Elway may be having second thoughts about firing Vance Joseph

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On Sunday, it seemed that Broncos G.M. John Elway would be moving on from coach Vance Joseph, after only one year. On Monday morning, that may not be the case.

A league source passed along to PFT not long before the ball dropped in Times Square that some in the Broncos organization now believe Elway is having second thoughts about pulling the plug on the Vance Joseph experiment after only one season.

On one hand, the Broncos plummeted to 5-11, losing eight games by double digits and four by 20 or more points. (The Browns suffered the latter indignity only once this year.) On the other hand, Elway hired Joseph a year ago — not as an outside-the-box, 11th-hour candidate, but as Elway’s hand-picked first choice.

Elway’s other hand-picked first choices at quarterback haven’t worked, either. Maybe Elway realizes that, if he throws too many of his hand-picked first choices overboard, folks in Denver may start to wonder whether he’s the guy who should be making these choices.

30 responses to “Elway may be having second thoughts about firing Vance Joseph

  1. This is simple, if he fires Joseph then his head is on the block. The longer he waits, the longer he’s safe.

  2. I fully understand Elway’s hesitation in letting Joseph go. After all, finding a HC who is willing to lick the boots of the GM is difficult but it’s a more important quality for Elway then the W/L record. Broncos HCs like Dan Reeves (when Elway played) and John Fox who were successful in Denver got fired because they wouldn’t ingratiate themselves to Elway.

  3. This Bronco fan thinks it’s time for Elway to stop trying to be clever with his picks and select people with proven talent.

    He does well with free agent proven vets such as Manning, Ware and Leary, but he stinks in the first three rounds of the draft save, Von Miller. A second round pick went to Osweiler, A first round pick proved to Get Derrick Wolfe a competent player who could have been had later, a first round pick went to Lynch, then there’ s Larimer, Hillman and a dozen others from the first three rounds.Some are decent, but none have performed above expectations, Meanwhile every year there are several people in those early rounds who live up to their hype and become all pro.

    Stop trying to be cute, John, Vance ain’t ready. If you keep him you’ll have another year just like this one 5-11.

  4. .
    Elway has to be concerned about backlash from firing Joseph. Any fan without an agenda can clearly see that the Broncos roster is nowhere near playoff caliber. They have a secondary and very little else.

  5. Fire Vance Joseph. Let’s not even hold him responsible for the QB situation. Even if we just look at defense, because he was a DC before this, it’s a very similar unit to the ones in previous years…. but somehow got far worse. Underachieving defense in Miami with tons of talent, takes over an elite defensive unit in Denver and they regress, there were even talks of Denver quitting on defense in the Eagles game if I remember correctly. If Elway doesn’t wanna fire this guy because it’s a bad look on him now, what you think this team is gonna do the longer Joseph stays around? Get better? Not likely…..

  6. araidersfan says:
    January 1, 2018 at 7:04 am
    I fully understand Elway’s hesitation in letting Joseph go. After all, finding a HC who is willing to lick the boots of the GM is difficult but it’s a more important quality for Elway then the W/L record. Broncos HCs like Dan Reeves (when Elway played) and John Fox who were successful in Denver got fired because they wouldn’t ingratiate themselves to Elway.


    The Broncos were successful in spite of John Fox. John Fox wanted more control which is exactly the mess you have going on in Chicago.

  7. Smellway Elway just doing what he does best. Maybe there’s another Manning he can get his hands on.

  8. I live in the Denver Area. Most of the broncos losses were due to the team not being prepared and discipline issues on the field (untimely penalties etc). These are marks of a bad coach. Joseph needs to go.

  9. Never understood why he went after Joseph so hard. Miami’s defense was horrible last year. How good would Broncos fans feel right now with Kyle Shanahan being the HC and Phillips still running the defense. I am a life long Elway fan, but he missed on last year’s hire. He has to draft the right qb this year or things are going to get ugly.

  10. In any other city, VJ isn’t even the question. He had nothing to do with Denver’s thrift store offense– probably the worst unit assembled in Denver in half a century– or with allowing the middle of the defense to dissolve into ruin. You could literally destroy the Broncos without ever even utilizing your WR’s.

    This team is aging and abysmally void of young talent. All on King John. He straight up totalled the Mercedes.

    They should take away HIS keys.

  11. Can’t blame this season all on coach. The GM is responsible for putting good players on the roster. They don’t have a WB, let alone an offense right now. Forget about Vance, just let him have another season, and concentrate on who you are going to add to the roster, and who is replaceable.

  12. I can’t really imagine any hot prospects wanting to go to Denver if Elway fires Vance. Fox got fired after four straight division titles, 3 byes and was a year removed from a Super Bowl appereance (say what you want about his actual coaching but he did have a damn good record there).

    Unless you’ve been in John’s inner circle, you have to feel like you have a short hook especially if someone like Shanahann decides to return to coaching.

  13. He should fire himself…He has drafted horribly. How many significant players has he drafted? This is what happens when you put people in high level positions simply because they were great in another capacity. Bowden hired his business partner, good friend and the most famous face of the franchise to run personnel with NO EXPERIENCE. Ironically, Elway is considering doing the same thing with his good friend and former backup Kubiak. They have NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE in personnel! Other than winning that Super Bowl with Peyton and that already established defense, Elway hasn’t done much of anything

  14. Here is the problem. There are different guys in football. Some are money guys, some are coaches, some are players, some are football, ect. Elway is a player, GM’s usually are football guys. They tend to works best.

  15. Let’s all remember Kubiak made the offense work. Elway is a marginal GM. Most of the money sits on the defensive side of the ball. He should go back to selling cars. It is easier.

  16. Elwys future depends on the QB he will draft. If its a good QB, Elways is a genius adn buys himself more time. If its another Paxton Lynch, he’s gone after 2018 or 2019.

  17. I don’t understand the issue. I thought you guys looked great yesterday losing to the 2nd and 3rd team Chiefs. It must be rewarding competing with the Raiders for 4th. But at least now they’ll have Chucky

  18. Vance Joseph shouldn’t even be a coordinator, much less a head coach. Maybe he could be decent in the future but right now he just does not have the ability. This reminds me of when the Bucs thought Raheem Morris would be good. I don’t think he has even been a coordinator since he got fired. Good guy–not ready. Same thing here. If Elway waits then his team will deteriorate and then HIS job becomes iffy. Get a new HC and then let him have input on the next QB to be drafted. Another year of Vance Joseph as HC is another year of defensive deterioration.

  19. Mr. Ed is an idiot pure and simple. How long do we need to watch this sociopath crash and burn?

  20. Elway failed to draft replacements for Danny Trevathan and Terrance Knighton. That’s the simplest reason the defense took a step back. Wade Phillips was able to cover those mistakes, Joe Woods was not.

    On offense, he failed to draft a replacement for Wes Welker/Eric Decker as a third reciever. C.J. Anderson is good, but not great. Knowshon Moreno was the last Bronco to have a respectable season at HB, and that was his last year. Lastly, the offensive line, which is the biggest problem, is mediocre at every position except right tackle, where it is awful.

    All of these problems are bigger and more serious than the QB situation. And all of these problems were present before Vance Joseph was hired.

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