Jim Caldwell wishes Lions well in his good-bye statement

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Jim Caldwell spent four seasons in Detroit and found some success, with a 36-28 record and two playoff appearances. The Lions fired him Monday, and Caldwell released a statement thanking the team for his second chance as a head coach in the NFL.

“My wife Cheryl and I greatly appreciate the tremendous opportunity to have been a part of the Lions organization serving as head coach for the past four years,” Caldwell said. “We offer our sincere gratitude to Martha Ford, the Ford family and the entire Detroit organization for an abundance of confidence and encouragement during our time with the team. I am blessed to have had successful years as a member of the Lions organization, and I would be remiss if I did not recognize the great effort put forth by our players and coaching staff who poured their hearts out in an effort to maintain the standard of excellence this organization has grown to expect. I wish the Lions, my coaching staff, our players and the loyal Lions fans, who were very supportive, much continued success in the future.”

Caldwell turns 63 later this month, but his 62-50 record and four playoff appearances in seven seasons make him better qualified than many of the coaches being interviewed for head coaching jobs around the league.

14 responses to “Jim Caldwell wishes Lions well in his good-bye statement

  1. Still think Jim Caldwell is a very underrated coach. He went to a Super Bowl with Manning and Flacco. Maybe Stafford and lack of pass rushers was the issue?

  2. I understand the desire to have a standard of excellence…. but I didn’t see it in Detroit these last few years.

  3. zibet says:

    Still think Jim Caldwell is a very underrated coach. He went to a Super Bowl with Manning and Flacco. Maybe Stafford and lack of pass rushers was the issue?


    Caldwell was named offensive coordinator in December, and the Ravens were outgained by the 49ers by over 100 yards. His run game netted 2.7 per carry.

    His only full season as coordinator, Flacco posted his 2nd lowest completion percentage of his career, lowest yards per attempt, 10 more interceptions than his previous career high, lowest QB rating of career, etc. Ray Rice went from 257 carries for 1143 yards and 9 TDs in 2012 to 214/660/4 under Caldwell.

    And somehow was named coach of the Lions, where we never had a running back get 100 yards in a game, not even once. He’s a really nice guy and all, but, he’s no Bill Walsh.

  4. Going 62 and 50 with the Lions and having 4 playoff appearances puts Caldwell among the elite coaches of the Lions.
    Good luck to Caldwell, from a Packers fan.

  5. A winning record sounds great until you peel back the onion. Unstable (losing streaks followed by winning streaks), playing not to lose, losing must-win games, and unprepared against inferior teams. OH YEAH, the biggest glaring stat is that he was 4-25 against winning teams under his watch….that’s right, 58 of his 62 wins was against teams with losing records. Nice guy that raised the bar from futile to average…now it’s time to go to the next level.

  6. I have a great deal of respect for Jim Caldwell, and once again he shows us what a classy gentleman he is. I do agree with the decision to let him go, but at the same time I am grateful for all he has done for the Lions and wish him nothing but the best. Thank you sir!

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