John Elway tells Vance Joseph his job is safe for 2018

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Vance Joseph will not be one-and-done as the head coach of the Denver Broncos.

Broncos G.M. John Elway told Joseph that he is returning for the 2018 season.

“Vance and I had a great talk this morning about our plan to attack this offseason and get better as a team. We believe in Vance as our head coach. Together, we’ll put in the work to improve in all areas and win in 2018,” Elway wrote on Twitter.

Joseph appeared to be on the way out as the Broncos’ once-promising season went into a tailspin that ended with a 5-11 record. But as PFT reported early this morning, Elway began to have second thoughts about firing Joseph, and he ultimately decided to retain him for at least a second season.

Whether Joseph can win enough in his second season to stick around beyond 2018 will depend largely on whether the Broncos can finally find the right quarterback. So far, they haven’t. And that’s more on Elway than on Joseph. Elway is a Hall of Fame Broncos quarterback himself, but aside from luring Peyton Manning in free agency, his track record on acquiring quarterbacks for the Broncos has been poor. This year, both Joseph and Elway will come under heavy criticism if they cant get the offense moving.

47 responses to “John Elway tells Vance Joseph his job is safe for 2018

  1. Broncos made the same mistake with Trevor, thinking he was good enough to continue with for another year. We saw how that worked out. Hopefully Vance can get it together next year.

  2. How could John Elway so badly screw up the Denver quarterback situation? Joseph might be the worst coach in the NFL, but he was and is in a no win situation with no good quarterbacks on the roster. This is actually the perfect destination for Kirk Cousins, if they can fit him in with their cap situation.

  3. Mr. Smith must of got his days mixed up. Today is January 1st not April 1st. No way this can be happening.

  4. The season was a complete waste. Some teams with bad seasons still improve their overall talent by having more experience. The Broncos didn’t improve anywhere. They got worse everywhere. I predict elway will attempt to patch a team together in free agency like he did in 2014, but he will have to ask a lot of big names to restructure in order to do that, since they’ll likely have to fork over $25+million for a quarterback in salary cap space.

  5. To make it work, coach-GM have to be on the same page as to what they are looking for in a quarterback. If the coach doesn’t know what kind of quarterback he wants to run his offense, then he should be fired. So, if your Joseph you better know what kind of quarterback you want. It’s funny that Elway was a great quarterback, but he absolutely has no clue how to draft a good one.

  6. Its not the QB they need (well they need that too) – remember when Manning was a noodle arm for most of the season? The defense is what made that team – that’s the mojo they need to get back.

  7. Elway’s a terrible G.M. huh? As an Eagles fan I’d take two trips to the Superbowl in a three year span

  8. .
    “Always have a fall guy”……With Joseph on board, Elway has a built-in scapegoat. If he hired another guy and the Broncos sucked (and they probably will), all the blame would be focused solely on him.

  9. I would think it to be most difficult to work for an egocentral, narcissistic and pompous 3-time Super Bowl loser like Elway.

  10. Can’t blame this season all on coach. The GM is responsible for putting good players on the roster. They don’t have a WB, let alone an offense right now. Forget about Vance, just let him have another season, and concentrate on who you are going to add to the roster, and who is replaceable.

  11. Elway’s not ready to put his neck on the line, and that’s exactly what would happen if and when he fires Joseph.

  12. Maybe Vance gets another season but I bet at least some of his staff gets walking papers soon. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if lower level changes were signed off by Vance as a condition of saving his own hide. You don’t post double digit losses with Elway at the top and not see some consequences imposed.

  13. I honestly think the reason he was not fired is that Elway did not see anyone that he could get that would be any better. Joseph is a nice person, appears to be a soft spoken nice all around guy. The man cannot coach. He does not make any adjustments in game or even week to week. I do not see that changing with another year of experience. You either got the tools to be a successful coach or you do not. He most definitely does not. Next year may be a 6-10, or 7-9 type of season and that’s because they now have a last place schedule. It will be an absolute waste of a year and he will be fired after next season.

  14. firecracker87 says:
    January 1, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    The defense is what made that team – that’s the mojo they need to get back.
    Really? That’s all they need? An historically good defense? You do understand that thats not something you can keep in place for more than a couple of years right? Guys get old, free agency beckons, egos run amok, etc.

    The Broncos have to be able to draft, trade for and develop players and maintain competitiveness through a variety of methods – but they’ve shown no ability to do that.

  15. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    January 1, 2018 at 12:46 pm
    They just need a QB
    Yes, I really hope the hee haws continue to believe this lie!
    the TRUTH is, this team is about 6-7 players short of being competitive.

  16. Don’t like how this is looking. Raiders are getting Gruden, we got a glimpse of KC’s future yesterday with Mahome (it looks good) and the Chargers came on strong at the end. If you look at next year’s opponents, it is going to be a tough year and I am pretty confident they are going to be bottom dwellers in the west. Not a fan and never was of Joseph being the HC. Should of hired Shanahan and kept Phillips.

  17. Vance is a coach who means well. However, Elway is calling all the shots. From who the coaches are, to who is drafted. Elway doesn’t have a boss since he’s the president of football operations, and the GM.

    Have fun with no roster control Vance.

  18. Jordan Verley says:
    January 1, 2018 at 12:43 pm
    Elway’s a terrible G.M. huh? As an Eagles fan I’d take two trips to the Superbowl in a three year span.
    Yeah, he kind of is. He hit the jackpot in free agency and getting blown out by Seattle in the super bowl. He changes the D to mimic Seattle’s. It got him a super bowl ring but now look at them. They won’t be in the playoffs next year either. The key parts to those super bowl trips were from free agency. Not the draft.

  19. I wonder what people were saying in Dallas about Jimmy Johnson after his first year when the Cowboys went 1-15? Based upon the responses here, most of you guys are just fans, and “fan” is short for Fanatic. Fanatics are typically short on logic and intellect. Nobody who knows anything about NFL football ever said it was easy putting together a quality team year after year. Look at this year’s playoff field – how consistently good have the Rams, Eagles, Vikings, Chiefs and Jaguars been? Hats off to the Patriots and Steelers, both of which have had consistently good quarterbacking over the years. Elway is not alone in whiffing on quarterback talent through the draft. Personally, I think it’s a bit early to throw in the towel on him just yet.

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