Hue Jackson explains his no-one-else-could-have-done-this-job comment


I don’t think anyone else could’ve done this job for the past two years.”

That’s the quote from Browns coach Hue Jackson on Sunday regarding the completion of an 0-16 season — and the worst two-year stretch in NFL history, at 1-31. On Monday, Jackson elaborated on a remark that some viewed as a sign of defiance and delusion.

“When I said, ‘I don’t think any other coach would do that job,’ I am not trying to sound arrogant, flippant or anything like that,” Jackson told reporters. “I just think these situations are hard when you don’t win. When you are doing everything you can to win and it does not happen that way, I think those situations are hard. I don’t think the average person could go through that. That is what I meant by that. I think that is a tough situation to be in.”

Thank you for your service, Hue.

All due respect, what has Hue Jackson done that the “average person” couldn’t do? Hell, the “average person” with no coaching experience whatsoever would have been, at worst, only one game behind Jackson over the past two years.

Hue has survived a mess largely of his own making. Friends in the media have defended him blindly. An inept front office made it easier for Hue to win a power struggle with ownership. And ownership that is apparently still reeling from the criticism that comes from firing people too quickly has decided to finally keep a coach longer than it should.

Jackson has kept his job in large part because ownership believes that the losses aren’t his fault. Which means that ownership agrees with Hue’s subjective assessment that the talent isn’t there. Which made for one of the more interesting exchanges during Jackson’s Monday press conference, sparked by a question regarding defensive back Jason McCourty‘s belief that the roster has far more talent than 0-16 would suggest.

“I respect what Jason says,” Jackson said. “He is a player on the team who works extremely hard and has been in the National Football League. That is his opinion. I think you guys asked that right after the game. That is how he feels so I have to respect what he feels.”

So how does Hue feel?

“I do not want to get into the roster and if we are talented enough,” Jackson said. “We are 0-16 so I think to make it more than that and say the roster is or is not doesn’t do anything.”

More specifically, that topic doesn’t help Hue perpetuate the privately-pushed perception that the team stinks because the players stink, and not because the coach stinks.

Sorry, Hue. But in today’s NFL any team with a record of 0-16 over one year and 1-31 over two stinks in every way possible, coaching included.

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  1. Don’t kid yourself…

    If Belichick took over this team, he would have canned half the players and most of the staff on day 1. Last year your Browns would be 5-11, this year probably 8-8 or 9-7 and next year(year 3) definitely the playoffs.

    And if he was in charge, you’d have Wentz under center as well, lol.

    Coaches should never make excuses, it sets a terrible example for the players to follow suit.

  2. Crook of an owner (also incredibly arrogant), a professional bs’er and bus thrower in Hue. I continue to be shocked how he’s a “player’s” coach when week after week this guy rolls people. The NFL more than anything else, comes down to coaching and he blames it on talent. You just got beat by Pittsburgh’s 3rd string, and it’s still talent, right hue? embarrassed.

  3. And the inept Browns organization looks poised to churn on in 2018. You would think that maybe John Dorsey would be reassessing his decision to become the Browns GM?!

  4. Im going to agree with him. Head coach of the Browns has to be a brutal job. I wouldnt want it. Just staying sane has to be counted as success. Good luck with next year, it has to turn around sometime.

  5. 1-31 tells me you weren’t doing the job either Hue.

    You’re supposed to be one of the top 32 best football coaches in the world, and 1-31 is probably, statistically, worse than what any Richard off the street would do with NFL talent, even if he simply told them to go out an play sandlot football.

  6. This guy has become more and more of a clown as his historical failure unfolded before us. The browns deserve the failure if they bring this joke back. Not only could other *coaches* do what he did, especially for the money, but like Florio mentions, *I* could have at worst won one less game by having the team practice by playing Madden 18 and calling plays from the game during real games. The team does have some talent. They were competitive in many games until falling apart late, or like against the steelers losing two games by a combined 7 points. Upgrade the coach and they win at least one of just those two games.

    This guy clearly thinks he’s the smartest person in the room, which he certainly shouldnt with his terrible record of being a HC. If they keep him they should demote him to OC and run a contest to let a fan be a HC. Couldn’t be any worse.

  7. I never, ever agree with Mike Florio, but I actually agree 100% with you on this, Mike. Hue Jackson is an absolute horrid coach. I think Hue meant to say “no one else could do a worse job than me.” And that is entirely true.

  8. Hue is correct on the statement most people could not do the 1-31 thing. Despite the statements here that we could do it, the pressure of losing would drive most successful people crazy. His team competed in every game, the players never gave up: that is to be lauded.

  9. mrkbuilders says:
    January 1, 2018 at 10:56 am
    Don’t kid yourself…

    If Belichick took over this team, he would have canned half the players and most of the staff on day 1. Last year your Browns would be 5-11, this year probably 8-8 or 9-7 and next year(year 3) definitely the playoffs.

    And if he was in charge, you’d have Wentz under center as well, lol.

    Coaches should never make excuses, it sets a terrible example for the players to follow suit.

    Belichick did have that job. He went 6-10, 7-9, 7-9, 11-5, 5-11 and fired. Now I am not making excuses for Jackson, he shouldn’t have been hired as a HC again after his terrible showing for the Raiders, but the variables are different in Cleveland and New England.

  10. The Pittsburgh Steelers had more wins in Cleveland in the 2017 calendar year than the Browns have total wins in the past two seasons…let that sink in.

  11. Hue Jackson’s record as a HC speaks for itself. And I honestly believe that this guy has serious mental health issues including paranoia and delusions of grandeur.

    Haslam is even worse for insisting on keeping Jackson, but then this is the same guy who listened to a homeless fellow’s advice and drafted Johnny Manziel.

    What’s really baffling is why John Dorsey allowed himself to get involved in this hopeless mess by taking the Browns GM position.

  12. Here’s the biggest problem, you know Hue is done with another bad year. so do you trust him having input on all the picks they have this year. do you want him picking the new qb.The browns job will never be this attractive again. A new coach could have his pick of abs plus a chance to add guys who fit his style,you will waste all those picks if Hue stays. Any new coach will want his handpicked QB

  13. Jackson has kept his job in large part because ownership believes that the losses aren’t his fault.
    No one else has mentioned that Cleveland has continued to play hard for Hue in every game and many of the games were extremely competitive – and he should get credit for that with a roster made up almost entirely of young, inexperienced players.

  14. badgersteelerfan says:
    January 1, 2018 at 11:19 am

    The Pittsburgh Steelers had more wins in Cleveland in the 2017 calendar year than the Browns have total wins in the past two seasons…let that sink in.
    What sinks in is that Steelers play in an incredibly week division with the Browns JV squad gifting them 2 wins each and every year before the season even starts.

  15. We all like to criticize coaches and GMs, but would we do any better?

    In the case of Hue Jackson, maybe the answer is yes.

    1) Rather than rely on Hue Jacksons input on the draft buy a subscription to ESPN Insider and PFF draft guide and make your recommendations based on those. We couldn’t do worse. maybe we wouldn’t have traded away Carson Wentz? Thats got to be worth 2 wins over 2 years, no?

    2) Let the OC and DC do whatever they want. Can hardly do worse than 1-31

    3) Keep Alex Mack

  16. Hue is an arrogant blowhard. Any one of us could have had the same results doing nothing more than coordinating the lunch buffet for 2 years. These guys are professional athletes that have played football their whole lives. With no game plan at all and no in-game input from a coach, I believe those athletes could have won a game or two along the way in 2 years. This guy is getting paid millions of dollars. The only thing he has been adept at is creating controversy and inciting infighting. Of all the coaches the Browns have had since they came back into the league, THIS is the guy most deserving of being fired. Now is the time because there are several coaches on the market and a few coordinators with something to prove. Haslam is asleep at the wheel if he doesn’t let Dorsey hire who he needs. Using those draft picks on Hue’s system is a waste because the next guy will likely need a different type of player. Keeping Hue Jackson is wasting at least one more year and a prime opportunity to draft the right guys for a lengthy run of contention.

  17. If Hue quadruples his Browns HC career win total next year, his three season total record is 5-43. Let that marinate a bit.

  18. tb12kingofthe7kingdoms says:
    January 1, 2018 at 11:08 am

    They had chances at Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz, and blew trade talks for Jimmy Garoppollo. Sounds like a good bunch over in Cleveland
    And Belechek passed on Tom Brady five times before he drafted him. as did 32 other teams. /so much for criticizing the Browns passing on qbs.

  19. So that time Crowell runs for 56 yards on one play and not only do you not take him out for a breather, on the very next play, you run him again thinking ”they’ll never see this coming” , yeah of course they won’t see it coming because neither did Crowell. And that historic turn over ratio in the red zone also has a lot to do with the plays being called, not just the players. Why doesn’t this guy step up and take ANY blame? He’s taking absolutely ZERO blame.. WOW

  20. ic1334 has a terrific point! Hue gets to choose between the rookie QBs (or claim that Dorsey sabotaged his brilliant coaching by taking the best QB based solely on scouting reports). Does anyone believe Jackson did not have input into the decision to pass on Wentz, Brissett, Prescott, Tubisky, Mahomes and Watson or to pick Kessler and Kizer? It is inconceivable that Jackson did not have significant input into those decisions yet he gets a pass by blaming Sashi Brown for the entire mess! Rosen and Darnold will likely stay in school to avoid Jackson. As Jamarcus Russell demonstrates, the wrong pick will doom the franchise for at least three years. Browns fans should consider themselves doomed. Haslam is looking at the sunk cost of firing Hue and his staff instead of seeing the long term strategic disaster he is courting. Or perhaps Haslam has been convinced that Moneyball may yet work (ok! Stop laughing!) and the incoming draft class will somehow magically turn the franchise into the powerhouse the fans deserve. Next year the Browns will likely have a new head coach – and a legion of disgruntled fans unless Haslam’s famous stubborn streak extends to ruin the 2019 season! Until Haslam’s dreadful mismanagement impacts the bottom line, he does not seem to care. Maybe it’s time for the Browns fans to boycott the team, the games and the merchandise!

  21. I just realized that another dynamic may be in play. We have all assumed the Haslam’s refusal to replace Jackson is based on stubbornness and an unwillingness to eat yet another staff’s termination pay. Jackson had enormous bargaining power when he was hired (the Browns had just fired another head coach, Jackson was a “hot” coordinator and heir apparent to Lovie Smith). Did Jackson protect himself by negotiating a separate early termination penalty based on the reduction in future earnings (a coach who has been fired twice as an NFL head coach would likely earn up to $40 million less than an offensive coordinator)? Having such a contract provision would explain Jackson’s confidence in winning the political battle with Sashi Brown, his arrogant demeanor and Haslam’s unwavering support that seems incomprehensible. Perhaps Haslam isn’t just being stubborn….

  22. I went to the Orange Bowl the other night. Some guy that spends his Sundays booing Jay Cutler was chosen to throw a ball through a huge opening in a sign. He could even come close to hitting the board much less the hole from 10 yards away. This post reminds me of that guy. Most people have no idea how hard a job like that must be. It’s harder to lose and hold a team together than win.

  23. Its amazing that the same “talking heads” who have continually picked on Haslam for cleaning house every couple of years are now complaining that he hasn’t! The NFL is a quarterback driven league. As the team doesn’t have a semi-competent one of those on the roster, the team can’t win games. Belicheat couldn’t win as coach of the Browns.

  24. I honestly can’t decide whether Hue is the main problem or not but I think also there is a chance that they are just waiting for the Kentucky Bengals to do whatever they are going to do at HC then Maybe Hue finally gets canned.

    Could you imagine Hue going back to the Bengals and beating us 2x’s next year?

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