

  20. “What Browns fans need is what the U/TN fokks did – a strategy on social media to force change.hell, let him hire Schiano…he won more than one game…”

    What? You think it’s a good idea to start a campaign of lies and distortions and possibly destoy a guys reputation and life? All for what you think will be a better football coach? Anyone who thinks like that needs to seriously take a long look at their life. If this is what sports has become, I don’t need any part of it.

  21. Hue Jackson is not a head coach! The Browns have a lot of problems but Hue Jackson will only make them worse. Front office is a mess. Their image among the team itself is one of doubt and uncertainty….
    What person would want to coach this team with so much adversity. There is talent there but player evaluation over the last decade (at least) has been horrific.

  22. Hue doesn’t have the resume outside of the Browns to make someone think it’s worth keeping him another year.

    What has Hue EVER done at ANY level that makes you think he’s the right guy for this team?

    Nothing, that’s the problem. If a guy like Vince Lombardi came in after what he did with the Packers and went this bad – you’d say “Yeah, but he’s Vince, I know what he can do with good guys – we need to get him good guys and give him time” but there’s NO ONE that can say “Yeah but it’s Hue, look at the pedigree, we need to get him good guys and time…”

  23. Also, Jackson is likely not to survive much past when Dorsey starts shaping this roster. So exactly why would you fire him, hire a new coach to immediately get behind the eightball while you’re doing that, and then pay both coaches? You’re already paying him, so you might as well let him reside over the first year of the team trying to dig out of this huge hole they’re already in dug by the old front office. The current roster is so poor that giving Dorsey a year to catch his breath while the coach takes all of the heat is pretty sound business sense to me because that gives him at least 2 off-seasons to not take the heat.

  24. ‘’All due respect to Hue, but it’s inexcusable for any NFL coach in the free-agency and salary-cap era to win only one game in two seasons.’’

    Except when the front office brings in 3rd tier free agents and spends money like Ebeneezer Scrooge. Sashi and company screwed this coaching staff and KNEW the Browns couldn’t win during the first few years of this experiment. Haslam knew it too which is why Hue is staying.

  25. How absurd. The NFL really needs to step in and do something. McDonald’s would not let one of their franchises perform so poorly. Pittsburgh essentially gets two byes a year having Cleveland in their division. The madness must be stopped. Haslam is clearly just pocketing millions of of a product that prints money while the other teams do all the real work. It’s just not right.

  26. Pretty sure Hugh’s gameplan wasn’t for players to repeatedly drop game winning passes that are right in their hands or for their rookie QB to repeatedly freelance away from the plays called and commit repeated turnovers.

    Pretty sure it wasn’t Hugh’s plan to drop every pro bowler the team had prior to his first season and replace them with other teams castoffs and draft busts like RG3 and Kenny Britt.

    Also doubt it was Hugh’s plan to let the players he did develop into consistent players go in free agency like Terrelle Pryor.

    If you’ve watched the Browns play at all the last two years there is no way you can argue Hugh is wrong. Since no one watches the Browns everyone will argue he is.

  27. “All due respect to Hue, but it’s inexcusable for any NFL coach in the free-agency and salary-cap era to win only one game in two seasons.”

    OK, but doesn’t that require a GM willing to, you know, use the salary cap for free agents? The biggest acquisition was a guy who is a backup QB for the Broncos. That movie “Major League” where the coach and a collection of minor leaguers and over the hill minimum salary players managed to subvert the ownership and win… was just a movie.

    I think they should have won 2-3 games this year, but it’s obvious that the groceries given to chef Hue were missing some major food groups.

  28. “So what should Browns fans do? Easy. Vote with your wallets, and with your hearts. If the organization doesn’t care enough about you to take obviously-needed steps after the worst two-year run in NFL history, you shouldn’t care about it.”

    Damn straight.

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