Mike Mularkey may be coaching for his job today, and even next week

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If the Titans win today, they’re going to the playoffs. If they lose, it may be Mike Mularkey’s last day as head coach.

Mularkey could be out if the Titans fail to make the playoffs, or even if they make the playoffs but lose in the wild-card round, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

When Mularkey got the job, developing quarterback Marcus Mariota was supposed to be his No. 1 priority. Instead, Mariota has gone backward. Last year he threw 26 touchdown passes and nine interceptions; this year he has 12 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

The Titans haven’t made the playoffs since 2008 and haven’t won a playoff game since 2003. Although Mularkey’s 19-21 record as head coach is a marked improvement from his predecessor Ken Whisenhunt’s 3-20 record, Tennessee wants to see more progress.

15 responses to “Mike Mularkey may be coaching for his job today, and even next week

  1. they need to play to mariotas strengths. spread the field w shotgun and 4 wr keep henry in back and let mariota run around and find the open guy. his mobility is his strength and he is so accurate on the run. trying to keep him bottled up isnt maximizing his abilities that you drafted him for. i think that josh mcdaniels will be tenns next coach anyways.

  2. Put whatever your personal max play is on the jaguars moneyline. Im not sure the titans players will even try to win and save this mans job at this point…they all know hes a lame duck with a dinosaur philosophy. They dont want the playoffs.

  3. If your a titan’s fan you should you should be hoping for this clown to lose his job. For whatever reason he wants the offense to run through DeMarco Murray and only Murray. At least Derrick Henry will be fresh when he get’s to free agency and away from that mess.

    Murray had a torn MCL and the coach was still going to start him because, well no one knows why. Thank god the press informed him of the injury.

    Everyone outside the organization has been scratching their heads the last 2 years wondering what he was doing.

  4. Agree that the Titans have not played to Mariota’s strengths, which seems to have stunted his growth as an NFL QB, and has likely contributed to the beating he’s taken since coming into the league. Mularkey doesn’t seem like the optimum HC for this QB.

  5. Mularkey is living in the 1960’s where the ground and pound running attack worked. They’ve since altered the rulebook to make it easier for the passing game to thrive. Mularkey has an elite young QB, who’s perfect for this era, yet he refuses to take advantage of the rulebook. I loved Vince Lombardi in the 60’s and Don Shula in the 70’s, but I’d be watching the way Belichick is doing things today, if I were coaching. It’s December 31st, 2017. Wake up, or move aside!

  6. Eagleswin – I’m sure you have no ill will towards Murray since why would they run the offense thru a guy last year who had almost 1300 yards rushing, over 50 receptions and 12 tds. Yea I bet that aftertaste Murray left you with has nothing to do with your thoughts(I use that word loosely with you).

  7. Guy is run first.Young QBS need to throw
    A good running game is a qb’s best friend.

    let mariota run around and find the open guy.
    One name: RGIII. One hit in the knees, busted ACL, end of career.

  8. Guys lol. You may not remember. But I do. Mularkey was coaching the bills in 2004 and needed help and a win against Pitt to make the playoffs. Bills got the help they needed. Then proceeded to lose to 3rd stringers. “History repeats itself”.

  9. Willy cents Mariota doesn’t run like RG111 or nearly as much. A busted ACL these days is not a death sentence, many many players have torn their ACL & have returned and played well.

  10. Titans haven’t lived up to expectations. But at the same time the NFL is a results business and when you lead your team to a playoff spot for the first time in 9 years, you shouldn’t be fired

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