Bears give Ryan Pace contract extension through 2021

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The Bears announced a two-year contract extension for General Manager Ryan Pace through 2021. That means the new coach likely gets a four-year deal to put the two on the same timetable.

The Bears are showing their faith in Pace to find a coach and add more talent despite the results in his tenure thus far.

“He’s earned the opportunity to see his plan to fruition,” Bears CEO Ted Phillips said in announcing the extension, via quotes tweeted by the team.

Pace fired John Fox after a 14-34 record in three seasons. Yet, the G.M. credited Fox for helping “set the foundation for this organization to reach new heights.”

Fox’s firing and Pace’s extension obviously says the team put more responsibility for the team’s failures on the coach than on the G.M. But Pace accepted some of the blame, as well he should if for nothing else than the Mike Glennon signing.

“I understand the results on the field are also a result of me, and I have to do a better job,” Pace said.

The Bears will build around Mitchell Trubisky, and an offensive-minded coach makes sense for where the team is. But Pace left his options open, saying, “I don’t want to paint ourselves in a corner. We want the best coach.”

13 responses to “Bears give Ryan Pace contract extension through 2021

  1. Whew! For a minute there I got worried the Bears might be on the right track to turning things around by letting Fox go. But now I see they plan to keep on being a dumpster fire…..

  2. Like most GM’s, he’s made some good moves and some bad moves. I respect him for having the courage to go get Mitchell Trubisky, who is looking like a franchise quarterback. I’m not sure why it was necessary to give Pace such a long extension, but I think he’s young and smart and I think he’s going to learn from his mistakes. As a Bears fan, I’m glad he will be the Bears’ GM for awhile. It’s better than starting over with a new GM.

  3. I’ve been a Bears season ticket holder since 1993. There have been a lot of lows over the years from the McCaskey family.

    Not in any order:
    1. The bungling of the Dave McGinnis hiring in 1999.
    2. Firing Ron Rivera as the DC after the Super Bowl season.
    3. Building the smallest stadium in the NFL. Without a dome, no less.
    4. Raising ticket prices after a 3-13 season.
    5. Marc Trestman over Bruce Arians.

    And now a contract extension for a GM who is 14-34! This is the guy who cut Robbie Gould because of performance and salary cap issues, and later brought in the Bucs’ young kicker. That alone should get you fired. He traded up to draft a QB nobody else was going to draft. Could have had Watson or Garappolo. Has made more mistakes in free agency than any other GM over the past 3 years.

    Mrs. McCaskey, I’m sure you are a nice person, but you know nothing about running an NFL team, nor do any of your sons. Please take the $3 billion the team is worth and sell.

    I’m out.

  4. dragonfly99 says:
    January 1, 2018 at 5:38 pm

    Not in the least. Hey, these are the Chicago Bears…nothing should shock you anymore. Doormats of the NFC North, miserable performances against teams in their division, 3 more recently concluded years of futility…let’s reward the GM with a shiny new contract! Yikes…if only the old man could see this, he would throw them all out of Halas Hall! Get ready for another miserable season next year…and the reason…hey we’ve got a new head coach and everybody’s learning a new system…and so it goes!

  5. I get the logic of aligning the GM and HC contract terms but the Bears roster on Pace’s watch represents C+ work at best. Going into offseason #4 and we [still] have deficiencies on the O-Line, a complete lack of viable WRs, no established starter at TE and defensive game changers needed at edge rusher and CB. Oh yeah and the 2nd straight straight season finished with more than a dozen players (many of them starters) finishing the season on IR for the 2nd year in a row.

    I guess the NFL as a “results oriented business” only applies to coaches.

  6. Some of Pace’s failures (WR, pass rusher, 0-line) have been because of the Bears’ terrible injury situation the last two years. I don’t know how you can blame Pace for signing or drafting someone with a good injury history (Kevin White, Pernell McPhee, etc.) who then gets injured repeatedly when he joins the Bears.

  7. Pace’s failures? First two drafts were graded A-. Last year’s draft was a C but I still think the verdict is out based on how players are graded Year 1. And going back and looking the bulk of the players are starters if not all on the roster.

    Most said it was a 3-5 year rebuild. I don’t like losing Fox based on continuity but he had to go. As Pace said in the presser. Young core of guys. Franchise QB. Get some folks back healthy. 8th pick. 7 picks total. Lots of cap space.

  8. I blame Pace for drafting White. He came in to a team that had a lot of holes to fill, than created another hole by giving away BMarsh for a 5th round draft pick. The Bears at that time needed much more help on the defensive side of the ball. He set this rebuild back right out of the gate with that move.

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