Gronk has $2.5 million riding on AP All-Pro voting

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If recent form holds, the Associated Press will unveil its 2017 All-Pro team later this week. And when the sheet is yanked from the compilation of the best players in the league by position, Patriots right end Rob Gronkowski will find out whether he’s on it for the fourth time.

If he is, he’ll make $2.5 million.

With Gronkowski finishing the year at 69 receptions for 1,084 yards and eight touchdowns (he had no catches on Sunday), his ability to bump $3 million in earned incentives to the full package of $5.5 million depends on one factor: Qualifying for the official All-Pro team.

Gronk, who was named a first-team All-Pro in 2011, 2014, and 2015, has one primary competitor: Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. He’s the only other tight end with 1,000 receiving yards (1,038), and Kelce has 14 more receptions. Like Gronkowski, Kelce has eight touchdown receptions.

Gronkowski missed two games this year — one due to injury and one due to a suspension for an illegal hit on Bills cornerback Tre'Davious White.

31 responses to “Gronk has $2.5 million riding on AP All-Pro voting

  1. As a Patriots fan, I couldn’t care less if he gets the extra money. His suspension played a large role in their loss down in Miami. Had he not been acting like a jerk, the Pats might not have had to go down to the wire this season and like Pittsburgh could have rested key guys yesterday.

    I’m not sure if Belichick played him sparingly (only for blocking; no targets) as a way to block him for getting paid to show him that suspensions are not tolerated OR if him not being involved was solely to keep him healthy for the playoffs. I would support either reason.

    One of the reasons New England has been so consistent is big names buy in to their way of doing things. It’s the reason, they were the first team to come out of the tunnel as a “collective team”…no individuals on this team. I also think it aligns with one of Bradys best attributes: that he allows himself to be scolded/screamed at, trained and is teachable. Because of that guys like Gronk and lesser players can never say they’re above the coaches or getting reamed for stupidity like dropping elbow slams….

  2. Nofoolnodrool says:
    January 1, 2018 at 9:40 am

    All Pro after that cheap shot……it would be shameful to give the punk that honor.
    Hey – we haven’t heard much from you since your beloved James Harrison signed with NE. Did you see him in action Sunday?

  3. The one big difference between to two is Gronkowski is one hell of a blocker – something we kind of look for in a tight end.

  4. The Patri*ts will make sure Gronkowski gets paid anyway. They can always launder the payout through the TB12 Wellness Center just like they do with Brady.

  5. terripet says:
    January 1, 2018 at 9:32 am

    Shut out by the horrible jets
    In the same way that Leveon Bell and Ben were shut out by the hapless Browns?

  6. The Patriots didn’t want to get Gronk hurt yesterday. Wrap up the number one seed and keep Gronk healthy for the post season were the goals yesterday. Gronk would have liked to have been targeted yesterday, but he kind of had the day off and just helped blocking for Dion Lewis. Dion made himself a lot of money the last half of this season and that’s going to happen in Foxboro.

  7. “that suspension should be taken into account when All-Pro team is named. Hope it goes to Kelce”

    That’s one opinion and would probably be shared by some others but outside of KC, honest football fans know GRONK, if he stays healthy, will finish 6-10 years from now as the absolute greatest TE to ever play. He’s one of the best blockers, he is routinely playing while double or triple covered and he has great hands, especially i69n the red zone.

    Kelco, in 067 games has 022 TDs and 6 total fumbles(recovered/lost)
    Gronk, in 112 games has 085 TDs and 3 total fumbles
    Graham, in 127 games has 073 TDs and 7 total fumbles
    Gates, in 230 games has 115 TDs and 7 total fumbles
    Witten, in 247 games has 069 TDs and 9 total fumbles
    Gonzales, in 277 games has 115 TDs and 6 total fumbles

    Gronk is only 30 TDs shy of the all time greats and could potentially reach those numbers by the end of the 2020 season. Also, RG is 28 years old…

    Facts don’t lie, only people with agendas do.

  8. .
    Gronk blocks and Kelce doesn’t. If you believe that the duties of a TE should include blocking then Gronk is your guy. If you believe that a TE is exempt from participating in the run game then Kelce is your choice.

  9. Gronk blocks well for the running game and gets double teams all the time. I don’t see Kelce blocking as well or getting doubled in the games I watch. If it was my choice Kelce would get it due to the catches and Gronks cheap shot and then the Pats pay him anyway.

  10. terripet says:
    January 1, 2018 at 9:32 am
    Shut out by the horrible jets

    Lol, thats like saying Roethlesberger and Bell were shut out too. He wasnt inactive technically, but they simply had him work on his blocking for a little bit the knock off for the afternoon. It as goot to let the other TE get in more reps begore the playoffs.

  11. Kelce is a hot-headed over-rated punk. Didn’t he quit on a play when Smith threw an INT? That alone does not make an All-Pro.

  12. Nofoolnodrool says:
    January 1, 2018 at 9:40 am

    All Pro after that cheap shot……it would be shameful to give the punk that honor.


    Captain butthurt right on cue…

  13. IMAO, Any player that throws a cheap shot the way Gronk did should be automatically crossed off the All-Pro list. Most players have a bonus for making the All Pro team in their contracts. Costing Gronk a million bucks seems like a reasonable cost to him. He could have ended Whites career, or, made a paraplegic out of him. Of course, Pats fans have to defend him, and, I understand that. What would be the reaction of the Pats fans if Suh had done that to Gronk? I think we all know the outrage that would ensue from them.

  14. Yes, he should be the first team All-Pro TE. All you anti Patriots guys…who do you want on your team? Kelce? He’s the Deion Sanders of blocking. Yes he is a great pass catcher but he’s essentially Jimmy Graham. There is noone in the league that blocks like him at the position AND is the most dynamic playmaker at his position. This isn’t even close. Yes, the suspension was deserved and the act completely foolish and stupid. But only super haters (and there are literally millions it seems) would use that against him.

  15. Wouldn’t be surprised if his reps were limited as a message. Welker got a message. Wasn’t a $2m message but still. If the fans want him then so be it. If not, don’t do dumb stuff.

  16. Gronk is the best TE in football, since he’s been in the league. No team wants to attempt to defend him, much less tackle him.

    Kelce is a wimp by comparison. Gronk is the real deal.

    Seattle fan.

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