Suspension-worthy hit from Blake Countess knocks out Marquise Goodwin

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The Rams are in the playoffs next weekend, but cornerback Blake Countess might not be there with them.

Countess delivered a vicious hit to the head of 49ers receiver Marquise Goodwin, drawing a penalty flag and knocking Goodwin out of the game. Goodwin, who has a history of concussions, was carted off the field.

The hit was absolutely worthy of a suspension, and it won’t be at all surprising if Countess isn’t allowed to play next week. NFL suspensions are never easy to predict, but players have been suspended for less.

Countess is a backup who has played in all 16 regular-season games for the Rams this season. He may not play in the playoffs. And Goodwin’s season is certainly over, and given his history of concussions, he may have to think long and hard about his playing future this offseason.

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  1. I didn’t see the hit but if it was malicious he should be suspended. If it helps removes life-changing hits like that from the game all players should be in favor of that, including the NFLPA. Of course the NFLPA doesn’t care about its players so they would probably condemn any suspension and it doesn’t matter that someone had to be carted off the field.

  2. I dont see a problem. Thats football. Are we gonna continue to turn the NFL into flag football with soft players and no defense?

  3. Countess did lead with his head, but Goodwin ducked, leading to the helmet-to-helmet. Bad form by Countess, unfortunate reaction by Goodwin. I don’t think it was meant as dirty, though it was definitely meant to be physical.

    I wish the trend of blasting guys down instead of tackling them had never started.

  4. Hard hit yes, dirty hit? NO NO NO.

    I rewound this several times and countess was coming in at that angle before Goodwin caught the ball. Goodwin lowered his head to take the blow.

    Can’t blame all big hits on the defense. The offensive players especially running backs have gotten very good at lowering their heads to initiate contact.

    All BS. I hope some real changes come through for the defense so the NFL becomes watchable again.

    I don’t want to see anybody get hurt, but these offensive players need to know how to take a hit. Hint: it’s not by lowering your head.

  5. Brutal hit, but I don’t know about suspension worthy. When a receiver is going down to try to avoid a hit, and gets nailed in the head, I don’t think you can call it a malicious decision by the defender.

  6. Oh man – are you serious? That was a suspension worthy hit??? Have you actually watched the replay? Countess is going in low for the tackle, while Goodwin happens to be going even lower for a low thrown football. That hit was TOTALLY on Garoppolo!! Had he thrown it a bit higher, that tackle would have been right to the mid-section of Goodwin – exactly where defenders are told to hit.

    Love all the ‘downvoting’ going on around here, for any comment that’s against suspending or fining the guy for the hit – you people clearly don’t understand the rules…

  7. For those of you who talk about flag football, do you not realize the alternative of not policing these hits? You’re going to end up watching games of 3rd and 4th string players, because every one has a brain of mush. Do you really want to be watching a league where Jordon Payton, Wayne Gallman, and Christian Hackenberg are the marque players?

  8. Dirty hit? No. It was a hard hit, but he led with his shoulder and Goodwin lowered his head. That’s football.

  9. I saw it and it was scary. His arms flailed up in the air and it took them a good 10 minutes to get him on the cart.
    I know the rules are there to protect guys and it’s become harder for the defense to play hard but also within the rules> That said, I will say this: That guy could’ve pulled up and dislodged the ball without taking out his head. I see this hit as a two game suspension. Most vicious hit I’ve seen all year.

  10. Sorry but that’s not a dirty hit, and he shouldn’t be suspended for it. He was actually trying to tackle the way you’re supposed to now and didn’t headhunt, but the ball was thrown low and Goodwin dropped down to try to make the catch. Football is a physical, violent game and you can’t suspend players based on whether or not someone gets injured on the play… if Goodwin stays upright there’s no issue here. I’m not a fan of either team, but that’s just an unfortunate reality of the game.. nothing about that hit was dirty or meant to injure. Go watch ACTUAL headshots like Davis on Davante Adams and see the difference.

  11. Defender did what he is suppose to do. Dislodge a poorly thrown pass. NFL has taken all the responsibility off the Qb and placed it all on the defender to avoid these type hits. Plus blame the WR for ducking into the hit. The defender was perfect with a hit to the mid-section, until the duck.

    Vicious hit, but nothing with intent to injure. Just hard hitting play. If the NFL does not want these type plays, then outlaw the across the middle pass. That is when these collision happen.

  12. Even the color guy was saying the hit wasn’t dirty. Goodwin had to reach down for it, Countess was trying for a clean hit and accidents happen.

    I don’t think Countess had any intention to also concuss himself after all.

  13. Funny reading these comments from niner fans who used to sing the praises of these types of hits from Ronnie Lott. This game moves at high speed. Your receiver ducked his head into this hit. The hit while hard, was not illegal. Football is controlled violence and not for the faint of heart. Sorry.

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