Sean McDermott: Thank you Bengals


Of all the ways that the Bills’ playoff drought could come to an end, it’s hard to imagine too many people would have picked a fourth down pass from Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton to wide receiver Tyler Boyd in a game not involving the Bills to factor into the mix.

Sometimes it takes strange circumstances to end long absences. Dalton’s 49-yard touchdown pass to Boyd with 44 seconds left in Baltimore lifted the Bengals to a 31-27 win that allowed the Bills to slip past the Ravens and into the postseason for the first time since 1999. Bills coach Sean McDermott paid homage to Cincinnati after both games were done.

“I’m so excited for our players and fans. Everyone has sacrificed so much to be here. Thank you to the Bengals,” McDermott said. “It’s such an emotional moment. No one gave this team a chance all year long. Our fans have been great all season long and I’m looking forward to seeing them at our playoff game.”

If you include interim coaches, McDermott is the ninth coach to lead the Bills since Wade Phillips took them to the playoffs. He’ll be facing off with another one of them in the Wild Card round with the Bills heading to Jacksonville to face Doug Marrone’s team and advancing will be solely up to the Bills the next time around.

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  1. Step by step Bills fans! One year closer to the Patriots implosion when the GOAT starts breaking down from age.

  2. Did he mean “thank you for saving my sorry rear end for thinking it was smart to play Peter,an”.

    Happy for Buffalo. But only because it means the Ravens are out.

  3. Good for the city of Buffalo. The Bills have good and loyal fans. That being said, this was an absolute horrible year for the AFC except for the Patriots and Steelers. For what it’s worth, if McCoy is healthy, the Bills can beat the Jags because Bortles really is trash.

  4. I’m a mans man as any other and I can’t even hold back the tears. My love for this team is so deep it’s unreal. I bleed this. I’m so overjoyed right now I can’t even deal. Bills nation and Bills Mafia we deserve this. Our head coach should now be THE COACH OF THE YEAR! Honestly tell me who else deserves that honor? No one else. 18 long long and I mean long years. All the pain and heart break is finally over. What an incredible day man. HAPPY NEW YEARS THE BUFFALO BILLS ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 1999 I still a long time to wait to get back to the playoffs! Congrats to the Bills and their fans. I remember the last playoff game they were in, those bozos sat Fluitie for that bum Rob Johnson after he led them in the regular season. Then they got screwed over that forward pass from Frank Wycek (and it was a forward pass) to Kevin Dyson and the rest is history.

  6. He wouldn’t have needed that struck of luck had he not benched Taylor for Peterman against the Chargers. Its always good to find a coach whose ego or pride won’t allow them to admit they made a mistake and quickly fixed it

  7. I’m glad they made it. It’s not inconceivable they could end up back in New England in two weeks. That could be one hell of a game.

  8. He should thank the Bengals AND the Dolphins AND Triplett the Ref. That Officiating Crew was horrible on both sides and this was brought up by every major news coverage, so not making an excuse. The Dolphins were terrible all year and decided to treat this as a Pre-Season game and play Bench guys and Practice Squad. This was a Gift and even then the Dolphins were one play away from winning. Yes, the stars aligned for Buffalo. So, I congratulate and wish you success. If McCoy is OK… you might have a chance to win a game, but make no mistake The Patriots already won the SB.

  9. The officials in the Bengals game certainly made some odd game-shaping calls that helped too. Felt like the fix was in…like those commercials for Buffalo Wild Wings…

  10. It’s amazing people still back The Peterman Experiment, even though, it nearly have cost them a playoff berth. It leads me to believe, you’re stuck stupid, knowing what transpired, you’d do it anyway. It’s clear you don’t like Taylor, for whatever reason.

    You’d rather lose than play the best QB. There’s word for people like that. They won’t let me post it here, but you know what you are.

  11. I will always defend that move. It was a deserved move because CarPart was playing terrible for a few games. It just didn’t work out. 20-20 vision from hindsight. BTW, if you saw the game which I doubt, you would know the 1st 3 Int’s were not his fault. Won’t explain because you made up your mind even tho you are wrong. It failed. Good HC’s take chances even if not popular. Now I am not comparing the 2 but over in NE they have a HC who seemingly every year makes unpopular cuts and still makes the playoffs year after year. Also, if you knew anything about the Bills, you would know that botched change galvanized the team into a much better TEAM. Not a collection of players but a TEAM.

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