Dean Pees announces his retirement


Word on Sunday was that Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees would retire at the end of Baltimore’s season.

The end came later in the day when Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd scored a 49-yard touchdown to beat the Ravens and knock them out of the playoffs. On Monday, Pees formally announced his retirement.

Pees joined the Ravens in 2010 as linebackers coach and became the defensive coordinator in 2012. He was previously the defensive coordinator for the Patriots from 2006 to 2009 and also had a run as the head coach at Kent State before moving into the NFL.

If the Ravens stay inside the organization to replace Pees, linebackers coach Don Martindale could be a candidate as he’s been with the team since 2012 and has coordinator experience with the Broncos. The Ravens could also look at outside candidates like Vic Fangio as they move to fill the hole in the coming days.

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  1. When I saw this game was 24-27 with only a few minutes left, I turned it on. Seeing the 49 yard TD pass with 45 seconds left reminded me a lot of the Vikings en route to the playoffs in 2003, virtually all wrapped up, and then the Cardinals completing a last second hail mary to win as time expired. I’m sure Ravens fans have that same, stunned/shocked feeling. This guys retirement had perfect timing.

  2. After watching that final drive my guess is he had a Caribbean cruise booked for next weekend and he didn’t want to miss it.

  3. Always amazing when a team beats you on a 4th and 12 (that would have ended the game)- we probably had 2 coverage guys for every receiver and the guy is wide open and goes 20 yds virtually untouched for the TD – not sure you could mess that up any worse – Pees is not bad as a DC but what a way to go out!

  4. .
    The Ravens Record – Post Framegate

    2013 8-8
    2014 10-6
    2015 5-11
    2016 8-8
    2017 9-7

    Harbaugh can’t even manage to win an AFC North title in a division which includes the Bengals and Browns. They’re going to be settling for an Indy-style participation banner once again.

  5. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Dean. I’d hope they consider Pagano if he’s interested.

  6. 1 day and 4 years too late. This guy has been the most consistent element of the Ravens organization, going back to the second half of the super bowl that the Ravens barely won: he consistently blows 4th quarter leads in critical games because of his absolute world class ineptitude. Sadly, John Harbaugh’s pathological loyalty to former coaches in his life (Pees was his college secondary coach) is a bigger part of the problem, but in all likelihood he’ll remain for a few more years to really grind the team down to mediocrity. With Pees as DC the Ravens have missed the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 years. The only year they made it was because Gary Kubiak was the OC. This organization needs a total shakeout from Newsome to Harbaugh and even Bisciotti. Sell the team already and go work on your tan.

  7. Well past time to blow this whole pathetic franchise up. It was pure luck they made it through the playoffs and won the SB in 2012 (if Ray Rice doesn’t convert a patented Flacco-checkdown pass on 3rd and forever in their last regular season game, they wouldn’t have even been in the playoffs. Likewise, if Denvers defense doesn’t woefully misplay the last Jump ball Joe pass and let Jacoby Jones snatch it and run for a TD, they’d have never made it to the SB), and Hairball hasn’t made good coaching decisions… well, ever. Always bad at clock management and constantly making bad play calls at critical moments, the Ravens can only improve by losing him and starting fresh.

  8. When your defense gives up your playoff chances, on last minute drives, 2 years in a row and you retire the day after… Priceless.

    I wish your defense had this kind of timing Dean. Maybe we’d still be in it.

  9. I haven’t laughed so hard since Weddle was confident they could win gms solely based on their defense. BTW didn’t Weddle miss out on a $1mill bonus as a result of the Ravens elimination?

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