Dirk Koetter thanks owners for having “courage” to keep him

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There are five NFL head coaching jobs open at the moment, and a lot of people thought it was going to be six already.

But the Buccaneers decided on Friday to keep Dirk Koetter, and he said after last night’s win over the Saints he was grateful for the chance to come back for a third season and improve on a 14-18 record.

“I’m certainly appreciative to the Glazer family for everything they’ve done for me and my family and they’ve given this franchise,” Koetter said, via Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times. “They’ve put us in the position to win.

It took a lot of courage for the Glazer family to bring me back and the staff with the record what it is. I really appreciate that.’’

Of course, there was widespread chatter that the Glazers were looking in another direction, so that bravery might have come after they had no better options that didn’t involve eating a contract.

But they booted Lovie Smith because they thought Koetter was best for quarterback Jameis Winston, and Winston seemed encouraged to keep things going after a 5-11 season.

“We showed a lot of people we should have faith in Dirk Koetter,” Winston said. “We played a lot of good football, we just had a lot of unfortunate things happen.

“When we’re healthy, we can beat the heck out of anybody. If we believe in him, you should believe in him, too.’’

Koetter used the example of the Saints (who went from 7-9 to a division title this year) as evidence that his team could make a push, despite going 1-5 in the NFC South and 3-7 in one-score games.

“They made a couple changes, they hit on a couple draft picks, and here they are,” Koetter said. “I believed all along we’re not that far off, but your record is what your record is and we’ve got to start rebuilding that.’’

Koetter getting a reprieve is one thing, but if the Bucs don’t make strides this year, it’s likely that many more jobs will be in jeopardy this time next year, perhaps including Winston’s if he doesn’t become a more consistent quarterback.

9 responses to “Dirk Koetter thanks owners for having “courage” to keep him

  1. Or, the Glazers realized they weren’t getting Gruden so they’ll stick witk Koetter.

    The real issue in TB is the QB, way too inconsistent. He and Mariota are well on their way to being middle of the pack or worse QB’s.

  2. .
    ” Of course, there was widespread chatter that the Glazers were looking in another direction,”

    It was just chatter. There was blatant and overt lobbying by the media to get Koetter fired and have one of their own installed as coach. Of course, Gruden will be given a free pass by the media for the duration of his contract no matter what his record is.

  3. I don’t think he’s the problem with that team. I’d have kept him, too. They aren’t very far off. One of their biggest issues this year is that their division is really, really solid right now. Stay the course and try to get some maturity out of the younger guys who do dumb things and maybe next year they can contend like some thought they would this season.

  4. That and Gruden probably made them realize that the Buccaneers actually would not be able to compete with all these much better teams to land a quality HC…. Especially if Gruden does go to the Raiders…

    Manning, Carr, Stafford, possibly Luck are all much more of an attractive option than a guy who acts immature and turns the ball over with wrecklessness… No one wants to be a baby sitter… These other QBs have established themselves as professionals!

  5. So basically what these morons are saying is if they hit big on a bunch of draft picks next year and suffer no injuries they’ll have a better record? okay…

  6. So TB has a bottom 5 rushing game…bottom 5 defense…and people want to say the problem is Jamies who before his injury had the #1 passing game and after his injury had the #1 passing game…go figure.

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