Report: Raiders expected to part ways with Michael Crabtree

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The Raiders may have a new coach in 2018. They also may have a new starting receiver.

Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that the Raiders are expected to move on from receiver Michael Crabtree after the season. Even though the move would generate $7 million in cash and cap space (they’ll need the money if they’re planning to break the bank for Jon Gruden), Gehlken points to a more ominous reason for the divorce.

Per Gehlken, “[t]here has been a measure of dysfunction behind the scenes” involving Crabtree, and Crabtree’s “baggage” outweighs his production. The report has no specifics regarding the dysfunction or baggage.

Crabtree, who started his career as a first-round pick of the 49ers, has spent all nine of his career seasons in the Bay Area.

Although a reliable target for the Raiders, Crabtree has only 56 receptions for 601 yards this season. He has, however, added eight touchdown receptions.

20 responses to “Report: Raiders expected to part ways with Michael Crabtree

  1. I would imagine Crabtree is one of those guys that will end up playing for 6 or 7 different teams. There are just a lot of WR’s out there who are much better, and don’t bring the extra baggage with them.

  2. You keep hearing about many reason why a team as talented as the Raiders slipped this year and their locker room appears to be as big as reason as any. Most of the blame has been towards the O-line and Lynch but I have the feeling it’s low key been people who are suppose to be the leaders.

  3. I’ve recently noticed the frustration between Carr and crabtree, did you guys see Crabtree leaving Carr hanging when Carr went up to him to shake his hand after the touchdown? (Vs the cowboys, I believe)

  4. reptar310 says:
    December 31, 2017 at 3:02 pm
    He could end up back on the Niners. With Garoppolo there now they’ll be in win now mode, and Crabtree won’t have to even move.

    I think the Niners could do better. Crabtree is one of those guys that has flashes and is ‘almost great’ but it never comes together consistently enough.

  5. What i dont understand is why you come out with this now? Including the Del Rio report about Gruden. Doesnt matter whether its true or not. Let the season finish (so disrespectful to the Del Rio family). You had only a couple days to wait. But no, you were scared someone would beat you to the punch. The media is to blame for so many things wrong in this world right now. Period.

  6. I have an idea, just keep making up stories, eventually one of them will be right and then you can point to that one like you know what you’re doing.

  7. Good riddance #15.

    My teenage daughter has better hands/technique than you when it comes to catching a football.

  8. I can see it happening. Crabtree is a guy that really needs to just grow up. Good receiver, just please stop running your mouth on the field.

    The Denver debacle, no matter why it happened can’t happen on championship teams.

  9. Per Gehlken, “[t]here has been a measure of dysfunction behind the scenes” involving Crabtree, and Crabtree’s “baggage” outweighs his production.


    Those words ring even more true for Lynch and Penn. I’m neutral about Crabtree’s status but I’m definitely hoping that Lynch & Penn are gone in 2018.

  10. Crabtree probably sealed his fate today and vetted this article by taking himself out of the game today for no explanation. You can’t win with a tool like this.

  11. Crabtree is overrated and will probably keep bouncing from team to team. He drops too many passes and can’t get separation. When he gets separation it’s because he pushes off. The refs could throw the flag on just about every one of his catches.

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