Jimmy Haslam says he isn’t selling Browns

Rumors that Jimmy Haslam might look to sell the Browns began in the Cleveland business community recently, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. But Haslam shot that down Sunday, insisting he’s fully committed to ownership of the league’s worst franchise.

“I don’t know where that would come from,” Haslam said. “That really aggravates me. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our commitment to the community and team. . . . Our execution might not be very good and I’ll take all the grief for that, but commitment you can’t question.

“So I unequivocally say that’s false and plan on owning the Browns for a long time and turning this franchise around.”

The Browns became the second 0-16 team in NFL history, joining the 2008 Lions. They are only 1-31 the past two seasons and 4-44 over the past three. Since Haslam closed the sale to buy the team, the Browns are 19-70.

“I think it’s . . . ownership, personnel, coaching,” Haslam said. “We can all do better, OK? And I don’t think there’s anybody that would tell you any differently. I know I could do a helluva lot better.”