Rich Gannon may join Jon Gruden

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I’ve joked a few times on PFT Live that, if Jon Gruden returns to coach the Buccaneers, he may hire former Tampa Bay quarterback Chris Simms to join the staff. As it turns out, Gruden may return to coach the Raiders. And he may hire a former Raiders quarterback to join the staff.

Via Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Rich Gannon’s name keeps coming up as Gruden makes calls to round up potential members of a coaching staff.

Gannon, whose playing career reached a new level when he joined Gruden, became the NFL’s MVP in the year Gruden left for the Bucs. The season ended, however, with Gruden exploiting Gannon’s weaknesses and blowing out the Raiders.

Gannon never has coached; he went straight to broadcasting upon his retirement. Which actually gives him less experience than Simms, who spent a year as a coaching assistant with the Patriots.

Coincidentally, Gannon will be calling the Raiders-Chargers game on Sunday. Which would have made the production meetings quite awkward, if this news had gotten out before today.

33 responses to “Rich Gannon may join Jon Gruden

  1. Rich Gannon is calling the Raiders Vs Charges game? I feel sorry for Raider fans or any viewer watching that game.

    But Raider fans the 49ers are open for business. We play at the same time. Just turn the channell to our game. Come witness the squad and Jimmy G…………and the G stands for Greatness.

  2. Well Gannon couldn’t be worse than Downing. Taking the number 6 offense in the nfl to somewhere near last is a pretty monumental feat. Just like having 0 interceptions for 10 games. I love my team but they currently have the worst staff in football. JDR is gone.

  3. Overly desperate move. But he will bring sizzle for sure. However, a .540 record doesn’t get me too excited. I hope I’m wrong.

    Win, lose or tie
    Raiders til I die!

  4. Based on what he did in Tampa you can expect Gruden to trade David Carr and a first-round pick for Carson Palmer and Adrian Peterson. Any one else remember Charlie Garner, Jeff Garcia and Tim Brown as Buccaneers? Look it up!

  5. People bashing this (hiring Gannon) don’t understand that Gruden is really the one running the offense and calling the plays. Gannon would be a perfect choice because he knows Gruden’s system so well.

  6. You already have a HC and assistant all picked out and they haven’t even interviewed a black guy yet? You should get some courage and admit the Rooney rule is a stupid farce.

  7. I’m a middle age guy. Been pretty successful. Won’t ever starve. Here’s what I know – old guys don’t like to work..too hard. They’ve put in those 16 hour days. They paid their dues and kissed butts. Look at what McVay and Shanahan are doing. Hire young hungry guys. Gruden is making $7 million a year working 20 weeks a year. And he’s going want to work 365…16 hours a day. Please. Look forward…not back..

  8. Every 2 or so years, Jon Gruden indulges in publicly shaking down ESPN for more money with speculation that he is returning to coaching in the NFL and every time he reluctantly resists all the “offers” and stays put. He hasn’t coached for 10 years and he ended up getting booted by Tampa Bay. Who could forget the incredible 4 – 12 season in 2006? Maybe he’s coming back to the Raiders but why should this year be any different from all the others? Jon is probably going nowhere.

  9. Michael E says:
    December 31, 2017 at 12:03 pm
    You already have a HC and assistant all picked out and they haven’t even interviewed a black guy yet? You should get some courage and admit the Rooney rule is a stupid farce.

    The Rooney rule is not a farce. It’s alive and well. Just look at Cleveland. Black head coach. Black General Manager. Black Quarterback. See. The rule is working.

  10. Are they bringing back Bruce Allen and digging up Al, because it was only when that trio worked together is when Gruden only had some sustained success in the NFL. As a Raider fan I think this moves smacks of desperation and “good old days” syndrome. Great, you will sell out your last year(s) in Oakland, but then what? If he gets part of ownership, how do you fire him when he sucks?

  11. gruden’s no fool, he is extorting more money from bspn…..when its the bucs ….who cares, the raiders….pay him more

  12. wow lots of haters out, looks like the possible return of gruden has the trolls a little worried.

    so what if he hires Gannon to be a QB coach, the guy is smart and knows the position well. if that can help carr then great!

    and its no different than what many teams have done in the past, hire former players to coach their respected positions.

  13. As I was watching 2002 America’s Game couple of nights ago, Brad Johnson took half of the season to really understand Gruden’s WCO. Even after having a LOT of meetings with Chucky. Having Gannon in the staff may indicate that he’ll be there too to help Carr. Probably David’s brother ain’t even near close to be familiar with the terminology.

    Jon Gruden’s experiment may not work, but it really got my attention. It worked with Dick Vermeil, why not right now?

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