Bruce Arians kept plans quiet, possibly for multiple months

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With plenty of people lining up to claim credit for reporting that Cardinals coach Bruce Arians would be retiring after the season (and with some under the misimpression that it’s our function to serve as the “who had it first?” scoreboard), it’s important to point out that the first hint that this would be Arians’ last year came in October.

Craig Fouhy of reported in late October that Arians had told people close to him that he intends to retire at the end of the year. Arians denied the reports, saying it was “news to me” and that “nothing could be further from the truth.”

As noted in this space at the time, it would make sense for Arians to deny it, even if it were true. Arians clearly didn’t want the to be about him, and he didn’t want to create a distraction for his team. As explained on PFT Live at the time, the situation reminded me of Bill Cowher’s last year in 2006 (the clip is attached), when everyone knew it was his last year and he consistently denied it and denied it and denied it until he showed up in that Bill Cosby sweater and walked away.

Arians consistently said, as recently as last week, that he wouldn’t make any decisions until the season ends. And then, immediately after the season ended, he told his players that it was his last game. They all kept it quiet until Monday, which was impressive.

It’s now out there, and it’s fair to wonder whether he’s as “retired” as he was six years ago in Pittsburgh. If, after all, teams like the Colts or the Bears or the Lions show up with a pile of money, maybe Arians changes his mind.

This time, it feels more permanent. That said, it would be wise for some of these owners who are looking for new coaches to think about what Arians could do with their current quarterbacks, especially in light of what Arians did six years ago with Andrew Luck. Even if Arians says no, it costs nothing to ask.

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  1. Maybe it’s just my perception but it felt like he did a lot of talking and interviews late last spring, almost like he was trying to get himself out there even more. Maybe he wants to become the next former coach to trade in that lifestyle for broadcasting?

  2. It’s not surprising that the players kept it quiet until Monday at all. His players have loved him wherever he’s been, so I’m sure they respected him enough to not “gossip” like school children for a day.

  3. This guys claim to fame is what he did six years ago with Andrew Luck. I don’t get it. So Bill Obrien is a genius because of what deshaun Watson did this year. Darrell Bevell is a genius because what he did with Russell Wilson? Who by the way had a better rookie year and career so far than luck and no one is saying Bevell is a genius because he’s not. He inherited a great defense and semi-potent offense in Arizona and what did he do? A couple good years and a lot of under achieving. I garantee that most people would say he’s a better coach than Mike Tomlin and Pete Carroll which is laughable. Dude has no ring and when he had a shot couldn’t get it done. Reminds me a lot of Jim Harbaugh. Never won anything, never built anything and got handed the keys to a pretty nice car.

  4. Considering he said last year that this year would probably be his last I’m doubting there’s much of any secrecy.

  5. A good coach, but not a great coach,
    Two tremendous offense players, Larry Fitz and David Johnson and BINGO you let Calais Campbell, ALL WORLD defense lineman go.

  6. What a crock.

    Anyone with eyes open could see this guy gave up – he made his bed with a prehistoric QB that was increasingly fragile. There is no way this old coot was going to stay around to bring this team back. The Cardinals have been bad for several seasons now. The coach looked as if he had already retired throughout the season.

  7. If you pay any attention to the team, you’ve known all season that Arians and Palmer are done, and Larry only has about a 15% chance of coming back. No surprise. Arians helped to restore the Cardinals from laughingstock, a process that was only possible when the younger Bidwell began to take the reins years ago. They’re at a real crossroads, but BA earned his retirement, and they’ve got one of the top five GMs in the game. They’re going to be fine. Maybe the next landing spot for Marvin Lewis. Sans Palmer. A year and a half too late, incidentally.

  8. Next to Jeff Fisher, the most overrated coach in the NFL. What has this guy done to deserve “A Football Life: Bruce Arians” on the NFL Network?? This guy’s claim to fame has been as Roethlisberger’s favorite golfing buddy.

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