Report: Bruce Arians likely to step down

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Cardinals coach Bruce Arians denied a report that he had already decided to walk away after today’s season finale, but he didn’t say that he’s coming back, either. Perhaps because he’s not.

Arians is likely to step away after the season but hasn’t yet told the Cardinals his plans, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

The 65-year-old Arians has had a number of health problems, and his Cardinals have declined over the last two years and may need to go through a painful rebuilding period. So it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Arians decides it’s time to retire.

It also wouldn’t be surprising if Arians is lured back to coaching, if the right job becomes available. But for now it appears that today’s game will be his swan song.

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  1. Not a cards fan but would be sad to see him go. With a real QB he’s a winnimg coach and they are a winning frachise.

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    With Goff and Garopollo joining Russell Wilson as NFC West QBs, the Cardinals are under extreme pressure to get their QB house in order. They do have some talent on the roster. It’s not a cupboards bare situation.

  3. With the cardinals being in the NFC west I’ve paid close attention to them for a long time. Somehow the media (mostly BSPN) fell in love with Arians and Patrick Peterson. I don’t get it. Bruce refused to adapt his offense to his personal and consistently threw his players under the bus when they couldn’t execute an offense that they weren’t built for. They basically pound the running game and take deep shots in the passing game. Palmer was able to do that for two years and when they had a good line DJ could run the ball. As their line got worse and palmer and Fitzgerald got older they became a bad offense because they couldn’t do it anymore. As for Peterson, he’s been getting burnt for years and his tacking is comical. The praise he got since day one of his career shows how little people actually pay attention. He’s mediocre at best:

  4. The prospect of being in a division with Wilson, Goff, and Garoppolo doesn’t look so appealing. Arizona has some pieces, but needs a rebuild. They will finish in last next season unless they can come up with a QB (Cousins?).

  5. Long rebuild? Not! 2 wins slipped through their fingers. Redskins game and Houston with Tom Savage. Win those and they’re in the playoff hunt. Minnesota has proven you don’t need elite QB to contend anymore just an elite defense and special teams and a qb who doesn’t turn it over. Az has championship defense and young special teams core. Get David Johnson back and get 4 of their 5 starting O-line back from IR and they’re right there with the division. They put ridiculous amount of players on IR this year. 17 players was last count. 10 starters.

  6. He’s a great man in today’s day and age of the Super coach and guess what he gets it more important things than what the NFL has become ,enjoy what ever you do ,sit back and laugh !

  7. I could see Arians coming out of retirement in a year or two to be an offensive coordinator for a defensive minded young head coach. Kind of like what Wade Phillips is doing for McVay.

  8. “The praise he got since day one of his career shows how little people actually pay attention. He’s mediocre at best”

    3rd best winning percentage since he became HC. You don’t pay attention much, do ya?

  9. gonakgod says:December 31, 2017 at 1:04 pm
    Jeff Fisher on line 1

    The NFC West and especially the Rams approve

  10. I appreciate the positive outlook from some of you cards fans but frankly, until the cards get a new quarterback there won’t be much worry about that team in the NFL west. Relatively speaking, of course. Carson is done.

    Someone said something about all the injuries on this cards squad, but the Seahawks have all kinds of starters out for the year and are still trying to make the playoffs in the last week of the season…possibly winning 10 games… with only Russell Wilson to speak of.

    It’s all about the quarterback in this league and the cards need a new one.

  11. Coach Arians is to be Honored and Recognized for the outstanding work he has done. This fact is reflected in not one, but two coach of the year awards, a book published defining his intellect and insights within the game, and a community in Arizona, Indianapolis, and Pittsburg, who will all vouch for him.

    Personally, I have deeply appreciated his honesty, candor, and humor with the press, players, and staff…. It has been a pleasure and my good fortune to have him coaching the Cardinals and representing the “values” many of us hold dear.

    Thank you coach Arians! May you be Blessed with perfect “Health” and many more years of prosperity and abundance with your wife, family, and friends. ❤️

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