Drew Stanton apparently played on a torn ACL

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Cardinals backup quarterback Drew Stanton wasn’t able to get his team to the playoffs, but he may have made himself a legend.

Teammate Larry Fitzgerald let the cat out of the bag with a tweet after last night’s game, saying Stanton has been playing with a torn ACL the last two weeks.

That’s interesting for a number of reasons, including the fact Stanton hasn’t been on the official injury report submitted to the league (including the one posted on their own website). So while Fitzgerald isn’t a doctor, he may have gotten his team in as much trouble as the league cares to enforce (which may or may not be that much, based on precedent).

The larger point remains that Stanton is a boss, leading the team to two straight wins on what may have been a bad knee, which helped coach Bruce Arians win his 50th game and become the franchise’s winningest coach.

“God bless Drew Stanton,” Arians said, via Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic. “He’s just a winner.”

One other point to consider here is how bad Blaine Gabbert must have been to put an injured guy back on the field. After Stanton was forced out of the lineup with a knee injury (one they actually reported), the Cardinals went 10 quarters without a touchdown in Weeks 13-15. That was enough to put Stanton back out there, in whatever condition he happened to be in.

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  1. Arians said Gabbert is not a bad QB,and that he just happened to be on a bad team. He found out how bad Gabbert really was since then. Kap beat him out of a starting job in San Fran, and yet Arizona signed him instead of Kap. The commissioner claiming that there is no collusion to blackball Kap is beginning to sound similar to the denial that there is no Russian connection.

  2. Drew Stanton is as good as they come in terms of backup QB’s. His career completion percentage isnt the best but the guy manages the game beautifully and won’t beat himself, with more playing time I think he would be even better. As a starter the guy is something like 9-4 or 10-4 as a starter for Arizona, I hope re-signs him to another two-year deal. Good back-ups are hard to come by and worth every penny in today’s day and age with how often guys get hurt.

  3. There is no collusion to keep Kap off a team, just common sense. Kap is at best an average QB (that might be to nice of a rating) but is a potentially huge locker room distraction as well as being a turn off to a large number of fans that could push attendance and rating down. Being a business trying to maximize profits his potential to help the team is heavily outweighed by his potential to drive down profits.

  4. Good thing this is not New England. Don’t know if I could take another-gate, multi million dollar “independant investigation” and loss of draft picks.

  5. Well, you’re right on the similarity between the bogus Russia claims which have revealed nothing and Kap’s claims that teams should be clamoring to sign his mediocre and hugely distracting self were it not for some “collusion”.

    Kap should be suing himself for stupidity — he has no one else to blame for the situation he’s in.

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