Cowboys WRs coach Derek Dooley denies decision made to part ways

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Cowboys wide receivers coach Derek Dooley denied a report a decision has been made on his future. Dooley said he has not even met with head coach Jason Garrett yet.

NFL Media reported Monday that Dooley won’t return, and that he had declined a contract extension last offseason.

Although Garrett will return, changes are expected on the Cowboys’ coaching staff.

Dooley has served as the Cowboys receivers coach since 2013, overseeing Dez Bryant‘s All-Pro season of 2014. The Cowboys passing game struggled this season as Dak Prescott had only five games with a 100 or higher passer rating and eight games with less than 200 yards passing.

Bryant led the team’s wideouts with 69 catches for 838 yards and six touchdowns, while Terrance Williams caught 53 passes for 568 yards but no touchdowns. Cole Beasley, the team’s leading receiver a year ago, made only 36 catches.

Dooley spent three seasons as the head coach at the University of Tennessee before reuniting with Garrett in Dallas. The two were assistants together with the Dolphins in 2005-06.

14 responses to “Cowboys WRs coach Derek Dooley denies decision made to part ways

  1. Hopefully, he isn’t the fall guy for the lack of imagination on offense. The OC and 88 should be out, too. The OC’s passing game resembles something from Jr High and 88’s ability to run routes looks a little Jr High-ish, as well. The Offense needs speed, WR’s who run disciplined routes and can actually catch the ball when it hits them in the hands. Shouldn’t be too much to ask for on the professional level.

  2. Dallas will go back to ground and pound like in zekes rookie year. But the passing game does need a spark. I still like the Wr core, Dez was never a burner. I agree the Wr coach HAS to go. Scott Linehan HAS to go. He refused to change when Tyron Smith was out and Dakota was getting clobbered. You DONT keep calling pass plays when you can not block and protect the qb. He didnt even do half time adjustments. And he would call pass plays on the goal line!!!!

  3. Maybe the next WR coach can better teach his WRs to catch balls thrown five yards off-target. Better yet, don’t even hire another WR coach and just come out in 2RB, 3TE sets the whole game to maximize Dak’s talents.

  4. If Smith can not be counted on to produce a full season then we need a Legit swing tackle.
    Dlaw had one good season so offer fair money but DO NOT break the bank on him for ONE good season.
    His Entire four years should be the over all view. He MAY be worth 10 mil a year but he is NOT elite!
    Our Secondary is going to be good. Cant believe that we have a top 10 defense…

  5. The Cowboys need to make a change. The WR’ers have not progressed. Terrence Williams
    still body catches 98 percent of his catches. Did you see his “ pattern” on third and 4.
    Williams gets two yards and jumps up signaling he had a first down only to be 2
    yards short….he had no awareness where the first down was….
    Dez has obviously regressed. Beasley struggled. Dooley needed to coach not try
    to be an the second offensive coordinator. Dez can’t get off the line, his favorite move
    is to push the dB to create separation so he rarely gets an interference call
    because he creates the contact. Perhaps it’s not fair to blame Dooley alone,
    but a change is needed.

  6. Michael Irvin should be the next wr coach, he will teach Dez how to not drop so many passes and keep his head in the game when he doesn’t get the ball early on in the game. Actually, the coach that needs to go is Wade Wilson, who hasn’t developed a single quarterback. Dak was good last year because of Romo and Sanchez, when they moved on we saw what happen to Dak this year. Here is a list Wade has had an opportunity to coach other than Romo,…Brandon Weededn, Matt Cassell, Stephen Mcgee, Kellen Moore.

  7. “Doolittle” Dooley and “I cant run the ball” Linehan need to go quickly, i wish Garrett would go too but he is Jerry’s little puppet and he will be retained….smh.

    The Cowboys need to revamp their receiving corps, if Dez does not take a pay cut then cut his butt, Terrence Williams needs to be cut and Brice Butler should not be resigned. They need to draft a speed merchant wideout in the 1st or 2nd round and maybe even sign a u.f.a. such as Sammy Watkins or Allen Robinson from the Jags. I wouldn’t mind if they also signed Tyler Burton from the Eagles to be a threat catching the ball at tight end as Witten is getting old. If they get more speed at wide receiver and tight end then that will open things up for Beasley who was getting double teamed and run the damn ball with Zeke and Rod Smith, forget about Alfred Morris, that’s all they have to do….lol!

  8. Dak Prescott regressed horribly, and became a check-down, RO quarterback, with an itchy trigger finger. QUICK, blame everyone under the sun, instead of him. It’s the WR’s, it’s Zeke’s suspension, it’s the O-line, it’s the WR coach.

    It’s typical Jerry Jones management. Scapegoat someone. If Dak plays as poorly as he did next year, as he did the last 8 games this, Garrett’s toast. Remember that.

  9. Cowboys should sign one of the free agent QBs. I really like Dax but he is not a top ten Qb
    and in the NFL you ain’t going anywhere with a top QB …sorry but true.
    If they agreed to pay Tony Romo then do the same thing.

  10. The Cowboys passing game struggled this season as Dak Prescott had only five games with a 100 or higher passer rating and eight games with less than 200 yards passing.
    …and only 4 games with more than 250 yards passing.

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