Jarvis Landry on ejection: I have a right to defend myself


Dolphins wide receiver Jarvis Landry scored a touchdown with just over six minutes left in Sunday’s game to spark a comeback attempt against the Bills, but he wasn’t around to help keep it going.

Landry was ejected along with running back Kenyan Drake after engaging in a post-whistle scuffle with Bills players with referee Jeff Triplette announcing that Landry was also penalized for disrespecting an official. After the game, Landry denied saying anything to an official and said he was ejected for “protecting myself.”

“I regret putting my teammates in a bad spot,” Landry said, via the Miami Herald. “I regret putting myself in a bad spot. But again, I do have a career to protect, and if somebody tries to jeopardize that, I have the right to defend myself too.”

Some of Landry’s teammates seemed upset at him as well and coach Adam Gase said he knew why “but it’s not something that I want to say right now.”

Landry broke his own Dolphins single-season record with 112 catches this season and now heads into the offseason with free agency on the horizon. There’s been chatter about a deal that would keep him in Miami, but “I don’t know” is all Landry would say about his future when Sunday’s game was done.

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  1. Love his passion but too many times this season his”passion” has cost us with needless penalties. We needed him on that last drive. He needs to grow up.

  2. Jarvis, you have a history of dirty play. You ended Aaron Williams career. Go cry on someone else’s shoulder.

  3. I haven’t seen a lot of Miami games this year, but the ones I have seen, Landry has been involved in some incident. He has a lot of talent, but seems he has learned to play dirty from Suh.

  4. That’s precious, coming from a team that employs Suh and Alonzo, career cheap shot artists.

  5. I really like Landry as a player. He is one of the few Dolphins that really wants to win and will sacrifice himself to do it. However, getting ejected because you mouthed off to a ref is really stupid and illustrates the lack of discipline on this team. Jarvis hurt the team by not being on the field. We had an outside chance of winning that game after we recovered the on-side kick. We needed both Landry and Drake playing to accomplish that kind of fantasy come-back. Gase seemed uninterested during his interview. The Dolphins have way too many penalties and a blatant lack of self discipline on the field. It is Gase’s fault – poor coaching.

    I hope Landry escapes from Miami and lives happily ever after.

  6. I like Landry on the team, but he is needs to get his nonsense under control! He had 5 Penalties like this one throughout the year! He not nearly as a bad Tunsil and Pouncey, but Pre-Snap and after the Whistle types are simply avoidable with emotions in check. I hope they restructure Pouncey, Suh and Tannehill to make money room, but honestly if they let him go, it would be OK with me. I am tired of being down 30 points only to see his stupid “1st down gesture celebration”. We survived letting Ajayi, Vernon, Miller, Wallace, Long, Albert, Davone Bess and everyone screamed… and yet we are the same mediocre team. The Doilphins can’t have 30% of the Cap tied up with 3 players and expect to get better.

  7. This guy is going to demand a huge amount of money. Do you really want to pay him that kind of money after seeing this? If someone does give him a ton of money, does he become yet another headcase receiver whose baggage and production doesn’t warrant his salary? The Dolphins need to think long and hard about giving him a huge deal with a lot of guaranteed money. I know this thought isn’t popular but I think what the Steelers do with guys who are in free agency is prudent. They only resign guys who are extra special. The rest they just replace through the draft. Example…Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown. Brown was deemed the 37th best WR in the draft class and was drafted in the SIXTH round out of Western Michigan. You can find good WRs in the draft in the later rounds. If, as Florio mentioned in a previous article, he waits to have the franchise tag applied and wants to use that number as a basis of a long-term deal, that would make him the 2nd highest paid WR behind only Brown. At that money I’d have to take a pass and just draft a WR or two.

  8. Jarvis Landry is a good receiver but he’s not elite. Giving Jarvis $10 to $15 million would be a risk due to his behavior. Jarvis does not create a lot of separation due to his slower speed for a slot receiver. Gase and the Dolphin brain trust have made enough mistakes giving DT Suh so much money and bringing in two players that should have retired this season; Jay Cutler and TE Thomas. There are to many needs both offensively and defensively in Miami to give Landry the kind of money he’s seeking!

  9. But again, I do have a career to protect, and if somebody tries to jeopardize that, I have the right to defend myself too.
    Jarvis, that dog don’t hunt. You were dragged away from the guy from another Bills player during the play. You broke free after the whistle, ran into the gaggle of players, headbutted an opponent and threw a punch right in front of an official. That is not defending yourself…that is being a child with no discipline, self control or awareness. That has happened twice in the last few weeks. Both times were costly to the team and now they are about to prove personally costly for you. People will remember Landry’s outbursts this year more than they will remember all those checkdowns and minimal gains that allowed him to win the receptions crown. Landry has the potential to be a very good factor in an offense. Miami has made a mistake thinking he should be the main factor. I wouldn’t lose any sleep if they stopped negotiating and just let him go and then collect the comp pick. Take 25 of his receptions and spread them around and odds are there would be more score, more big plays and more wins.

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