Browns players tired of “no talent” comments

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The Browns are tired of people inside the organization ripping the team’s talent. Coach Hue Jackson has referred to the lack of talent, and new General Manager John Dorsey said former head of football operations Sashi Brown didn’t get enough “real players.”

Jason McCourty said Monday he was speaking for his teammates in declaring that the comments “bugged everyone in his locker room.”

“When you’re one of the guys on the team who’s playing your heart out and you are putting everything into it — obviously, we are not getting the result we want, which is very apparent but still you are giving everything you have — you don’t want to hear about what you don’t have,” McCourty said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “You want to make the best of what you do have. I think that is just the bond that is built in this locker room of I want to win for Danny [Shelton]; Danny wants to win for me; I want to win for JT [Jamar Taylor]. You don’t really care what you don’t have. You are just trying to figure out what we do have in this locker room, how do we go out there on Sunday and figure out how to win this game. As a player, you just hate to hear that from anywhere.”

The defensive back, in his first season in Cleveland after eight in Tennessee, said the Browns don’t have “the talent to go win the Super Bowl this year, but this locker room is far more talented than 0-16.”

It was unclear whether McCourty was questioning the coaching, but Hue Jackson will return despite losing 31 of his 32 games. Still, McCourty expects “a lot of things [to change]” before next season.

“You can’t keep doing the same thing and think you’re going to get different results,” McCourty said. “That’s the definition of insanity. Obviously, there’s a lot of things that aren’t right.”

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  1. If I perform surgery every day and try my hardest but have a 100% mortality rate – doesn’t matter that I tried hard, I have no talent.

    You have talent – just not NFL talent like I don’t have surgical talent.

  2. Most un-varnished comment from Dorsey and quite simply the most accurate, they don’t have enough real players. They have talent but the dead weight on the team is atrocious. That receiver who dropped the pass late in the last game, terrible. My 86 year old grandmother who uses a walker would have caught that pass! The guy’s head wasn’t in the game. Show him the door and a lot of those other players too.

  3. What a kick in the junk it must be when you’re a top pick and you know you’re headed to that sadness factory. Jackson should resign immediately if he has an ounce of honor in him. Putting this garbage product out there for hardworking, blue collar fans of Cleveland should be a criminal offense.

  4. Sounds like McCourty is talking about coaching. It must really suck for him his twin plays for maybe the best coach of all time.

  5. Just as Browns fans are tired of their team not winning the past 2 seasons. These professional football players need to QUIT WHINING and start WINNING. Boo Hoo. My feelings are hurt because of all of the snide remarks about having no talent. Give me a break.

  6. You kind of lose the right to complain about lack of talent when you go 0-16. Should the coach and GM have said you have the talent but just don’t care?

  7. I actually feel bad for the players. There is some talent on the team, and they always play hard. Unfortunately they play for the worst head coach in the history of the NFL, and the team is owned by the worst owner in the NFL. Their incompetence will keep this franchise in the toilet for a long time.

  8. “You don’t really care what you don’t have. You are just trying to figure out what we do have in this locker room, how do we go out there on Sunday and figure out how to win this game.“

    Well you should care about what you don’t have! And what you don’t have is a NFL caliber QB. Without one of those you’ll continue to lose. Proof is in the pudding.

  9. Well you might not like it but it is true so shut up and win a game.

    When your most talented player is a drugged out junkie who was suspended for like 2 years and is just now possibly on the straight and narrow now, you have no talent.

    So shut up. You get paid WAY too much money AND you suck.

  10. Look at it like this. The 49ers were 1-10 this year. They had “no talent”. Then Jimmy Garoppolo came in and they went 5-0. Every NFL team has talent. The teams that win generally have a blue chip QB. This isn’t breaking news folks. It’s a QB league. Make a New Year’s resolution to remember that.

  11. Is there an overall lack of talent? Maybe. Is there a 1-31 lack of talent? Absolutely not! So glad Jed didn’t hire Hue. Although it did take him 3 times to get it right lol

  12. They have talent, just not as much as the other 31 teams. They do have some promising young players though.

  13. Far more talented than 0-16? What was your record last year? Perhaps $16 million spent on Oz, which into a second round pick could’ve been better spent on 2-3 quality free agents.

  14. Talent or no talent they’re keeping arguably the leagues worst coach. As a business owner I’d be wanting to get rid of every possible reason that may lead to people believing it’s the same ole horrible business. You have hardly any followers and you’re sticking with a1-31 coach? Who does that benefit? Clearly they’re not playing for him or they’d have a few wins.

    Very strange!

  15. Don’t let the Browns going 0-16 distract you from the fact that the Warriors had the best regular season record in NBA history and the only unanimous MVP in NBA history, only to blow a 3-1 lead in the finals!!!!

  16. I’m a Seahawks fan, but on the occasions I’ve listened to Browns games, I’ve been struck by their inability to finish, which I take as a mental, possibly spiritual problem even more than a physical talent issue. My team might be on a down year, but they know better than to count themselves out of any game. It’s part of why I love them even in defeat. It is also how the Patriots came back to win last year’s Super Bowl after being down so much to the Falcons, that they also have this trait of champions.

    I’m not trying to get on my high-horse, though, since as a young athlete (often by force in P.E.) I was more like I suspect the Browns and their fanbase are in that I saw myself as a hopeless loser, even though I always tried. Despite the fact that I was terrible, though, I enjoyed sports, so after barely picking up a basketball in 15 years, and after God taught me some important things about mental state, I signed up for an adult practice session. An early drill was to go around the gym, trying to get a layup at each basket, something I’d never really figured out how to do. Having a healthier mental state made all the difference, though, and I actually hit like 1/3 to 1/2 of them. After 15 years!

    Therefore I was struck by something last year. While I am a ‘Hawks fans, deep down I have a hard time wishing anyone ill, so when I watched the documentary on last year’s horrific Rams team (“All or Nothing” I think it was), I was struck by how lacking in humility and respect their coaching staff was to their players. I related because much of my own personal problems stemmed from a mentally abusive ballet instructor I’d had from an early age, that would shame me into performing in the moment via fear and power, while consequently destroying my sense of confidence going forward. I was therefore glad for the players, to see that all of the coaches got canned but the one who actually treated his players well, John Fossil, who interestingly continues to coach a very successful special teams unit for LA. (Be careful what you wish for, huh? Darn empathy!) When the show then followed up with where all the coaches ended up though, I cringed; the very worst, most disrespectful coach of the bunch got hired by the Browns!

    Therefore, whatever the Browns talent level, I don’t think you can fairly blame the players when you hire coaches such as that. The Browns need to be looking for their own Pete Carrolls, not Jeff Fisher’s worse than himself assistant. I will say, though, that I don’t know much of anything about what Hue Jackson is like (or Bill Belichick, for that matter), but it doesn’t suggest anything good if that is the kind of help he is enlisting.

  17. Browns aren’t 0-16 due to bad game planning or coaching because they were in nearly every game they played. When you lose two games because your 1st round draft pick wide receiver has trouble catching passes in the end zone that are floated into his hands with no defenders anywhere near him, you have to cut your biggest free agent pickup mid season because practice squad guys were more reliable and you lose 14 games because your second round pick QB forgets how to QB anytime another team runs a goal line defense that’s lack of talent.

    Let’s not forget that QB’s college coach said he wasn’t ready for the NFL and all he did was prove it every game. On the other hand he was the best running back on the team so maybe a Terrelle Pryor position change should be in his future because decision making and reading defenses wasn’t Kizers strong point.

  18. The clueless have no idea how bad they are. This team is coached by an idiot, owned by an idiot, and the team is filled with under performing morons.

  19. 1 win in 32 tries last 2 years.

    You say you give 100% every game. If its not lack of talent, and its not for a lack of trying like you say, what is then? Bad luck?

  20. .
    Every year that 60 million in under the cap funds go directly into Haslam’s pocket. Why do you think the Browns don’t sign free agents? Why do they keep pushing their high draft picks into the future?

  21. I don’t think talent is the main issue. They have enough to have won a couple games here and there. Where I saw them lacking in the games I watched was Hue treating his QB and offense as if he had an upper-level, professional quarterback. When you have a rookie, even if he was good (he’s not), you still have to coach around his youth and inexperience. Jackson didn’t even pretend to do that. Just threw him into the fire as if he’s able to make plays like a seasoned veteran. That’s on coaching. They shouldn’t have been playing Kizer at all until/unless everyone else got hurt, let alone playing him and calling plays like they did. That’s ALL on Jackson. All of it.

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