Bears to interview Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo

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The Bears have a promising quarterback entering his second year, who they want to build around and develop.

So where better to start than a guy who helped develop the second-year quarterback the Eagles built around this year.

According to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, the Bears are setting up an interview with Eagles quarterback coach John DeFilippo later this week.

DeFilippo can interview this week since the Eagles have a bye.

The 39-year-old DeFilippo has just one year of NFL coordinator experience (and that was in Cleveland in 2015), but the progression of Carson Wentz to an MVP-level quarterback and the success of boy wonder Sean McVay with the Rams will make him a much more attractive candidate this time through.

And after getting away from the defensive-minded (and old) John Fox today, the Bears are poised to employ the classic if-the-last-guy-was-fat-the-next-guy-will-be-skinny approach to this hiring cycle.

12 responses to “Bears to interview Eagles QB coach John DeFilippo

  1. Josh McDaniels is rumored to be the Bears 1st choice. I wonder if he already turned them down?

  2. bassplucker where have you read McDaniels was rumored to be their 1st choice? I haven’t read that anywhere. On the contrary, I’ve heard he probably won’t be the guy since he’ll most likely want full control like Belichick has and the Bears obviously have Ryan Pace which doesn’t fit that model.

  3. As an eagles fan , he’s the one coach I’d least like to see go . Glad the Giants aren’t looking his way as of now .

  4. Everyone who coaches Carson Wentz is going to get head coaching interviews. We’re not really quick learners. We’ve seen it happen time and time again with Patriots’ assistants who left Brady and never won anywhere else. That doesn’t mean DeFillipo isn’t a good coach. I’m sure he was a good coach when he was in Cleveland in 2015, he just didn’t have Carson Wentz as his QB. Did Kyle Shanahan go from a terrible coach to a great coach the minute Jimmy Garoppolo stepped on the field? C’mon people. We keep falling for the same trick. How smart do you feel?

  5. Dont ever under estimate the VALUE of a QB coach. (see wentz) the past two years. It only takes what MOST fans see as meaningless to lose a QB coach to go to have a losing record for years to come. QBs success often fall on how good their position coaches are.

  6. I am a patriots fan so on Josh:

    1) Detrout (Bob Quinn is the GM) wants to interview him and Matt Patricia
    2) the giants want to interview Josh and Matt
    3) Indeflategateapolis wants to interview Josh
    4) Chicago wants to interview josh

    Josh is not going anywhere that does not have a Belichick guy as gm. He is best friends with Nick Caserio our player personnel director. Its speculated that Josh is HCIW when Bill Retires, making Caserio the General Manager. Belichick has tried to talk to fellow Bostonian Dave Gettleman, the giants GM, about belichicks former assistant Jimmy Schwartz because Bill wants Josh to take over in Foxborough.

  7. Interesting, since the Bears GM said in his presser this afternoon that no contacts have been made.

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